The Ringing Cedars series

There was just a post on The Planetary Healing Group about the energies TREES give us and it remindeded me to look here for The Ringing Cedars.

 The relationship of a small group of Totally natural-living enlightened people of the Siberian cedar forests to the trees and earth and animals and man is all an Amazing "new look" or "different" way to look at our place,as humans, in this world. Although the author is not very sophisticated because he didn't even start out as an educated "seeker", and not a very good writer at first(this causes some confusion and possible annoyance in the reading)What he describes is quite unusual,Phenomenal !!!  and often heart opening. I found a UNIQUE perspective for many areas of inquiry that fascinated me! A whole new relationship for the plants in one's garden was laid out and MUCH more...

 This series of books has been ignored by some because the first book's title is the name "Anastasia"...and some people assume it's another "reincarnation" or "take" on the royal family's  daughter that was executed with her family in Russia. NO! It's a TOTALLY Different woman!

This series came out a few years ago-so I'm "behind' a bit but there is a sustainable community near where I live that honors Anastasia of The Ringing Cedars and today seemed like a good day to mention her and this series of books. My disclaimer (laughing)is that I've only read book 1 so far and don't know where the series will lead...........    Namaste

I'm very new at computers and I don't know how to do tags and files,or what can be legally copied,(reviews?) so if another reader wants to add those,please do!

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  • Star Gemz,


    I'm currently on the last few pages of The Ringing Cedar Series Book III - A Space of Love.
    This series is truly phenomenal...



    • Hello Asavari!

      It's nice that you,too,are just now coming to this material. Maybe we'll start a new wave-giggle! I love books anyway and like seeing this Group come to life too!  :)   I got mostly through book 2 yesterday and was so moved I decided to read the pages on "bard" to my husband. Half way through I started crying! My heart cried in the telling but was Also reveling in sharing the totally new understanding!  Whew. Reading that material aloud threw me into a much deeper space of connection. I do hope English audio books come out soon, as there are people who just don't READ and I know Anastasia's gifts of perspective have something for everyone to expand with!    Namaste' 

    • Namaste Stargemz, :)


      If you are reading Book 2.... wanted to share some phenomenal personal experience with you about it.

      There is a mention of Dolmens in Book 2, and quite a lot of material on it. As an Indian I am very used to the concept of willingly embracing death by imprisoning yourself into a stone chamber and having the slab placed over you, while you went into deep meditation inside. We call that taking "Samadhi". It is supposed to install your being in the "Atman" your own superconsciousness. There are of course different kinds of Samadhis, and may saints of India have ended their lives by going into these higher states of consciousness... by which the "prana" or the vital life force leaves the body through the Ajna or the Third Eye Chakra.


      To read the same concept being utilised in the case of the Dolmens, was a pleasant surprise... but then it should not be, because many of the Indian mythologies support the stories of connection between India and Russia in the Vedic Times.

      Coming back to my experience. It was written in the book that there are several dolmens in India, too. And the moment I read that, I felt where... where am i going to find this????? This was three months back. Its amazing how the Universe works. I was commisioned for designing a guidebook for one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites here in India last month... and you wont believe it, when I was going through the photographs for the book with the author who is a world famous archaelogist and architect.... I saw DOLMENS!!!! I actually found them, and my next holiday is definitely going to be planned arund a dolmen visit.


      And this is just one such experience, ever since i started reading this book, its been one after the other. As Anastasia, says that if you really believe in her, she comes to you, and she makes things happen for you.



      with intent,

      much love, light and laughter,


  • I've only read the first book and (for me) when I read something as genuine as this, I begin to see the world around more, as a whole. The first book deeply communicates how we are one with nature and how nature knows us and provides for us, individually.


    The members of that community you mention are very fortunate be gathered to to re-establish man's sacred communion with nature.

    Lyndy Starflower

    • Arn't they amazing! Thank you for adding a word of resonance to my post. I feel all the better for your caring too! Namaste!
    • Thank you for sharing your feelings. I am SO grateful for the books and move we made 2 years ago that brought us only 5 miles from that community here. It's called Takilma,Oregon.They are not "purists" of the books but,as I said,do honor and love them.They have a community home-school,local herbal remedy center,library and a "pirate" radio station too! Their goal is to make ALL the people of our valley(5 towns) self reliant food-wise and spread the knowledge of permaculture etc. Although on the edge of their community I participate more all the time to my betterment!    :)   Namaste'
    • Thanks Stargemz,

      I am bettered by knowing of this. At best, I can send spiritual communion, the I am of divine love I am. It always expands me to hear good news like this!

      To expressing our sacred love as life,


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If you are reading Book 2.... wanted to share some phenomenal personal…"
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