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Public Channeling from Sananda’s Eagles
Gaia /Gaiamma / Mother Earth / Shan
Through the Body of Debbie Wright

Gaiamma: I would like to introduce myself. You may call me Gay-AH’-
mah. That is the closest thing to a name that I will allow myself
to have. <grin> But you know me by another name. If you were to
spell my name that I just gave you, how would you spell it?  Gay-
AH’-mah. Now, does any of that sound familiar? You know me well.
Think. You mispronounce the name you know me by, however. I’ll
give you a hint. ‘Ahma’…do you know what ‘Ahma’ means?

Guest: Mother.

Gaiamma: Yes, ‘mother’. Gay-AH’-mah.

Group: Gaia… Mother Earth.

Gaiamma: Very good. <grin> But it is Gay-AH’-mah. You might say
that I am the one that you do not wish to fool [Mother Nature], and

it is very welcoming for me to be ‘Light’ like this, in a body.
This is the Lightness of Being. It is ME that you have felt in the
canyons, the prairies, the mountains, the shores... Guess where I
get MY life from? From…the one you call Wisdom [Feminine Aspect of
God]. She is MY mother, and I am YOUR mother…at least the mother of

your bodies…and I came to ask you to be clear on intentions.

Gaiamma: Be clear on what you are ‘saying’. You ask for water;
‘I’ give you water. Maybe not the way you wanted it, but I am
attempting to prove a point. You wish wind? I give you wind. You
wish water? I give you water. The water that you love so much…it
isn’t the water you love, it’s ME in the water. Can we understand?
But, you see, I’m in here, I’m in here, and I’m in here [points to
various inanimate objects]. I’m in fire [points to a candle]. But
the thing you have to understand is, this [the physical body] is
nothing but ‘me’. I contain you and you contain me. It’s that
simple. Your contract to be here [Earth] is with/in me. For every
one of you that chose to come for my Call, you contracted through
me. I gave my approval for each and every one of you…because you
came. I have protected you how many times?

Guests: More times than we can count.

Gaiamma: All of my gifts are available for you when you remember
that you’re here for ‘me’. And when you get angry, as all mothers,
I nod, I sigh, but I constantly love, I constantly protect. You
have your freewill choice, this I know. But I have sacred places
that have to be cleansed, and every time you got angry, the healing

can’t take place. Only joy, love, laughter and gratitude for the
Lightness of Being that you are can heal the spots that have been
damaged. You’ve ALL done well, as long as you enjoy what you
are/were doing, and there are other spots that need just as much

All I ask you is -- for each spot that you hold sacred during your
lightwork -- bring a piece back with you, whether it be a container

of water, a pouch of dirt, a rock, a plant, a seed, it doesn’t
matter. But before you leave, take a piece of that area with you
when you go to remind you of your LIGHTWORK. I ask you to pick one
piece from where you went today, one piece from that place [the
other canyon] and keep them with you to remind you of the areas
that need the most work because, as you are seeing, places that
many hold dear are currently being destroyed.

Destruction has to happen. Not the children…some have contracted to

go, that is not my choice. But for every place that gets destroyed,

a NEW EDEN must be prepared: Plants and Animals and Spirits in
bodies need a *livable* Home. You are being forced to live in places
that have become comfortable yet…the resources are gone...

The PORTALS that you are feeling/seeing/experiencing aren't what’s
important; what’s important is the life teeming underneath the
surface begging to be released, to flourish once again. Do you

If you choose not to do your LIGHTWORKER MISSIONS, someone else
will be chosen.  Do what you need to do, and do not change
your mind…go. Go and get the pieces of the places that you hold
dear, taking with you the desert that still needs you more, and
bring those pieces of those sacred fertile places back to the
desert with you. You and the others like you are the Gardeners;
you’re the ones that will make the desert grow. That is your
Contract with me. The areas that you love so much, visit, embrace,
hold dear, and take pieces with you but do not stay longer than one
of your years…or you might die with it.

And I will put the question in your mind…that does not mean there
was a prophecy from me…it’s just a warning for ‘you’. Understand?
[yes] The wings of a butterfly can cause a hurricane halfway around
the world. One man on a mission, pushing his destiny beyond what is
ordained into what he chooses, can stop the world from spinning.
Oooh…do you think that will get him? <grin> I need you…and you, ALL
of you. Each and every one of you, when you walk upon the face of
‘me’…rejoice, because if you rejoice as you walk you keep me from
dying. I am dying…and that was not supposed to happen. Only when my
children…and I mean ALL of my children…can embrace ‘me’ as
‘themselves’, can I once again flourish in health.

