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  • Ashtar Command Updates

    5 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    This group is for people in direct contact with the Ashtar Command fleet and/or companion fleets within the Intergalactic Confederation.…

  • Connect With Angels

    222 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday For all that have seen and work with Angels. Others that would love to know more. How does one connect with angels and what are the various types.

  • The Prayer Temple

    176 members Latest Activity: Feb 17 Post your Prayer/wish and let it Grow.

  • AtlantiansWalkAmongUs

    100 members Latest Activity: Feb 17


    Dimensions of the Past, Present, & Future

    video documentaries  and room for open discussions . feel free to start discussions…

  • Kuthumi

    83 members Latest Activity: Feb 17 This is my favorite Ascended Master guide, he is funny, sweet, lovely and has a great sense of humor, he has a lot of wisdom and could guide you in a…

  • The whole Kit n' Kabbalah

    14 members Latest Activity: Feb 17

    An online Kabbalah study group…

  • Cmdr. Val Thor: LIVE

    7 members Latest Activity: Feb 17


  • Spiritual Energy Healing

    348 members Latest Activity: Feb 14 What kinds of healing is there and how do you learn to heal yourself and others. Why not Get a Healing Session from one of our members. Share your…

  • Unknown Animals Focus Group

    7 members Latest Activity: Feb 8 all about the study of unknown animals yet to be discovered but have evidence through photographs or video

  • The Otherkin Corner

    1 member Latest Activity: Feb 8

    This is a community for people who identify with their souls being Otherkin or Starseed. A safe place for kindred souls to meet who don't feel…

  • Students of Consciousness

    5 members Latest Activity: Feb 8

    This group is intended for a progressive interpretation of the ever changing evolution of our earth and all its inhabitants.


  • 11:11.

    162 members Latest Activity: Feb 3 For all those who are connected to the 11:11 global consciousness movement. What is the Symbolic meaning of 11:11?

  • Reiki: A Natural Healing Modality

    3 members Latest Activity: Jan 30

    Reiki is a wonderful natural healing modality that is very beneficial to one’s self healing program as well as for helping others.

  • Align with the Divine Within

    40 members Latest Activity: Jan 19

    Discover the power of alignment with your inner-divine matrix or what some refer to as your soul.

    The group is for fostering your spiritual…

  • Starseeds from Arcturus

    117 members Latest Activity: Jan 15

    Are you from Arcturus? Share your knowledge about the Arcturians.…

  • Teachings of the Paa Tal

    20 members Latest Activity: Jan 13

    Here any who wishes to know only truth and learn of truth are welcome. Here we will teach the teachings. Of the ancient and the paa tal. The anu…

  • ASHTAR Cáfe

    25 members Latest Activity: Jan 13

    "Ashtar's Cáfe Group" is a Quick Reaction platform in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss deeper issues "On or Off…

  • The Cat Clan Focus Group

    98 members Latest Activity: Jan 13 Do you have a cat and love it? Or do you love all kinds of cats in general? Me too! Welcome to the cat clan! feel free to talk about your cats or…



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Krishna Kalki replied to the discussion 'Veerabrahmendra The Precursor Of Kalki Avatar .....Complete Life History With Prophecies..HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND'
"Holy Jesus Christ this is one book that you should definitely read"
3 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted discussions
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Pet Rock replied to the discussion '"Malcolm, stay the hell away from there...outsiders like you have disappeared..." - quote from a medical surgical patient (and native American Apache) regarding my possible travel to Dulce, New Mexico'
"I traveled throgh the area in the early 90s and it seemed as though I was being tracked from above…"
16 hours ago
Steve Hutchinson posted a discussion
16 hours ago
1 darkstar replied to the discussion 'Billy Graham Dies Again-God Bless Him'
"Video removed by user."
18 hours ago
1 darkstar replied to the discussion 'Why Was Secret Service at School in FL Months Before Shooting, “Training Teachers”'
"He HAS TO offer "prayers and condolences" to victims of mass shootings (but I think he…"
18 hours ago

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