Greenwood Lake, NY


December 25

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Nice,kind,Reiki,healer of & from God,Angels, wish to learn more of you,want to meet true people, light carriers,love...help others, strong good prayers...

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  • Thank you for inviting me!


    Kind Regards,


  • Thank you, fine. I am pleased for meeting.With love and light.cigdem
  • Hi Boniface:) Thank you for your birthday blessing. Wishing you a blissful eve.
    All blessings of abundance to you
  • You have a wonderful weekend too! :)
    I bid you God's Blessings,
  • hi thank you for your comentes are so beautifull and god bless you always my dear friend.......
  • Interview with a Zeta-Hybrid about coming Earth changes and the Reptoids
    (they are connected to the -Illuminati- and our socalled -Governments-)

    The coming -swine flu- vaccinations are not really vaccinations at all,
    but an excuse to give all of us a NANO-MICROCHIP, when you get THIS
    you could say goodbye to all privacy as they would have total control.

    Please spread this video far and wide and watch it fully, it might be the
    most important video you will ever see in your life

  • Enjoy the weekend!
  • now l saw your message..light an d love with you everywhere :-))))))
  • hi thank you add me my friend god bless you in any place you are........
  • I am glad you enjoyed my little blog about the 86 year old banking customer. I really got a kick out of it....especially since I used to work for a bank and knew firsthand how it can be, lol. Welcome to Ashtar. I look forward to getting to know you better through sharing on this enriching site.

    Have a great week.


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Boniface left a comment on The Prayer Temple
"Please pray for me and my family also my son Christman needs healing.
Thank you.
Blessings of Love,
Nov 24, 2010
Boniface left a comment on Spiritual Energy Healing
"Healing request for Christman for his highest of good. In need of healing, thank you.
Pray and send healing please.
Apr 10, 2010
Boniface left a comment on The Prayer Temple
"I wish for Christman to be healed, cleansed, to send away all of his negativity around and in him. That is a very important wish and prayer for me to see resolve, Others can pray also.
Thank you God.
Mar 26, 2010
Boniface replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Post your Healing Request In This Group in Spiritual Energy Healing
"Please pray & send healing energy to Christman who is in need of healing, cleansing or clearing so he can participate more and also enjoy life.
Thank you and much love,
Mar 26, 2010

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Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
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| SourceThe collective subconscious has shifted after many years of release and clearing. This changes our collective creation abilities, supporting new Source-informed unified creation which honors the higher trajectory and benefits the…
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  AncientAwakeningsI’ve come to be with you at this time, in this auspicious time, in this momentous time that you are approaching now. Not so much just for the eclipse that is about to happen, solar eclipse, but because of the shift, the change…
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"M.S. told me a long time ago. On this planet there is Light and there is Less Light. All of these ones are us. Both sides. Why do we have the Less Light? So that we can learn the lessons. We are going to be graduating as we do this. Thank you for…"
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"I agree. I thought it was a nothing berger. Chemtrails (I was taking pictures of them in 2004) were all over the place. Galactics are saying that they are coming soon. Are the chemtrails there so we can't see their ships?? Question. Can I post on…"
12 hours ago
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"So, what was the speech made by Farage, that the Euro elites wanted to cancel..??
See his National Conservatism speech, he eventually made, following the court ruling....It's lengthy, but worth your time, especially if you live in the EU...👏🏻…"
12 hours ago
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"✌🏻NATCON wins against lefty cancel culture, in Brussels....👏🏻Bravo, to all concerned...

"The REVOLUTION against cancel culture has STARTED - ‘This is a turning point!’ says Nigel Farage"

13 hours ago