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The Meeting of like minded soul

hey guys
i have had the feeling for quiet some time that i'm about to meet my teacher physically
a couple have answered my call
a few even helped a little but none are the being i search for
or long for
and honestly i'm lost and feeling a little alone in this world

and honestly again it is hard knowing and feeling what i know and feel
being able to do what i do
and have no-one to share it with AND further more very little guidence that can be dealt...

any suggestions or help?

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A little Lost and Without Power

hey guys i know it's been a while, i'm going to try and be more consistant with keeping in touch
just been very busy
but now need help badly


the dark wants me at full power out of fear of something worse that could come about
and the light doesn't because they can't control me for thier bidding, i'm not thier warrior and they do not like that!

now for whatever reason i don't have my magic
i have some healing gifts and such but NOTHING compared
to what i should be able to do
and will need to do soon enough to keep things
from going to shit around here...

i don't know where my book is
i don't have all my artifacts or such
i think i'm in trouble...

and i don't know how to call them back
let alone how to get my powers in order again
i think i need a jump start


ontop of this i'm led to believe a dark person has gotten hold of some of my items and tockens and things i need to excell in my state to help!

can anyone help me with this?

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it has been a LONG time my friends

i am sorry for being away for so long
i have had MANY things to do and see and experience in my new found growth!
there are some things i am back to discuss and hope you can help me along my journey
so i look forward to speaking with you all further soon
thanks guys, love and light Ash

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the blue light, what is it?

i know it's been a while but i've been discovering myself as of late!

i have a question that i need an answer for please!


this was brought to me from a friend of mine, who has a female friend of hers who needs help understanding something!

my friend is seeing a blue light kinda moving round her room at night id likeln it to a fire fly kind of thing but not one of those and she would like to know what it means


sure her friend died 3yrs ago if that helps


she asked me to ask u about it she told me her friend died 3 yars ago

yesturday she asked to talk to u about it herself!

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new places and strange surroundings

now i'm not sure where i actually was, but i got led there by a wallabee with the most amazing coat almost like a breeder type!

then i got led down the rocks into this wierd plain by a grey dove and a group of 12+ grey dove's showed me around by flying to different area's playing but none of them where able to be caught on camera!
i did however capture one on film
it allowed me to see it!

i was also stalked by a black blob type thing it rustled in the bush like a wild pig but moved faster!

here are some photo's, if you know anything please help cause i'm LOST!



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i know it has been a while since i have posted on here, and for that i am regretfull

i ask here about what to do since i feel so many things, in the sence of i can feel a strong shifter side inside of me!
i am along side of both vampires and warewolf's but are neither of those!
i am looking into wiccar but also druid's


now i now i'm not suppose to involk different gods from different religions but on the other hand i am so many different things that i find it hard to find guidence in any of them!

i am both dragon warrior and rainbow warrior, crystal and appear to be shifter aswell!
i feel a large amount of power and i know this is being awoken for a reason, i get that, but first i must learn to understand these things, but where to start?

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is there reason to have faith in humanity?

i am an old watcher, my soul is old and i've seen and fought in many things for many reasons!
but what i am seing today is an increse of backstabbing and the trust issue's and even worse
the couldn't believe it when the term love was used so fluently with no reason
and when getting engaged and married was simply a fashion statement
it has discrased the very name of love

and in this, i start to loose hope in humanity!

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ok, i have had a vission and feelings!
it is about this girl, now i started to fall for her!
when this happens i ONLY seem to see the good in them

mainly because that's what i do!
yet this time i saw her dark side, manipulation and lying

when we hugged i was more sure than ever!
from this manipulation and lying was going to get me and

a rather decent chunk of my brothers and elders hurt or killed!
i saw them get killed but i know better than that!

now everybody is telling me i'm wrong, i'm un-balanced

i have a little bit of negativity!
but i've never been more sure of anything in my entire life!
yet nobody can read it, nobody can see it

they know about her ability to manipulate

they know her lie's

she's been caught out!

my spirits that surround me, my guide's, my animal spirit guide

and another bloke up there in ap that i speak to is telling me i'm right

every bone in my god damn body and the very essence deep in my soul

is telling me i'm right!

now i've asked around the people who normal notice or pick up

or even dream

the only responses i have had where, no there's nothing wrong

nothing dark NOTHING at all!

or a dream of me and a friend (i like her, different girl all together) running down a road that

doesn't seem to end, but we end up somewhere, she can't remember where though!

the other is no, nothing just a white wolf!

any thoughts on this people?


 keeping in mind i asked people this question
have you had any dreams or vissions recently about me!

and those 2 where the responses!






