From time to time people ask for recommendations for new artists or groups to listen to in terms of beautiful spiritual uplifting music. And whilst many people have heard of the more mainstream artists such as Enya, Yanni, Kitaro, Secret Garden and Medwyn Goodall etc i thought i should start a new post whereby you can add your favourite "spiritual" or "new age" or "uplifting music" here so that others could check out some new artists and benefit from that.


Some of my favourites in no particular order are:


2002 :  beautifully melodic new agey music

Aeoliah : music as if composed by the Angels

Scott Huckabay: this guy "channels" guitar and is often called the Trance Guitarist

Armik : flamenco guitar music with accompanying instruments - very happy, and upbeat and an amazing guitarist - guaranteed to make you feel good

Oliver Shanti and Friends - especially his Tai Chi Too album.

Medwyn Goodall  - many albums but i like Way of the Dolphin and Way of the Ocean

Deva Premal - one of the most beautiful female vocalists singing mostly Mantras in Sanskrit - very powerful and meditative!

Amethystium - upbeat new age sounds

Libera - young boys choir - absolutely heavenly - highly recommend them, will give you goosebumps!

Cantamus - a female version of Libera sort of - see above.

Lesiem - if you like a modern, Western and up-tempo CD of Monks singing that actually is great to listen to then this is one of the best male monk choir groups around.

Raphael - beautiful, gentle music

Nicholas Gunn - great modern Native American Indian influenced music.

Keiko Matsui - a Japanese piano player whose music is a combo of piano, jazz, new age etc but her stuff is very upbeat and the perfect background sounds that re very interesting and yet that you know nearly everyone will enjoy. Recommended.

Asha - male singer, often with guitar and syth etc...etc....very beautiful lyrics and songs!


Well, there's just a handful of mine, please add your own and let's learn about some great new musical artists from one another!


Bright Blessings!


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  • That makes the two of us the Reiz! I'm not a major fan, but I do thoroughly enjoy their music! =)
  • The Amorphous Androgynous are a fave of mine atm. And so is Scott Matthews! And always Moloko, any kind of trance music and house music from the late 80's up until the late 90's.


  • it's just a bit of fun we're having to lighten the mood, taking the mickey.
  • Frou Frou - Let Go.


    drink up, baby down
    mmm, are you in or are you out
    leave your things behind
    'cause it's all going off without you
    excuse me, too busy you're writing your tragedy
    these mishaps
    you bubble wrap
    when you've no idea what you're like

    so let go, jump in
    oh well, whatcha waiting for
    it's alright
    'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
    so let go, just get in
    oh, it's so amazing here
    it's alright
    'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

    it gains the more it gives
    and then it rises with the fall
    so hand me that remote
    can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow

    such boundless pleasure
    we've no time for later now
    you can't await your own arrival
    you've 20 seconds to comply

    so let go, jump in
    oh well, whatcha waiting for
    it's alright
    'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
    so let go, just get in
    oh, it's so amazing here
    it's alright
    'cause there's beauty in the breakdown
  • About people talking about me without my knowledge......or say it's thought, so I have my little black book out and I'm making notes of names, dates and what was said, revenge is a dish best served cold.

    I was just joking with Soul in chains and am happy the joke was understood!

    Still want to challenge me to that duel? We can test your razor sharp intellect & lightning responses. lol.

  • Mechanical time has already collapsed and is obsolete, even the atomic clocks are not accurate anymore and have to be constantly adjusted.............system failure or matrix implosion is imminent indeed.


    I think they'll feel more than a little lost cos the economy is headed down the same route as time...collapsing.


    I think a few bombs are in order to bring in the new age....."love" bombs that is! c'mon everyone enjoys a good bang now and then lol.

  • I'm skulking about and making notes! lol
  • Florence and the machine, there's a lot of life in her music.


    Also lots of soundtracks, they make my imagination run! My favorite composers are Clint Mansell, Yann Tiersen and Hans Zimmer.

  • Hi Barron,


    I like your list. :) Here are a few I can share.


    Snatum Kaur


    Liquid Mind

    Source Vibrations

    Carlos Nakai

    Johannes Linstead

    Amr Diab

    Sri Chinmoy

    Michael Jackson

    Stevie Wonder

    Xiao Ying

    Chris Spheeris

  • I love 'First of May' - Keith...my days of growing up and roaming the grounds filled with tall grasses ..dreaming of a home by the river with lots of fruit trees, flowers and beautiful warm sunshine.
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