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  • Obama, are the polls more important to you than God's Laws? "Stop all actions that are an "abomination" to God. If you will not, then do not blame God for the Desolation that follows! We call upon everyone to stop doing things that are an abomination to God, and to direct all their efforts and Might to opposing those who support what is distasteful to God. Peacefully use all the means and power you have to bring awareness to everyone of what is happening, and use democratic tools (write your congressman, etc.), and your rights (protest, take legal action, etc.), to change the system. Cooperate with all those who agree with you, even if their religions and beliefs are different from ours (yours), and help them to achieve your common goals (to stop the Abomination of Desolation)!" - Maitreya From Abomination (Obamanation) of Desolation:

  • The Final Snippets

    Now that the Snippets are no longer, the greatest word of wisdom is: Read THOTH (and our teachings).  In short, follow the Mission.  It surely will lead one and society to Salvation, in all levels of human existence!

  • Snippets By Maitreya April 14, 2012

    1. Using the earth, man's way vs God's Way: God said to subdue the earth and to replenish (improve) it. Man subdues it (like growing food on plowed land) but no longer replenishes it! In fact modern man leaves what he has subdued destitute (like clearcutting the forests, using GMOs and pesticides, etc.). The concern for financial gain has blinded them to the ways of God!

    2. No secrets, lies and hidden agendas: We have to create a world where we can live without any hidden agendas, secrets, lies, etc. There are people in the world who try to convince you (us) that secrets are necessary for your protection. Then they lie to you and steal your God-given Rights (freedom, knowledge, privacy, etc.) because they can create so much fear in you that you will succumb to any situation they create for you.




    A reminder that Passover starts tomorrow evening!


    New Human Species Found In China - Snippets By Maitreya
  • Base of Maitreya's Teachings

    Our teachings in their most basic and simplified form!

    The Greatest Sign
    (Shrii Shrii Para Maha Yantra)

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