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ok,  so here we go!
i need your opinions on this!

right, there is allot of people who haven't had the chance to know what love is or it's power or how good it can make you feel

or how it make's you want to be a better person!
there are many ways of helpng people find this, one is of the movie "hitch"


there are no intention of abusing anything, and everything is based on FREE WILL alone

EVERYTHING is consentual however it is for showing them what they could have, helping them find inner peace and strengthen

 thier inner cirlce, feeling good about themselve's and finding true love!
not only that but to make them realise thier true worth and what they deserve!

again only teach and learn what is willing to be heard, and help those who are willing to help themselve's!Some will find flaws in this, others will see positives. Good and bad, young and old, let me know what you think?

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what to do when your not seen but still there?

well hello one and all, unfortinetly i haven't had much to blog about lately because for one reason or another when i help someone i'm not suppose to be seen or noticed around!


well this make's it difficult to allow people to know what you've acomplished over time!
not that i want recognition for who i help, who i help defeat, or what secret healing i do

but it kinda sucks when you can't talk to many people about what you've done!
like ow man them bugga's come out of now-where or did you see that rhino i made!

ow well i know it's not in my job description to brag or be noticed and i don't mind, but sometime's as i said it would

be nice to tell somebody, even if just for the hell of it!

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pk, society and soliasation and how it is hard!

right, now this post is about girls more or less but also endolve's into other aspects of life!

when it come's to a girl, how do you know when to act, when to back down, when to give her space, hell when she has had so many bad experience's in the past it's WAY to easy for her to go, nup to hard and i miss out!

i am on VERY thin ice with this girl, but she is worth it very much so hey!

so when life keeps challenging me although i'm up to it, how do i not loose out :/

cause quiet frankly i'm SICK to death of the nice guy coming last and genuin good guys getting messed around or by the time the girl picks the "nice guy" they are so paranoid of being hurt and lack of trust where do we stand!

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not sure where i am honestly!

i'm not entirely sure where i am, who i'm suppose to turn to, especially when i'm not even sure what's wrong with me!

i am happy allot lately, and it seems the happier i get and the more i come to life, the more i need to show people that i'm ok and make them feel better!

but what do i do when i run out of people, or simply nobody's left who want's to talk?

who am i?

i get interested in a girl, an amazing girl and i go through a 2 day rough patch where i just need someone to make me feel better and it seems as though i accidently smothered her, now i watch and wait and well it kinda hurts seing that i may not get another chance and i've missed out!

then again i do not live with regret i will try right till the end, right up until i know i've lost!
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out of respect for the people present i will remove name's and keep the details relevant!
it is an important message for ALL!


Hey ____

I realised something, I learnt how to access my female energy and realised that I wasn’t

Doing it atm!
And when I did I found so much more answers than I ever thought!

But let me start with energy before going onto girl, see I figured out how to release all pain and fear, the fear is gone and when it tries to creep up I let it flow and release XD
thank you for teaching me how
but I like to hold pain a little longer, it reminds me I’m still alive, I’m still human, I can still feel

I am still me, it also allows me to make judgement better and more educated, to study the pain I then realise what my sub-conscious is trying to tell me loll

I realise that with this girl the pain I do feel is real, it’s not spiritual it’s not all energy

It’s not about getting hold of her famine energy at all, its pure lust and curiosity and knowing I bond with her chakra and mind and soul on a spark level!

I also found out why she told me she get’s told she’s like a drug, see  once I started re-accessing my female energy I realised that she no longer became a drug to me, yes it would hurt if I lost out but I didn’t need her to survive!

I realised that the reason she’s like a drug to most men is because she freely hands out her female energy on a silver platter without even knowing it, like she has heaps to spare, she also needs this to help people, it’s a part of her gift, but once I start using my own it’s no longer obsession it’s purely want and lust and the rest!

