Step by step - Auric activation and balancing - by Anush

This exerciser will take you through a step by step balance of the auric and chakral energy, it actually is the best way to lay down your energy patterns to flow very strong and to stay stable.  This is very much based on the Fabrociou or Spiral workings that apply strongly in the universal creation.  This is advanced energy work, and some of you might find it difficult, this is why I have made the diagrams to assist.

But before we can start I can not stress the importance of safety boldly enough.  Before you can start with this, you need to make sure the following safety rules are in place.  You can not just throw this together and think it will help you.  It needs to be done RIGHT, and with proper care, or you can do more damage than good.  I have see people slip during one of these and it took me 4 hours of etheric surgery to untangle them and repair the damage.  So please if you think energy work is a fun game, find your kick some place else.

1- Make sure you will not be disturbed for about a hour.

2- Make sure you take a full glass of water I hour before you wish to do this, and take another with you.

3- Make sure your phone is switched off or those that might visit you know not to.

4- A proper cleansing must be undertaken before you start.  If you dont have a proper cleansing ritual, I can provide you with one, on request.

5- Cast a protection circle, or use salt, stones or water to make a proper circle around you.  Also ask your guides or your protective angels to take up position outside the circle to make sure no one bother you or sneak past your circle. (trust me it can happen)

Now you can proceed

We have many diferent bodies, but I will only focus on 2 at this point, the Physical body (the flesh you touch every day) and the Spiritual body (the one you use to astral travel or walk the spiritual realms with).  When you are done with the physical body you can do the same to the higher body. 

Lets start...  Look at your body, take note of its shape.  Let your hand pass over your body familiarize yourself with it, and as you do focus on love for it.  This is important, as so many of us dislike our bodies.  How is our vessel suppose to give us service if we don't love it, in what ever shape it take.

Our auric field is a energy field we radiate that is around us in a rough egg shape.  There how ever are those that have no control of their auric field.  Theirs have no edge and looks more like a cloud than a neat field or they radiate their aura far out, affecting those around them, and then there is some that plainly dumping their energy all over people they come in contact with.  To start of, take note of the edge of your auric field and bring it under control to look like this picture.  It should have a nice smooth clear edge.  Always control your breathing... deep slow breathes, in through nose, out through your mouth. Slowly.

Focus on the energy inside, the outside edge of your auric field, you will notice there are many colors in it, like a rainbow.  Each colour represent a diferent layer in your auric field.  Mostly linked to each of your chakras.  Breathe

Here is the field as you will see it.  What you need to do is clear up the lines until it looks more distinct, and each color is very well visible.  Let this energy settle.  Allow it to solidify inside your auric field and take up their proper place.  Breathe here for a few minutes.

Here you will see the standard Chakras.  You will see that each chakra has a representing line inside your auric field.

Now lets discard that for the moment.  We will focus on the 7 major Chakras.

1- Root (Red)

2- Sacral (Orange)

3- Solar Plexis (yellow)

4- Heart (Green)

5- Throat (Light Blue)

6- Third Eye (Dark Blue)

7- Crown Chakra (Purple)

Take note of each on your body, and look at them more closely.  We will come back to them later, for now just take note of each, notice the vibrational frequency of each, the feel of each, when you place your hand over them one at a time.  Please use your left hand not your right.  In energy work left is always above, divine or positive.  Pace your breathing.

I don't use just the normal 7 chakras, mostly I use all 24 chakras.  Yet for now I will only use these 19 Chakras.  They are the ones that give me the best and most stable balance.

1- Root (Red)

2- Sacral (Orange)

3- Solar Plexis (yellow)

4- Heart (Green)

5- Throat (Light Blue)

6- Well of dreams (Grey between light and dark blue)

7- Third Eye (Dark Blue)

8- Pinal Gland (Grey between Dark blue and purple)

9- Crown Chakra (Purple)

10- Female/Left Brain (White half of the Yin-Yang sign)

11- Male/Right Brain (Black half of the Yin-Yang sign)

12- Left Burden (Termn) (Shoulder)

13- Right Burden (Termn) (Shoulder)

14- Left Giving (Tashal) (Hand)

15- Right Giving (Tashal) (Hand)

16- Left Movement (Anumn) (Knee)

17- Right Movement (Anumn) (Knee)

18- Left Basis/ Foundation (Raumn) (Foot)

19- Right Basis/ Foundation (Raumn) (Foot)


To align all chakras, we will have to merge some of them.  by pulling them together, into the center line position between the other major chakras.

Chakra 10 + 11 - Male/female (Yin-Yang)

Chakra 12 + 13 - Shoulders

Chakra 14 + 15 - Hands

Chakra 16 + 17 - Knees

Chakra 17 + 18 - Feet

When all chakras form a straight unified line, you will feel a surge of energy.  Relax for a few moments letting this settle, breathing deeply for atleast 10 breathes.

As the energy of the chakras settle, contemplate their frequency, while you breathe, do that till you feel at ease.  Now we will focus on the chakra itself.  This diagram is the basic form of a chakra.  It should be an open hole.

Many see the chakras with lotus petals.  Each chakra has a different amount of petals aligned to it.  Some people will see the petals fold open to reveal the chakra, and you may do so as well.  We are however going deeper into the chakra.

When you look much closer at the chakra, even once the petals are open, you will see a dull film over your chakra.  When you reach onto your chakra your will feel this film, it has a tight frequency and give you resistance.  This is what some call the veil, this film help you as unawakened to act as a barrier and protection.  Now that you are able to use your own energy and manipulate it at will, consciously, this film is more of an irritation than of any help.

