the blue light, what is it?

i know it's been a while but i've been discovering myself as of late!

i have a question that i need an answer for please!


this was brought to me from a friend of mine, who has a female friend of hers who needs help understanding something!

my friend is seeing a blue light kinda moving round her room at night id likeln it to a fire fly kind of thing but not one of those and she would like to know what it means


sure her friend died 3yrs ago if that helps


she asked me to ask u about it she told me her friend died 3 yars ago

yesturday she asked to talk to u about it herself!

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  • The books I found on this website is really helpful.

  • @Savannah great information!! I have seen lots of posts about people seeing a blue light and what you posted makes a lot of sense.......

  • I was reading this book online, and in a passage they wrote about a blue light and what it was. So I was like wait didn't somebody say something about a blue light. Here it is, it may help your friend:

    The Blue Pearl

    The Blue Pearl phenomenon is a special
    method of using your internal spiritual light and
    energy to heal, manifest objects and explore the
    Universe. It can even be used to psychically
    “test” ideas and “objects. Here is a brief excerpt
    from our book with the same name

    Many people are enquiring about the strange
    blue lights that they are seeing around
    themselves and others. They have emailed us
    asking – “Are these good or bad energies?”,
    “Are they angels?” and “What can I do with
    these blue balls of light?”

    This phenomenon has been called the Blue Pearl
    Effect, as the blue balls of light resemble a blue,
    glowing pearl. Many people have seen angels
    within the ball of light and are uplifted by their
    appearance. Other people are puzzled by the
    phenomenon and worry that they are alien in
    We have therefore written this book to explain
    as fully as we can, our understanding of this
    paranormal phenomenon, how to use it in your
    life and how to expand your spiritual and
    psychic awareness and abilities by connecting
    with it safely.

    So in our quest for the information behind the
    Blue Pearl phenomenon, let us begin with an
    enlightening channelled message from Lord
    Sananda, who is the Higher Self of Jesus Christ.

    What is the Blue Pearl?

    “The Blue Pearl, as you call it, represents the
    higher qualities of humanity, what some would
    call the higher self. It is the spiritual part of you
    that is always aligned to the higher realms. It is
    an enormous multi-dimensional force that every
    human being is born with, but few ignite it!
    Some people call it the blue angel, the blue light,
    the blue ball, the blue dots, the comforter and of
    course, the blue pearl.
    It has many paranormal functions including –
    angelic guidance, angelic healing, angelic travel,
    angel manifestation, angelic resonance and as an
    angelic marker of the Divine.

    Many people see this blue pearl during times of
    great stress and illness. Others see it during
    times of quiet meditation or ecstatic spiritual
    epiphanies. There is no set reason for it
    appearing to you, but it can herald new changes
    in your life, as you uplift yourself spiritually. Or
    it can be a special cosmic symbol that shows that
    you have finally attained spiritual growth.”

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