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I have always wondered what the Pleiadian worlds are like. Is it like Earth but without no wars and more love? What is the nature like? Do they have a wide amount of animals like here on earth?


Are there any pictures of what the places looks like? 


I hope someone knows the answer for these questions. That is something I have always been thinking of.


Much love

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depends on which world you visit......
hahaha, agree. Nice response, Dalix!

you will sseee for yourself soon b/c you just stated your intent!words cant describe it well enough





Very Peaceful,

The buildings are round shape, wonderful gardens and flowers, no wars but lots of love and understanding, they are all into serving others and the creator,  various animals, lots of white swans on lakes, very loving advanced peoples that are very tall in body structure, perhaps 7 or more consist of crackers, fruit, grain, vegies, it is very light. Some just are breatherians and just live on light pictures I have, but visited there many times.......



I would also Love to know what the Pleiadian worlds are like.

Love and Light :)

Thanks Ananta, in 2005 I met my first Pleiadian at my very first Pa. holistic show. I just wish he would come back to sit and talk with me more or perhaps let me visit a planet similar to ours with more advanced beings that share my love for the Universe.

I am aware that back then, they could only stay in our density for a short time without getting harmed themselves, or getting stuck.

I was so enthralled at his presence as my asking for tangibility, that I forgot to ask his name!

In love and Light,


Anyone of You Other Galaxians, in case that You can't count on me, today by the latest, for all, I care, You can, why, receive a relevant message that You though bit by bit do well to consider how & when to count on 'IT,' note: Motivation, yes, please, today by the latest, sorry, this is just an innocent(!) ultimatum, mine, an idea that tells me, whatever itself wants to, so I can find out & so on, greetings, 'J.A.,' [email protected], there to be continued, yes, still, Ben, en sag, du aldrig gav mig fast grund etc. til, at jeg kunne nägte at stole paa, siden du besluttede dig til at se ud, til & som en 'relevant 'k-f-t.,'' tilsyneladende min egen, én, jeg stadigväk ikke regner med, at jeg kan se som et relevant arb.-kompromis.

Does anyone want technical data on the Plejaren world, "Erra," in the Tayget system of the Plejares..??


It is 501 light years from Earth, it's location being on the far side of the Pleiades star cluster..

It has an almost identical diameter to Earth's, slightly bigger and the gravity is 3% higher than 1g (9.8 metres/sec, squared.)

It is not within the same density as Earth...The oxygen content is higher.

Evolution requires the dark resistance of matter on earth...but once ascension is completed and planetary karma negated, then all earth ascendees will qualify to visit Erra, as well as other Plejaren worlds..

Hey. They have many planets.


Anyway common facts are these, that they have beatiful planets with these circles over the planet... like saturn.

Off the ground you can see beatiful sky and 2 planets. ( Like 2 moon-saturn ). The weather are tropical, and colorful. Like you have put the HUE volume almost 80%. One minute there is sunshine, then it's going to rain like you could'nt imagine.. so much rain and so delightful. WOW! And then comes the sun again and there's no raindrops at the ground, all is dry suddenly. They also have jungles, grass but the colors are little more different. Can't explain. Like foggy, but still clear... - jeah, hard to understand.


That's what i have seened. Hope this is helpful to think.

Hi Everyone,


Not to burst anyone's bubble, I am a Pleiadian and have my full memory of my home. One can access any planet by raising your own frequency through meditation and leave your body and astral travel anywhere in the universe. If you attracted to anyone planet you had some past incarnations there or it is your home and you have strong memories of it. Most of us are here to serve this planet and help raise the frequency of this planet. We sort of live dual life's in a way.:-) We communicate by Telepathy and since this universal language don't have any limitation we can be anywhere and at anytime communicate with each other. Therefore we are never lonely or feel alone, because we are not.

So it is your choice to meditate and do breathwork, yoga, tai-chi or other methods of raising your vibes so you can access universal information at any time you choose..........

Blessings and much Love


what works for you and for how long do you do it? is there anything specific that you focus on?   really curiouse love and light to you :)




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