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December 31

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permaculture,preparedness & sustainabilty gardening lifelong metaphysics & spirituality self employed artisan and humble patron of arts for life worldwide crystal and gemstone earthKeeper "clan"

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now,as an "crone"--- MY Higher self !!! To get me here--- my independant thinking dad and artistic mom,loren eiseley,yogananda,mary summer rain,tom brown jr,neale donald walch, sai baba,Native American teachings and recently Galactic Fed and Anastasia are interesting! :)

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  • :)

    thanks for your friends request <3 !


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  • A beautiful journey into the love space of Nature.

  • Heart to heart, dear friend, in love with the Earth!



  • I am ppracticing blindfolded autonomic writing . I trance. I bless and I caall forthenlightendbeings. in this love you are and i am an what is to come shall be with  your spin addedyesspin your soin is importantbeloved your soin on what is to come matters your intention your words your actionslet them represent youso as you aredoes it represent youas you are does it addto conxciousness yes it does vut dous it ad the way you want it tojjmmmmmmm gotchaare you adding the way yu want to add to what to all that isnuturung plantsand all that is in your life yes vut an adjective be your descreptive word you are a nurturerso let that ad to how you really want to admylife is beautiful ad to that every morn my life is awesome as to that every dayfor you its adding that will make youfeel betterforgive limitation greater yes you ad fgreaterand youareand soit is
  • thank you very much for the friend request. you have a merry christmas too, and a happy new year. wow, time sure does fly. later.


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  • Thank you Stargemz for adding me as a friend. I note that we share similar

     interests and pursuits. I give you a warm welcome to this group it is of

     necessity open to all interests which stimulates both sides of a point

     of view to healthy and at times rigorous discussions which is very healthy.

     We are moving away from sheeple and robotic human behaviour.

     Lots of light and love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

     P.S. I'm prompted to call you Heartgemz with your feet anchored into the earth

     and I notice you are following Kiesha Crowther so your heart to me is in Mother Earth Gaia and I'm picking up that you are resonating with her which is beautiful and wearing your heart you truly are "Heartgemz" Welcome Kingjeff

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stargemz left a comment for Jose Ignacio Contreras
"Bless you FRIEND of Oneness.........."
Jun 30, 2012
stargemz left a comment for Jose Ignacio Contreras
"Bless you for the beautiful frog of healing! I love them so and nuture them on my property! One of the biggest negatives I've had recently was that poison smoke from a neighbor caused my frogs to die or go to ground! It was a terrible thing for me…"
Jun 30, 2012
stargemz replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion WAKE UP.....Please Watch This
"Perfect for me to see tonight!I just read The Three Waves by D Cannon and this blended right in to my current state! Very glad to see they advise sleep and being aware of the nervous system. Good to know.   Namaste"
Mar 24, 2012
stargemz replied to somesayimnot's discussion FEELING DIZZY? ENERGIZED? NUTS?
"This seems to be the way to overcome the blanks....?  
I'd said I'd had an amazing couple of weeks with all kinds of new energy buzzing in my body and mind: some flurries led nowhere and some were incredibly productive. I'm rather reclusive and I…"
Mar 22, 2012

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"no problem Drekx, keep it coming :)"
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"The Dark Cabal continues preparing for WW3 knowing they are running out of time and will soon be defeated. Its gonna be a bumpy ride, but these sickos will be defeated. WW3 will not happen and peace will win the day.…"
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"Nothing wrong with what you post Drekx. It's all good. No overloading at all :)"
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"Dear members...I know I can sometimes overload you guys with very esoteric cosmic data, one moment, health issues the next; problems & solutions, and then political matters......This is my adaptability ray in action.....
Please do remember, that my…"
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""Look So Sweet" · Composed by Stephane Deschezeaux, Nothing But... Keep It Funky, Vol. 26, ℗ Boogie Land Music, Released on: 2024-02-16👏🏻🌞

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"My earlier reference to the Oxford Uni Debate, with discussions about "populism," which took the form of debate between Nancy Pelosi vs Winston Marshall, is elaborated upon further, when Piers Morgan had a chance to discuss the finer details with…"
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"AE I'm sure you will enjoy watching this Oxford Uni Debate, in which visiting Nancy Pelosi's elitist credentials, were challenged.....Globalism vs National Populism...
"Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED at Oxford Debate!!!"😉…"
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