• Peace be unto you!!!! I also love the Zeitgeist films; all the content in those films, I have heard the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan deliver to large audiences w/ a perfect blend of the science & spiritual!! (Man being fallen god & God being exalted man) He, not only teaches about the reality of the MotherPlane & the 1500 baby planes upon it (so-called 'UFO'), he also talks about his more than 'vision' like experience being taking aboard it & what was revealed to him on September 17, 1985 concerning a secret assassination attempt by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (when President Ronald Reagan was in office); that was the most expensive assassination attempt up til that point; which was against Muammar Gadhafi then. Every president since then (democrat & republican) has had a secret policy against an Islamic nation; from Reagan to Barak (in particular). (There
    The Zeitgeist info is so critical!!!!!!! Christ is not a name (someone's last). It's a function/ title. Like "attorney at law"; secretary of State; etc. We were told, concerning scripture, that these were history books about people 4,000; 2,000 years ago, so here we are looking back, when we should be looking within & looking around; SCRIPTure. Like a major SCRIPT to huge movie. We are living in the Last Days (of this old world) & we are living in a modern-day Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Sodom & Gomorrah all wrapped up in one. Christ (one anointed to crush the wicked rulers & to end this old Satanic world & usher in a new Reality/World/Age (the Kingdom of God on Earth)!! Everything on Zeitgeist, the Christ has to address & deal w/. So christ can't be used to hide from these issues & conditions. Speaking truth to power & willing to pay the price to end a Satanic world! Much peace & love
  • seen it almost 25 times the original and addendum! best message out if u ask me
    • Woow!! so much to learn and try to open my self to the divinity ans several spritual changes...
  • an understanding of onesselfthe inner earth is the understated statementsand the prophecy is thy holder to the truth now how did we get here?
  • I love them, and joined it several months back. :) They have been under heavy attack on Youtube, sinnce they bring out the religion conspiray. They are accused of being New World order and all that nonsense :(.
  • According to the orginal recorded scripture involving the "Word" of GOD we the people are all suns (energy emitters) that were made in reflection of the one god or creator source. These chips bother me because we all know about the involentary, and volentary innoculations agaisnt media spread hype (fear) and for this information to be held only by the "elite" contradicts the fact that all men are created equal, and therefore karma steps in and human civilization is faced with cosmic punishment (sickness, diesease, corruption, pollution, and deception) even if you take a neutral look at the earth and the effect of human existance we now see only part of the global destruction, remove humans from earth and what would you have, a pure earth spirit (Gia) with harmony. Now if earth was created "just" for humans if you take a look at history and our modern state most people would classify destruction as evil and creation as good. SO.. taking into the account of the modern collective concious, we should have not a new world order controlled by banks and "the elite" we should have global togetherness in which we can work together as one common organism to "FIX" these issues and also to reverse or at least reduce the damage we have created upon this planet. We Can purify water, we can use renewable energies, we can abolish inequities in society if everyone stops thinking about thier own self preservation and control for power. Just think, we didn't create (well at least I know I didn't) create this planet and organise atoms/particles objects so who says these things belong to us, Greed, power and control tells us this and some people take advantage of this, and this takes away from the rights of others. Just think, if for one day the bank decided not to collect interest those funds could be recycled and used for greater sources like purifying water, non renewable resources world hunger ect. Apparently we are on this earth with free will, but something stepped in and most of our our free will is now controlled by Media, Institutions, Money, Power, and the desire for material goods. Human emotions at least are controlled by these and now with microchips and transmitters there may be a greater force trying to absolve this free will. I guess its a good thing our magnetosphere is depleating because universal law is starting to step in and influence the planet. I feel a great sorrow in my love complex because my actions on this earth, all though, are ment in positive mannor may be actually used in a dark fashion by some force I have not yet experienced, but in the same sense I have an immense hope that eventually we will get "it" right and have the abilities of the one or one(s) who created the life force. How often do you speak to your neighbour?, next door, across the street, around the corner ect.. the fact is 10 000 years ago people had to work together to survive but were usually ruled by the elite, and now we have to ability with technology to all communicate across the globe, and still we see ourselves (most of us) as different/better/worse/ then other people so we are driven even further from each other when at this time we should be closer then ever. Some people have infected thier minds believing they are GODS and let them learn a valuble lesson when the world crumbles around them and they are left with nothing but darkness. Now these balanced people of whom are god-like are aware and have the power not to control and destroy our beautiful planet, but to create and heal the damage that has been done. Thank you for this video post, and thank you Ben-Arion for your site, that adds to the (solution) and not the problem. Much love and may the light guide those with open eyes
  • Excellent doc, I really enjoyed the concepts and messages in the film surrounding the Venus Project and the taking back personal agency. While the film does not overtly address spirituality, so much of the content can point one to a greater than human experience and that the truth is that we are all free. I think that if human consciousness on a mass scale were to shift, we could exist in the resource-based economy. At the end of the doc during their top ways to combat the order, it also highlights something important that many forget - we greatly outnumber the world's elite and minority of string pullers. If the people realized that they do have the power physically, as well as spiritually, our collective consciousness would usher in the end of dark friend control. We let ourselves be tricked into accepting the status quo, but we have free will and we can choose our paths.
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