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  • Thank you for the friendship, Kalopsia, I appreciate it!

  • 8113985273?profile=original8114011082?profile=original8113982690?profile=original8114010662?profile=originalStay Blessed my friend!

  • dear sister,thankyou for accepting my friend request,and i am looking forward to learning,and shareing our essences of wisdom with each other,have a very magical day dearest sister,love,light,blessings eve.8109990261?profile=original

  • Oh yeah I just wanted to add because I didn't mention it & it's one of the biggest traps there is...money. I've stopped believing in it. I use it as a tool and have already fallen to their 'debt' trap and work 5 days a week like a slave to give all my money to rent & debt...still don't have to believe in it. I think this is a major 'god' we all have to stop worshipping to save ourselves. Peace out.

  • I have a skeptic friend. He bags me all the time & tells me I'm wasting my time researching 'unproven' reptilian & interdimensional stuff but you know I love it when people oppose what I'm saying. It helps me understand myself better & the person opposing me. I tell them so & they love me for it so it's all good. I'm living my life now. I don't care what people think of me. I think I've dissolved most of my ego & let go of nearly all my fear. I feel like a babe in the woods. So much more to learn. We need tools to reprogram our minds. We could do it just by thinking about it and sites like this reinforce this but don't provide any of the many & wonderous tools that can help us. Sungazing is just one of many tools that can help but I think it's a major one that really really helps on so many levels. I'm living proof. So when I try to share the info & benefits of sungazing, the reptoids attack, agree, dismiss, obsfuscate, ridicule, taunt, accuse. I really can't work out if they're matrix sleepwalkers or reptilian. I suspect the latter & their comments just add more proof. Reptoids don't talk the way you & me do. I'm so glad you messaged me. We really need to stick together to help each other out. Reptilian theory really scares a lot of people but there's nothing to fear. They want you to fear. That's why they get reptiles like David Icke to talk about them and 99.99% of what Icke says is true & helpful but their ultimate goal is to deceive & the subliminal twist with Icke is when he speaks about reptilian ability. I think he tries to make the individual imply in their own minds that the reptilians are more powerful than they actually are. Like in Inception they want the target to come to their 'own' conclusion to fulfill the manipulators goal.

    Anyway more tools I've been getting into are orgonite, chembusters, tower busters, nlp, actually anything brain related is good. It's good to know how our brains work. We all have the lower third R-complex part of the brain. The R stands for reptilian. I like to know what's going on in the world too & you can't rely on the corporate media to get informed. Sites like this seem to ignore what's happening globally apart from the people waking up. I believe we need to know the rules of their game, of any game really you need to know the rules if you want any chance of winning. Knowing the reptilian agenda & their technologies to manufacture the weather, 'natural' disasters, society and all their multi hypnosis tricks, subliminal triggers and mind control programs helps transcend it all & take your own power back. Helps you remember who you really are when you can use your higher human abilities that they don't have & can't conceive of. It's like they're running scared & stepping up the pace of their programs, knowing full well about this year. They probably gave the calender info to the Mayans.

    Oh yeah, I went off track a bit...but then it all leads back to the reptiles. More tools: Ley lines, the chaos grid, matrix, holographic universe, sacred geometry, 'real' history, psychedelic drugs like ayahusca or DMT even though I have done neither...still fun to learn about them, wouldn't mind trying them, just don't know where to get them. maybe I'm not meant to. Pineal gland. My 3 year old son is turning out to be my best teacher. So is my cat. I'm trying to strengthen a psychic connection to both of them.

    This is getting very long now so I'll wrap up here & go watch some reptilian videos lol. Bye kalopsia <3

  • Hi kalopsia. i've been looking for someone that can see what I see. I find this whole site strangely hypnotic. i haven't been here long. not sure if i want to spend too much time here. crawling with reptiles. trolling the blogs. first they tried just brushing me off. then they pulled out the big guns, flipping the script on me. I am still curious

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kalopsia left a comment for Jessica
"much love beautiful being <3 xoxo"
Sep 8, 2012
kalopsia commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Melchizedek (April 3 2012) ~ All Must Be Truly Forgiven
"thank you!
love & light."
Apr 4, 2012
kalopsia left a comment for cloaked-in-wrath
"welcome! <3"
Mar 31, 2012
kalopsia replied to Michael's discussion Vegan Potluck in Chicago~!~ in Vegetarians & Vegans Focus Group
"always! there a few veggie potlucks around my area, but i am hesitant to go and i don't have friends to take with me."
Mar 31, 2012

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