ok,  so here we go!
i need your opinions on this!

right, there is allot of people who haven't had the chance to know what love is or it's power or how good it can make you feel

or how it make's you want to be a better person!
there are many ways of helpng people find this, one is of the movie "hitch"


there are no intention of abusing anything, and everything is based on FREE WILL alone

EVERYTHING is consentual however it is for showing them what they could have, helping them find inner peace and strengthen

 thier inner cirlce, feeling good about themselve's and finding true love!
not only that but to make them realise thier true worth and what they deserve!

again only teach and learn what is willing to be heard, and help those who are willing to help themselve's!Some will find flaws in this, others will see positives. Good and bad, young and old, let me know what you think?

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  • yer man it's all good, i been there before!
    well mate i will say this much, trust yourself, your worth it!

    ow and i'm here if you ever want to talk!

  • cheers, thanks, yea sorry for the jumble, was an unloading, kind of by accident but I just pressed the post button anyways, I may get back to you on this, I may not, so yea, will send you a e-mail on this site if seems the course, thankyou
  • ok so your out and single for a while now, you believe that your mind is to busy to hold down a relationship

    more the point that you won't be thinking of her (or him not judging) often enough!
    when you find your twin that won't be a problem!
    as for mumble jumble it's not entirely jumble however, if you are ever worried about to much information huh!
    just try and make key points!, it helps and after a while you get used to getting things more straight to point and direct!

    if you would like to keep this social on a public medium then sweet if you want something more private feel free to send me an email on here!
    i only ask because one it's getting more personal and two i might need to dig down into your sub-conciouse and soul to see what's going on!
    up to you!

  • venting my dear form-lost!

    it is no problem and interesting XD
    it is a bit out of place but only by your choice hey!
    i will say more soon as an update due to dish's duty!

  • this is probibly not my input to help others, more like some strange map of this problem I have myself, the following may sound kinda strange and generally all over the place, so excuse my kind of unclear scatterbrainedness of the following

    Iv been single a long time

    I have generally found that this is related to my need to be in constant motion, a constant behaviour of concepts and ideas ongoingly evolving, and what I have recently discovered is I am not actually some busybody of a mind, but am actually up to something very real to me and actually at the centre of why I am here,

    I have discovered time and time agien that my words come out as "something else" to readers, quite often as the message I am always trying to put out is embedded in the mush, in the turning mind that I think always conveys a mind-spin to most, in an uncomfortable way

    this goes along with my name on this website anyhow, (along with other reasons)

    what I am speaking about is finding a much more clear and nailed down named identified understood purpose to what I do, as it goes off in directions I do not choose from time to time

    it has been like constructing an ameba that I actually know, just to try and recognize what IT is for myself so I can build it ongoingly so, as an understood bases to my life's work and actually know this deep down etc. cause I need to, I actually know this fully, this must sound very weirdo like information hehehe

    I have been building lots of different tools and other things from my moving mind but because of this situation above I always feel some degree of emptiness and unsatisfaction from the avenues I step in of my work

    anyhow, what I am talking about is I was just reading the Celestine prophesy, damn, this book is important. this is a very important read, yes most must know this already, anyhow, the part about your parents and how you see things each stand for and how this translates into your own life's real decisions for coming here and all that, is so very helpful in such a simple way for me, still forming things together now, (just read it) but feel that this is the main reason I have been single for so long,

    I see myself not having a steady form and flow to what I soulfully work on and at in this world as the main means to not accepting "invitations" around me, as "I still have work to do/sort-out", which is what I am vaguely writing about here, I can not see myself as having any real long term relationship when I am not "set", and clearifyed purpose

    - the other bit is I have suffered from some degree of depression in my past and I know why that is, have had to live with a destructive person for very lengthy amount of time, (childhood)

    - also got this ancient love story that doesn't hurt anymore but is part of what contributes to this problem

    I think I am putting this all here as some strange deranged swirling map that if you have any different input on that can maybe help me with. but I have found that book mentioned above a great help with this currently

    also I can be extremely justified or just very super super anti-superficial or no bullshit, no lieing kind of thing, maybe in ways that most people would find, um, "un-natural", I guess this comes from anger and hurt towards society as a whole, this comes from my youth's view of the world, society, a very hard ass anger towards the worlds ways, and very brick headed in this, hehehe, I have slowly softened as I'v gotten older

    (also perhaps I'll update on if I have greatly clarified my problem with that book I was mentioning)

    if this post bothers anybody, than, well, just look at it as a big mess of a stew, perhaps its just hurt coming out from my end. . . . ?
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