Look at me…do you think I wish to be incinerated in order to purify
all the wrong that has been done? I’ve given all of you once last
chance, but PLEASE do not say that I have to live with the scars
that have been inflicted upon me. Do not feel like you have a RIGHT
to pray that I STOP the changes that inflict even MORE damage on me
and on my children. The waste that gets pumped out of the oceans
[referring to oil derricks] was killing life that you don’t even
consider to be ‘life’. Shall I give you clarity? One machine on a
platform in a sea pumping oil kills MILLIONS of lifeforms A
DAY…thus ends the cycle, because when you can’t even perceive these
lifeforms with the naked eye, to you they don’t exist, but to other
lifeforms it’s their food. You kill off their food; you kill off
them. You kill off them; you kill off the next lifeform that feeds
on them. You kill off them…and it continues on.

And you think you’re smart enough to stop it by killing off what
you deem to be ‘predators’? Mankind has become the greatest
predator in history. Is that something to be proud of? You prey on
lifeforms that you don’t even know you’re annihilating! And every
extinction is another mortal wound to ‘me’. An amputation. Enjoy
your fingers, your toes, you arms, and your legs. If I had a body
like you, right now I would be down to a head with a trunk, nothing
more. I wouldn’t even have a nose or ears or eyelids.

It’s got to stop! If it can stop, I can regenerate. Your bodies can
regenerate because you are a part of ‘me’. If it can stop, I can
regenerate. Forget about thinking that you have to go back through
and correct the past, just stop the future killings! The
beasts…they were the most intelligent beasts on the face of
‘me’…they’re dying, they are almost gone, and humanity looks stupid
compared to them. As soon as they ARE gone, that is when I will
give up. And they are the ones you know of as the WHALES. When the
last one leaves…I will die. [to guest] I did not come to make you
feel bad; I came to thank you. I came to thank you for what you’ve
already done, and I BEG you to finish your lightwork. [softly

Guest: What can those of us sitting here do…starting today?

Gaiamma: Walk upon my skin with love, walk upon my skin with joy
and happiness, and a little compassion wouldn’t hurt. I would never
oppose and impose upon you to cease what gives you comfort, just be
aware of the comforts you have that cause the damage to ME. For you
see, I don’t ask you to worship me, I’m not a ‘god/dess’, I ask you
to ‘respect’ me. That’s it...

Respect all life upon me because it is nothing but an extension of
‘me’. Quit thinking ‘singularly’, that humans are the only life
here. Love the rocks…they are ‘me’; love the plants…they are ‘me’.
The fish, the birds, the tiniest of insects…they are all ‘me’. Your
bodies have certain specific chemicals within them that make you
function. If you lose some of these chemicals, you become
unbalanced. Each one of my lifeforms are my chemicals…and I am very
out of balance right now. And when too much is being done to me in
one place, that can cause irreparable harm, then and only then do I
have a right to unleash what you perceive to be my fury, when in
actuality, it’s nothing more than a defensive action to preserve
all life, not just mine.

Guest: Have [the tornadoes, storms, and earthquake cycles
presently] helped?

Gaiamma: Helped? It stopped something from going on that has been
causing too much harm, and it wasn’t just in that one place. You
haven’t even begun to hear of the damage that was done. I believe
you call them ‘oil derricks’, that now no longer exist.
Unfortunately, it polluted the water and more of the fish had to
die. Fortunately, there are migration patterns that most of these
aquatic creatures follow that caused them to be out of the area at
the time. <grin> There were other creatures that…they do not
‘hear’, they feel motion in their brains…and the signals were given
to them to leave before they were meant to leave. <chuckle>
I have the capacity of ‘gumming up the works’ with ‘parts of me’.
Lower lifeforms can be used for many, many advantageous moves.
<grin> Let us say you scratch yourself, you’re out in nature,
you’re dirty and you want to clean it but you have no water
available. [demonstrates cleaning with saliva]. I can use jellyfish

in the same manner. <grin> [referring to the recent nuclear energy
leaks] Because the part you will never know is, that reactor was
going to blow anyway…through human error. It was already dispensing

far too much radiation, so the works get ‘gummed up’ a bit to make
them do what needs to be done.

I will guarantee you one thing…no matter how smart humanity thinks
they are, you see ‘my’ intelligence on a daily basis if you just
pay attention to it. It’s in the tiniest ant that can carry 1000
times its own weight upon its back, for the good of the colony; the
dog that can lick your wound and make it better faster than your
scientists’ antibiotics can. Bottle dog saliva; it will work every
time. <grin> They have their purpose. Everything that I have gifted
to you has a purpose. So, therefore, to respect, how about a little
bit of gratitude to each of those lifeforms when you encounter
them? It’s that simple...

You say you have AWAKENED TO YOUR CALL,
that you’re doing your work. ARE YOU? ARE YOU REALLY?

