what to do when your not seen but still there?

well hello one and all, unfortinetly i haven't had much to blog about lately because for one reason or another when i help someone i'm not suppose to be seen or noticed around!


well this make's it difficult to allow people to know what you've acomplished over time!
not that i want recognition for who i help, who i help defeat, or what secret healing i do

but it kinda sucks when you can't talk to many people about what you've done!
like ow man them bugga's come out of now-where or did you see that rhino i made!

ow well i know it's not in my job description to brag or be noticed and i don't mind, but sometime's as i said it would

be nice to tell somebody, even if just for the hell of it!

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  • thank you sky, it is still worth doing though!
  • thank you form-lost, i think i will, however it is hard to find someone of that stature especially with the curruption and manipulation going on at the moment!
    i do however have a close mate, and i will, i gues i never thought to talk to him about it!
    but he's spiritual so he kinda gets what i do XD
    thank you heaps, i think that's a grand idea XD
  • I should have added this on to my last post  : )

    I think the moral to my story was, find somebody who maybe interested but doesn't know much about it, but perhaps does something else quite "strange"/different, so they may be able to dig it, someone face to face, maybe introduce them, to say simple things, like the coming times etc, to get the door opened to your world of work
  • yea I have this in spades in a very different way/situation, have had same problems. I have this one friend I see about monthly, and I talk to him about all my crazy escapades in my work which would bore most people or something along those lines, its strange it really does help me and when I do this I get back into the swing of things faster, kind of bouncing off him in enthusiasm back into the work and its grind

    not many people can wrap their heads around what I do it seems, so its such a releaf to splurge on him it almost feels like, and hes cool to let me do this, listening and listening cause he knows I need to just share all my work with someone who really is listening, a good friend

    sometimes he asks what this, what that etc and I can explain it and he'll just listen and ask if he doesn't quite see and understand it, thats soooo cool, and yea, I feel is so very helpful, he is a person that does not generally understand what I do in the sense of similar profession, but rather has the mind an interest, anyways, he is my mini solution to this, and has been for sometime
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