The Great Purification!

This meditation is a more specific application of “energy work”. It is an attempt to set a specific intent (i.e., the transformation of ourselves and this world) in order to manifest it in reality. Do not do this meditation without first understanding the power or significance of it. Meditate on the Great Invocation as an energetic warm up. Follow the Great Invocation with this meditation to initiate, protect, and nurture the Divine World Order.

The Meditation:
Repeat these words to yourself or out loud in groups.

I AM the right hand of God.I AM a Spark of the One.I AM the armies of light.My will shall be done.I AM.As co-creator, Spark of the One, and right hand of the creator, I accept my responsiblity as creator of physicality.And as creator of physicality,I now decree the darkness dispelled.I now decree the old world null.I declare an end to poverty and privilege.I declare an end to pain and suffering.I declare an end to war and chaos.I declare the beginning of the Divine World Order.Now pause and visualize a human body. It could be any body. A friend, a family member, even your enemies (especially your enemies).Visualize their body in darkness. At first you only see the dark outline but then you notice an internal glow in their body.This glow begins in their heart like a deep, red, warm, fireball. At first it is just a spark but then it begins to grow and grow.Visualize the glow the size of a strawberry, then the size of a grapefruit, then the size of a basketball. Visualize it growing until light from the inner core of the body begins to burst through the outer skin.Visualize light streaming from the body’s eyes.Visualize light exploding from the mouth.Visualize light bursting in a searing column above the head of the body.Now repeat with meLet Spirit illuminate even the darkest corners.Let light shine through the blackest hearts.Let LOVE and the WILL OF GOD burst onto this earthLet hope sweep the globe.By the power vested in me as the right hand of God, co-creator, and Spark of the One,I declareFrom this day forward.That Love rules this planet.


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  • Thank you so much for such powerful words:-) May we be able to heal as many as we can through peaceful and powerful words like these:-) God Bless us all, Ana:-)

  • ...SO BE IT NOW!!!

    BLESSINGS MY DEAR BROTHER! its an honor to have you here helping with your light at the end of this cycle
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