I still wish to follow my spark of curiosity and energy, but I think I can do that now easier without over whelming her in the process, and to be honest, I have you to thank for that!
I very much appreciate it ____, more than you’ll ever know!
Thank you my friend

under the purpose of respect mainly i will allow the person i sent this to, to choose weather to stay un-known or if he/she wish's to reveal themselve's in the comments below i'm more than happy for that to happen!
however the person i was speaking to is not the point, the message is clear without using thier name!

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the moon is a new colour to me!

now i watch the moon ALLOT it has been my primary source of energy for a long time!

this moon is different, it rises VERY slowly it is VERY bright and it is blood orange and getting lighter as it rises!

i have no idea of it's meaning but for some reason i do not want it's energy tonigh o.O

any idea's???
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although many of my friends intend to accent into a higher realm and leave much behind and gia is working to do her thing, there will still be work to be done in the physical realm here where we are at this point in time!

my purpose and the purpose of many more of my kind will remain and help gia transition through this pain and curruption and cause peace and control with what is left, because there will be light left behind and there will be innocence left behind!

i do have the choice to go with them to accend but i choose to stay and help and do what is right!
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Poem: Heal

one to many, not enough far and few between how can we live the life we do, without us loosing now take a breath and look inside, learn from one's mistake's ... although the battle is but lost, the war is still at large with this i hold the truth of all, and speak it with my heart though brocken into piece's, it grows back stronger fast so throw me down, and let me wheep, a dog may lick his wounds but when you hear the howl out there, do listen to his tune
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poem: the world still turns

when life curve's spins and swirls where do we sit our feet

how do we know, where do we stand no time to rest or sleep

the wicked never rest, nor see the light of day

yet the sun burns brightly in these eye's why can't i turn away

what or who are you, how do you really know

the question is to often there, yet no answer nor clue

we find our way and walk this path, forever and a day

to find ourselve's in this place wich isn't far away

for love that blinds is often there, to often do we miss

for when we search just that bit to hard, where blinded in our way

so step right back and take a look

this may not take that long, for when it's time and that it will

your path will finds it's way!

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each song holds meaning, what's it mean to you?

now this is slightly different approuch than what i've done in the past, but here's a few songs that hold meaning to me, and you can easily figure out why, some have hidden meanings though, some are clear as day!

odviously these aren't every single one that influence's me, but you get the picture, although be careful how you judge these film clips and songs, some meanings aren't as classy as you would think or want, but that's the point, what's coming is neither classy nor pleasant!


Korn Freak on a leash


Korn Coming Undone


everessence, going under


Linkin Park Numb


Linkin Park, What I've Done


Linkin Park, Breaking The Habbit


Linkin Park, Faint


Sum 41, Some Say


Sum 41, I'm Not The One


Linkin Park, Papercut


Blink 182, Dammit


Good Charlotte, I Heard You


Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc


Gorillaz, Fire Coming Out Of The Monkeys Head


Gorillaz, Dare - this one i suggesting paying attention, the definition and meaning isn't as clear if you don't!

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i am light i am dark and i'm everything in-between, so why is it that i must now choose a side?


where is the line drawn and who decide's it's boundrie's?


why is the darkness that lie's within to be feared and why can't people see that the light holds just as much danger if not watched aswell!

i am what i am, the darkness and ego protects me and allows me to do things when called upon that the light cannot!

the light inside of me allows to me to preform arts such as healing that the dark cannot!


it is plain and simple, i am not of the usual creation and i am both feared and honoured without even being held a face to, for nobody truly know's my true self!


i am a warrior, i am a healer, a wise man and an angry soul, all of these things united into a single being and entity!

i feel pain, i bleed the same colour, yet no matter where i turn i am simply something else!

i am accepted but by how many as a whole truly!


i do not expect acceptance nor do i require valor or honour or even title nor name to be put by my side for i do what i need to do to keep the world spinning and things running thier course!


it is a painfull and sometime's lonely existance, mis-understood and judged yet for all the darkness there is light and all the light there is darkness the same!


the main and i hope clear point here is why do i have to pick and choose where i stand, if for the right reasons alone!
i do what's best for balance and life and gia and she calls upon me now!



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