From time to time people ask for recommendations for new artists or groups to listen to in terms of beautiful spiritual uplifting music. And whilst many people have heard of the more mainstream artists such as Enya, Yanni, Kitaro, Secret Garden and Medwyn Goodall etc i thought i should start a new post whereby you can add your favourite "spiritual" or "new age" or "uplifting music" here so that others could check out some new artists and benefit from that.


Some of my favourites in no particular order are:


2002 :  beautifully melodic new agey music

Aeoliah : music as if composed by the Angels

Scott Huckabay: this guy "channels" guitar and is often called the Trance Guitarist

Armik : flamenco guitar music with accompanying instruments - very happy, and upbeat and an amazing guitarist - guaranteed to make you feel good

Oliver Shanti and Friends - especially his Tai Chi Too album.

Medwyn Goodall  - many albums but i like Way of the Dolphin and Way of the Ocean

Deva Premal - one of the most beautiful female vocalists singing mostly Mantras in Sanskrit - very powerful and meditative!

Amethystium - upbeat new age sounds

Libera - young boys choir - absolutely heavenly - highly recommend them, will give you goosebumps!

Cantamus - a female version of Libera sort of - see above.

Lesiem - if you like a modern, Western and up-tempo CD of Monks singing that actually is great to listen to then this is one of the best male monk choir groups around.

Raphael - beautiful, gentle music

Nicholas Gunn - great modern Native American Indian influenced music.

Keiko Matsui - a Japanese piano player whose music is a combo of piano, jazz, new age etc but her stuff is very upbeat and the perfect background sounds that re very interesting and yet that you know nearly everyone will enjoy. Recommended.

Asha - male singer, often with guitar and syth etc...etc....very beautiful lyrics and songs!


Well, there's just a handful of mine, please add your own and let's learn about some great new musical artists from one another!


Bright Blessings!


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  • dead can dance

    jean michelle jarre

    tangerim dream(early stuff)




    • since we are on inspirational level :

      ....................how about hard-core vegan rap group Consolidated.

      ..................vegetarian Moby

      .....................incredible spiritual messages in music & lyrics from Yes, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer or King Crimson.

      ..................Mesmerizing musical genius from Kraftwerk

      ..................forever the best Pink Floyds, Beatels, Procol Harum, Cream and Hendrix.......Angels singing.

      ..................and new aggie bands like Delerium(aka~ Will~Front Line Assembly~Intermix), Legendary Pink Dots, Laibach (later works), and on and on.............................8115877866?profile=original

  • Robert Rich, Depeche Mode, Tool, pretty much all Ambient music, Phish..... so many I can't list here...

    Here is a beautiful piece from Robert Rich, "Fearless"   :)

    Depeche Mode.... Doesn't Ben Arion look like the lead singer?! :).... 

    • ben arion looks too young to pass for lead singer
      • Still... the resemblance is uncanny :)
  • Barron,

    It is good to know that you're inspired to post this. Music is a part of creativity..which feeds the soul.

    I'm very honored that our paths crossed and that you answered to 'my call' for synchronicity. I'm very blessed to have a spiritual friend like you...a part of your answer to me...is helping me ...on my journey to Shambhala.

    Shine one, Dear One...shine on bright.

    Love, Light and Blessings

    • Dear Agnes.

      You are most welcome. Over the next couple of days i shall post the book titles that i have that relate directly to Shambhala - some may be new to you.....  PS  Byt the way, have you ever visited Mt Shasta?

      Bright Blessings!


      PS  That is where i first heard Scott Huckabay play live.  Actualy also where i heard the master sound healer Jonathan Goldman play too and James Tywman perform!  And a few other very talented artists too at one of the late Dr Joshua David Stone Wesak celebrations there.

  • The Cruxshadows - A darkwave band. A lot of their music is inspiring and thought provoking. Highly recommend.
    • Great post Barron!!


      I like to chill out when I am really stressed working with people all day with Fridrik Karlsson, very soothing.. My favourite artist is possibly Beethoven and I love Tchaikovsky.. at the right time.

      I also love Ravi Shanker, amazing and..

      Deva Premal..

      Guo brothers, flute players absolutely beautiful, haunting..

      Paul Horn.

      ..and many others..


      With love


  • Barron,


    There is also SHEILA CHANDRA whose music is special and healing. She is an Indian born in Britain, so the music has definitive Indian Classical influence yet is of a world music genre. Her voice is powerful and directly appeals to the heart of you. You can start out with her album "ROOTS & WINGS".


    For those who like instrumental Indian classical - I would recommend listening to Hariprasad Chaurasia (renowned Indian flautist) especially his album - "SOUNDS OF SILENCE" It has three pieces and all totally mind blowing meditative music.

    I would also recommend listening to Prem Joshua's "SKY KISSES EARTH" <--- all Sitar renditions.

    And of course there is Pandit Ravi Shankar's - "CHANTS OF INDIA" (it includes a George Harrison track). My favourite of this album is the last song at the end titled "Prabhujee"


    I also like Krishna Das - my most favourite of his bhajans is "Har Har Mahadeo Shambho".



    with intent,
    much love, light and laughter,


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