i know it has been a while since i have posted on here, and for that i am regretfull

i ask here about what to do since i feel so many things, in the sence of i can feel a strong shifter side inside of me!
i am along side of both vampires and warewolf's but are neither of those!
i am looking into wiccar but also druid's


now i now i'm not suppose to involk different gods from different religions but on the other hand i am so many different things that i find it hard to find guidence in any of them!

i am both dragon warrior and rainbow warrior, crystal and appear to be shifter aswell!
i feel a large amount of power and i know this is being awoken for a reason, i get that, but first i must learn to understand these things, but where to start?

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  • True, that is why I said allow it to come to you, maybe should say, allow it to come out of you! lol!
  • thank you Bluesky~valerie, i know above all else i am a spiritual entity i mean the rest are mearly labels in most sorts!
    i have been many many different things including a watcher for many years, i know i started my journey as a new soul centurie's ago as a priest, not christian or catholic, highly educated!
    i still get random collections of ancient writings and symbols in my mind that i have to translate, on the other hand keeps me outta trouble!

    i need to meet some new people here where i live now, and hopefully get to know some spiritual people like me!
    it's nice to have someone here to talk to!

    i am thinking of doing a ritual to remember my past life!
    a friend and guide of mine said that all i need to know is in me already!
  • Slowly!

    Allow it to come to you, sounds like you have been many & powerful and all of what you have learned is coming back to you!

    Religion in and of itself is only a tool, that you can learn from but also to keep you in your place with restritctions, know that you are a SPIRITUAL Being above all and just allow all of your knowledge to come back to you without judging it or trying to make to much sense of it in terms of what you were when, just that these are your powers of knowledge that when they all come together you will know what to do when.

    I am sure that some of those guides and teachers are trying to help you, you are not alone trying to do this, when you feel certain energies around you or as you say "Gods" try and speak to them or listen to what they are trying to say to you!

    but you will have what you need when you need it!!

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