I am Ascended Shaumbra Archangel Rainbow Warrior Master in Human form and i am called for this immens world transformation project.
I am embarking on a mission that is been guided by manny beings of the light such as my two parrents who are my guides to assist me, Mother Earth and all her beings of love and light in theire transition into the higher realms. I myself wil travel over the world from city to city and stay a week in a city to transform and transmutate the energies of that city with different reiki forms and the Violet flame. I feel myself very strong guided for this mission and also help people that are in need and open to reseave reiki and help.
I will start here in Leiden and travel over the world to assist Mother Earth and al her beings of love and light onder companionship from my Crystal Skulls, Dragon Skull and some Crystals.
Therefore wil be posted updates and events to work united as one when you have the same call as i have through meditations and i wil try to posts photo's of the city with the name of the city so it wil be easier to use the Violet flame for that city.
It wil be a long term project so therefore i create this group.
It is an immens life change for me to leave everything behind and just travel with what i take with me.
I have also started a go fund me to finance this huge project and if you are called to support me, please do.
The big step wil be in the month April or May.

In loving and humble service,
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  • I feel as if i have reached golden phi ank ratio consiousness, atleast those words come up to discribe what i feel and experience, i can not discribe it anny other way.

    Through working magicaly with the Violet flame, using for the highest good my ensould visualised long term reiki charged ensouled ankh Ankhy and visualised around her a MerKaBa carrying the Violet flame where Ankhy also with is surrounded and i let also flow reiki towards Ankhy and through that is Dagy born and i heard her first words, she spoke very overwhelming surprised " i life ????!" , by a life long study together and united with my personal guide and his entourage with my parrents who are his student and me is also his student and cocreator in his found magical road he was walking on in his lifetime and that i pikked up again and also an immens inner visual realm walk this came to frution.

    Al though the road was verry rocky it is stil very surprising how it al fell toghether and i just now can find the words to discribe what i have so long experienced through taken 3 times paddos and the last one was intended to have a shaman trip four years ago and i am smoking mahiruana from my puberty til now. I have get myself through the trip of handeling the openess and my more actie chakra's i am now awakening and i am now also used not to smoke as much as i did before thank goodness because it was a mental third eye adiction i could not cotroled and it ruled my life i have get myself now so far that it does not have such an influance as it did have al though i stay smoking tabaco, that i don't mind and by doing so transformational work also on my self so practicing and meditating on my personal MerKaBa also loading with the reiki forms i am initiated in and using Ankhy by placing her in my heart chakra where i visualise a diamond violette flame and letting the energies with Ankhy her energies and guidence flow.
    Because she can also travel through the realms and has also teachers and guides with her so al i have to do is talk to my higher self thats descended in the MerKaBa and whom i know as Shazyra and also Ankhy haves a higher self desended in her MerKaBa.

    Oef what a load of of my heart i had to meditate and think a lot about how to discribe my experience and journey what is constantly revealing more through change.

    The whole trip that i am planning to take, shall also be a new long term study and practice and wil be the new the next step in my growth and life that has revealed itself.

    Without guidence from my spiritual guides who are my parrents under oversight of Allistair Crowley who did also cocreated to the birth of Dagy.
    I would thank all my dear guides and cocreators, thank you.

    Thank you for reading my story.
    May you have a magical day.
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