• Hi my name is Chris,

    I woke up one morning about 9 months ago, had a fight with my husband and then started to have panic attacks. They got so bad I had to go to hospital for 3 weeks. I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and later on OCD. Up until then in my life I had always coped quite well, or so I thought.

    The good news is that my panic disorder has subdued. I have gone back to being a functioning adult. For this I am grateful.

    The bad news is I still suffer from OCD (which is prevalent in my family). Everyday still feels like a struggle. I am constantly battling my fears. This of course has caused me a considerable amount of depression. I long to be a fear free person. I know that I would not end my life as I have two beautiful children, but I find myself wishing for the end to come quickly.

    I want my life back so I can shine my light brightly. I feel like I have so much to offer, but I can't get away from myself.

    I would appreciate any healing advice anyone has.

    Forever thankful

  • Healing for Siddharth Morarka plea
  • Please pray & send healing energy to Christman who is in need of healing, cleansing or clearing so he can participate more and also enjoy life.
    Thank you and much love,
  • =Dear Ben,

    The crux of all healing seems to be either relaxation and/or meditation.

    In the 50+ years of studying esoterics I have yet to find a way to achieve anything for relaxation or how to meditate.
    Please would you suggest how I might find a way.


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  • I would love to healed... I've had sinus problems for almost a year. On and off, it gets worse or it gets better. I've gone to doctors, psychics, energy readers, and none of them seem to know what's really going on... My nose bones hurt and it won't stop leaking.. I'm getting scared...I need healing,,,,,,
  • Dear group.
    I´d like some healing sent to help me get out of entering a depression. I am struggling with my surroundings to become an angel-healer and get accepted as such.
    Many heart-sent thanks and wishes of light and love.
    Falling Leaf.
  • Hello all... I am a brand new member to AC and an empath, life path number is 11. I work with children who have been very abused and traumatized severely ages 5 to 16 yrs. old mostly. These children when working with them flock to me and my colleagues find this very hard to understand as most of the children want to spend most, if not all of their time with me, which I love as I love them all so deeply. My problem is that since I started this work I have now developed horrible skin lesions on my body and on my scalp which I believe I am taking on all these childrens pain bodies. I have tried to protect myself trying many things and have also tried to heal myself with no positive effects. Can anyone help me, it would be much appreciated!!! I have been dealing with this for 2 years now!!! Love & Light
  • elohim.
    the left side of my body has sort of blocked itself as i was burned at the stakes for practising back in the 12 th century...amworking on it.
    an extra, power push would accelerate the entire healing process....
    ask the beings on the ship to help me.
    eternally grateful.
    love and light,
    • Light love and revelation on its way, a reawakening of something you have forgotten is likely, and you will laugh when you remember. Just remember to laugh and all will be well.
  • I would like to be helped with my right ankle which does not bend well due to a very bad car accident occurred more
    than 20 years ago. It makes it hard to stand sometimes,
    thank you,
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