This is part 5 in the series, Becoming the Planetary Human


Solar Time lord, Valiant Ashtar Kumara


V:  The inner sun has burned in men (mankind/womankind) always, but for very long, its self-awareness has been tangled up with survival.


There have been many, who, having awakened and gestated in higher realms were drawn to Earth to contribute to the awakening of its soulstar.


S: Jesus, the Dalai Lama, Mohammed?


V: Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Joshua David Stone, the beautiful and incomparable Alice Bailey, soul sister of Helena Blavatsky. On and on I could go. This realm of those shining from inner purpose to give freedom to Earth and all beings there are simply, legions.


And yet, there never were so many of them as there are, on Earth now, being born across all the dimensions of time at once. All those of the past were linked, very securely, to what is your present. You are their future selves. Please let your tight hold, circumscribing what you call identity, loosen, and look at what you value. These values are your personality in motion. Values unite you across timespace. Values are the rivers of consciousness.


Seeing and participating in your experience of life as unfolding greater and greater connections to value is an energetic enterprise, and your greater identity is your alliances, your alignments. That is why one must be capable to observe the path one’s own awareness is, taking time and granting space to feel their circulation around their inner sun.


Oh, Starflower, I can sense your eyes glazing over here with all the dizzying implications. That is unnecessary. The inner sunlight creates personal electromagnetic relationship. You embody that relationship.


Now, the entire outer Earth realm is awakening to ensoulment. You will find life itself to be unending treasure, precious adventure, and stellar practices of consciousness opening up within the planetary body of mankind, like springs pouring forth from a thaw.


While the mental grounds will slip and move under your feet, you will come to a new land of your self value, and emotional landscape of sounded light that IN- flows light.


S: In- flows …. light?


V: You will breathe your own awareness, and it will feed you. Gradually, you will establish preferred methods of imbibing light from (sharing with) one another.


These could be a group consciousness garden, a celebration, a collectively shared emotional art, whatever it will be, it will be love calling out to itself, being answered, joining and making in light.


S: Many will think they already know what this means, referring to a previous system of reference, and I sense that is … something to look through, not directly at. For example, I imagine someone saying, I’m now going to be nourished by light? I still eat food, so I’m not there, yet. Then, the desire to not need food becomes attached to a thought stream as, there must be some need for food to overcome.


V: Food is as much a metaphor as any other part of essence. All you truly exist in, is divine essence, taking the form of your expectations.


I hope you will share this (responding to my hesitancy) because the words, inner sun, may be all that is heard, and these will bring a sound forth into the mind of man. That is more than enough.


We explore together from what is known. That is not the only way to think, dear girl.


The number who focus within is growing, like the sun rising in your inner sky.


The inner sun is a star of relationship between all realms (all energies) moving through a planetary being. When these energies begin to harmonize and self-sustain the planet, they shine as an inner sun.


This is the sun that shines and illuminates your inner Earth. Now, inner Earth emerges, and its power source is the inner sun.


S: Is the inner sun, the Earthstar?


V: We will come to that.


You have read many messages that express a message where people are taken into inner Earth chambers that will restore them to Full Consciousness. Perhaps if you look at these thoughts’ essence, you will see what is everywhere happening.


People are self-revealing the light of their own relationship to the inner sun. As these thoughts spark and weave together into the collective mind, more self-awareness, more inner light is generated.


People build around themselves, filters of awareness. You call them bodies. Your bodies have vision in every cell. There are many eyes and many voices being spoken in your bodymind. You each, filter them to suit your desires, your intentions, your hotwires to the soulstar.


So, your chambers are already installed. You will learn how to operate them. You will give your values to the Earth through your days of action together, whether it be petting your cat, writing a friend, walking and working in the world, assisting an elder or stranger. Your life is a beautiful story of moments, little one.


And you will live, be manifesting the lighted life you call inner Earth, TOGETHER.


In-out, up-down, past-future, ahead-behind, and many other “space” words can be brought together like ends of an axis when you look and know, as values in the One Body of Life. There is no stopping this evolution.


S: I read some saying that the human race is close to extinction. That makes no sense, cosmically; not because we have done good or bad, but because we are a part of the whole, speaking to itself.


V: The point of view, speaks as if it has a body to protect, sometimes. The point of view that your bodies of skin, bone and blood as you understand them, as if they must remain the same, be protected from change is a consequence of linear sequence ideation.


This is similarly done in mind when one assigns value to a body of belief that constricts the body of belief from adapting into greater harmonic form.


Everything breathes in the Body of Life, and when you walk in Nature, you see this breathing of energy as the body of Nature.


Have you noticed how when you appreciate or reverence some aspect of nature, you suddenly feel connected? You expand into the love that Nature breathes. You see life working together with life. You feel peace. You feel holy.


S: Oh, yes!


V: It is that communion that sparks the body of light in the local realm, your inner sun shining as you. Very subtle this is, but with intentional practice, very tangible.


In the light of the inner sun, your true nature as cosmic awareness will reveal itself. (smiles) It will reveal itself as You.


S: Oh, the hard part! That’s why you’re smiling.


V: The agony of self-doubt, the suffering of self-denial, these shadows created are just a part of understanding holy creation. It is normal to mistake a part for the whole. Every part has a truth to tell.


And I’m smiling because your hard parts are only love that was frozen inside you. The inner sun rises and you are all, thawing out.


S: I’d like to expand a summary of some of your points. We have naturally ascribed to matter, a feature of permanence. Our world of ideas reflects this too, by ascribing to systems of belief, a feature of permanence.


In a way, we were exploring our own inner realms, but we did this rather slowly. We called this, living on Earth, reincarnating across time.


Yet, I think you are saying that the values behind the web of lives, (hmm… I just saw that “lies” is “lives” without v, value!) experiences we have had are where awareness creates, at an edge with and in reflections from other awarenesses.


Perhaps it could be said that rather than being a mind in a body in a life on the crust of a planet, we are a body of timespace experience that emerges through the core of a planetary life, which has greater system connections, galactic and cosmic.


We are patterns of energy in motion within greater systems of energy. Self-awareness becomes a continuous form of re-birth into greater spheres or wholes of awareness.


From moment to moment, we join our awareness to divine essences, everywhere around us. And our “body of awareness” grows each time, feeding itself off of love, like the nuclear fusion reaction that causes stars to shine.


You redefine us as part of an inner star, the inner sun. I think that must be what we call, the Earthstar. You also say that the metaphors for our change are already there for us. We just will learn and choose how to operate them.


V: Starflowers, you all are. This is a time for great joy. You are birthing your selves into the light that has always been, and at the same time, always includes new memories. I know you fear being misunderstood, little one. This is natural when you define right vs. wrong, and yet, it is this very truth that is about to energize all. All you value is connected together. All you value fills you with lovelight. No more do you need to consume only the right food of any outer appearance. You have reached a point where your inner light has turned to see, itself. Yes, there will be times when what you see is startling and intense, but know that you were never alone in this creation. And with the expansion of your starlight will come great bliss for which you are prepared by intensity. Many of your old ways of thinking will be forgotten while you learn to be at the crest of the energies of stellar exchanges, riding the breath of the I Am. I will close now by saying that metaphor is energy in motion. Ponder your life as metaphors and you will travel while enlarging the space of your now creation. Your values never desert you, but act like the fluid of circulation for your many, many journeys around the inner sun.



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  • I recognize that this could well have been titled, Entering the Value of Your Life as Living Metaphor, and that each of us will translate our self ignition as light body in infinite ways. Joy to your experience unfolding!

    Lyndy Starflower

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