It is at this point that you will remove this film.  When you use energy on your hands, and stroke the edge of the chakra you will feel the edge of the film.  Gently take hold of it, and lift it away from left to right.  As you lift it, you will feel a type of easing, and the light of your chakras will start shining brighter.  Sometimes as you lift it away, stuff start oozing out of them, like objects or black oily energy (that is usually residue of old stuck negative energy).  You will note there is a line inside your chakra, ignore it for now.  When the film is completely away, breathe deeply a few times get used to the feel of the change, then proceed to do that to all chakras.

When your done with opening all the chakras, let the energy settle and solidify.  Practice deep breathing for atleast 10 breathes.  Now you can pay attention to the line.  The line will lie in a different position on some or all chakras, but it has to be in a upright position.   This line is called an Alignment line.

You will start at your feet, and slowly turn the line inside each chakra, till it settle in an upright position.  The moment its alignment is correct you will clearly feel the click, and it will start pulsing outwards in a spiral formation, all the way to the edge of your aura.  Now move on to the next chakra, till you have aligned all of them.  The minute the last one is aligned it will activate what is called your Axis mundi.

Note how the axis have activated and neatly form a straight line through every single chakra.  Lightly press this deeper into your chakras till you again feel the click.  Some will feel a rush of energy at this point and some may even start feeling extremely emotional.  Just let it settle and breathe until you feel more calm.   Note how neatly each chakra lay centered to the Axis.

This is just a example of the naming of each chakra, pay attention to their location, as well as the name while you breathe and let the Axis settle.

The moment the axis is settles a pool of very intense light will activate over your crown and below your feet.  This is the above and below energy of the Spiritual (above) and the physical (below).  Let it increase till it is really bright and very strong.  Breathing at this point is incredibly important.

When the above and below energy has solidified and stopped growing focus on your breathing.  Take a deep breathe and pull energy form above into you, all the way through your upper chakras, down into your heart chakra and keep it there.  Breathe out, letting go of any energy that does not serve you.  Next focus on the pool of light from below, and while breathing in draw it in through your lower chakras all the way to your heart chakra, and hold it there.  Breathe out and release all that do not serve you.  Some might experience flashes of images here, just let them go, do not hold on to them.   Alternate the breathes till your heart chakra glow very bright and is of equal strength of that of the above and below light pools.  Let this settle and continue breathing.  Focusing on the energy in heart.  Let it mix and settle, as soon as it is settled, focus on a memories that hold an incredible amount of love and joy.  A moment, a person, a event, it does not matter, just something that makes your heart sing.  Now mix that energy into the other energy in your heart and breathe out, letting it settle.

Next step is to draw energy from heart, in a spiral and pass it through every single chakra, till it merge back into the above energy.  Hold it there and breathe letting the spiral solidify and stabilize.  When its stable let go, and measure the strength of it.  If it is strong and stable, bring your focus back to heart, and draw out another spiral, let it spiral down ward through all chakras, until it merge back into the below energy.  Hold it there and breathe, letting the spiral solidify and stabilize.  When it is stable let it go, and measure the strength of it, opposed to the above spiral.  They should be of equal strength.  Breathe deeply and let it settle for 10 deep breathes.

The next step is to keep those spiral stable, while you again draw another spiral from the below position, but this time only let it pass through the 7 main chakras.  It has to move widely away form you, this spiral is there to balance your Aura to your chakras.  This keep your aura in complete control, and my expanding and contracting the outer spiral, you can increase and decrease your aura size.  This will also affect the use of your aura shield.  The stronger your outer spiral are the stronger your aura shield will be.  and its driving force is the strength of your heart, and the love you hold in it.

This is now the end result of this excersize.  A neat energy field that is well balances and strong.  Maintaining it for the first few times, is a challenge, but your body get used to this pretty fast.  the core of your power lay in the energy you keep in your heart.  The more love, joy and other positive things you keep in yout heart, the stronger your energy output will be.


*Getting angry, or letting someone get you very upset, will unbalance all this, then you will have tor strip down and relay this.  The first few times you will crash badly, but remeber, your body is learning this new type of control, and it is a learning curve.  So have patience with yourself.

*Your guides, are there to help you, they will let you know when your energy field is starting to wobble.  You will experience some symptoms like, nausea, Pain, excessive tiredness and other things.

*WATER, it is the life force of your body.  Water is a conductor, and the better you keep your body hydrated with water, the better it will let energy flow through you.  One secret many energy workers forget is the importance of water for energy loaded cells.  Energy create heat, the cells vibrate faster and heat up, if you do not take in enough water, the cells overheat, and are damaged.  It leave scar tissue on your cells, and if you have that, well then energy work get a whole lot harder and difficult to do.  Damaged cells can however be repaired, but it take time, rest and gentle energy work. 

*REST: I see so many healers burn them self out, (me included) because we stubbornly do not take the time to rest properly.  Etheric surgery and energy work take an enormous amount of your own life force.  The first signs of over use is insomnia.  The more energy we use the more hyper our bodies get, and the harder it is to sleep and rest.  We push our self past what is needed damaging our cells.  A damaged healer is of no use to the world.  So if your a healer, make sure you get another healer to help you out regularly.  Because in the end a little rest go a long way.  A rested healer, can reach even higher energy use.

*Safety: The first line of difference is safety.  This is no little game you play when the mood take you to it. Yes its fun, but always remember the hidden dangers in all things.

Any questions just ask, I will gladly assist.

Copyright Anush

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