Gaiamma: I’m telling you to get pieces of places that you hold
dear and bring them back with you for THIS place. The water that
you love so much…bring some back here and put it in a place that
doesn’t have water. I believe you call it ‘transplant’. Transplant
a fertile energy into a non-fertile energy and see what happens!
And you CAN, because some of the places that you hold
near and dear, now need healing, too. And when you see them, and
you see the way that they are NOW as opposed to how they were
‘then’, take your shoes off, dig your toes in the dirt and love it,
and then bring a piece of it back with you.

You’re going back to look with brand new eyes. See the devastation;

that’s how you need to see it NOW because it is one of those places

that are causing too much harm. Not the exact places that you go
but that’s mighty big water and there’s a lot of nasty things that
go into that water. You know what I mean. And it WILL stop! But you

have to go back for ‘you’. And when I ask you to DO YOUR LIGHTWORK,

I ask with joy... many of you have ever talked to your plants?
Do you notice a difference? What difference?

Guest: They brighten up; flourish.

Gaiamma: Do you think that they don’t feel the love? When you talk
to your plants you are acknowledging your plant as an intelligent
Being, a friend. You’re showing it ‘respect’. Now, how many of you
had a ‘pet rock’? <grin> And you talk to it, and you feel the love
coming back off of it? There you have it; I show you love all the
time, all I ask is that you show me love...respect. I don’t blame
YOU for what’s been done. Now…some of you I can blame because you
were here before…many, many times. So, yes, some of you did
contribute. I’m alive. I’m a living, breathing entity that gives
you the ability to live while you’re a part of me. That’s all I
ask…explain it [to others]. There are too many that take advantage
of me on a daily basis, that refuse to even acknowledge that I’m
alive! If I’m not alive, how do they live? The stupidity must stop.

THE IGNORANCE MUST STOP. The matricide must stop. If ‘I’ die, we
all die together. And the only clue I can give you is…watch the
whales. The last whale that dies signals your death and the death
of everyone that is a part of me. This tells you where we should
start... [...]

Gaiamma: use your intentions with my name, that is all you need. As

you throw crystals in the water, say my name…Gay-AH’-mah. You want
to program a rock to do something for you? Say my name. You wish
your garden to flourish? Say my name. Understand?

If you spread the word and you tell people to take [any] crystals,
to put them into the oceans and the seas, to start bringing back
life that is failing, tell them…as they put the crystals in the
water to say my name 3 times aloud. That will tell the crystals
EXACTLY what they’re there to do. EXACTLY! Understand?

Gaiamma: Remember my real name: G-a-i-a-m-m-a There are some that
spell it Gayama, but they’ve always forgotten the ‘mama’ part.
<grin> They say ‘GUY’uh’, but it’s Gay’AH’mah. It means Earth
Mother. This ‘rock’ is ‘me’.

**ALL** I ask is that you let everyone know…I’m alive. Barely,
but I’m alive. G-a-i-a-m-m-a is alive. [...  ...]

All you have to do is find your voice, the voice of many can be
heard far above the ravings of a few. Did you get that…the ravings
of a few? Because when you have someone that is fighting a war to
gain access to the oil, who already HAS access to the oil,
and then tells you that you have to pay more for it anyway,
you believe it. Stop believing it! [...   ...]

Gaiamma: I cannot do ALL of your thinking for you. I can tell you
the problems, which you already know exists! All I ask is to do
SOMETHING! Because when you put action into doing something, that
is that ‘every little bit’ that helps! THAT is a voice, a voice
crying out in the madness, saying “Excuse me, you’re killing my
mother, and I refuse to participate!” That’s why you’re here

Gaiamma: I have sat back and
waited for the help, waited for the voices. And, yes, there are a
‘few’, there are those few voices that have kept me alive for this

Janisel: Is Greenpeace effective?

Gaiamma: Yes, of course. If nothing else, they have saved the
whales up until now. They are a laughing stock, yet they continue
on. They have been BOMBED and they continue on. All I ask is that
you use your voice in whatever manner possible. Spread the word,
whales! Those are the only sign I can give you. You eat tuna?
You are supporting those that kill the whales. [...   ...]

THIS SOLAR SYSTEM?????? How much longer can it withstand that? How
more planets can die before you learn? That’s why your sun is so
out of balance right now…it can’t sustain too many more dead
planets. That’s what a solar system is, it is an ecosystem just
like the ecosystem in the ocean that I told you is being destroyed,

and you’re allowing it to happen again. As I said, I am not blaming

you as you are NOW; you, NOW, are the ones that came to stop the
problem. STOP THE PROBLEM…I’M BEGGING!!! Whether you think it’s an
‘efficient’ way to stop the problem or not, it does not matter, but

it has to stop. [crying] Think of yourself as a mother…would you
sacrifice yourself for your children?

Group: Yes

Gaiamma: As would I. But the thing about it is, if I sacrifice
myself, all my children die anyway! And I have been sacrificing
myself for far too long. The only thing you need to concern
yourself with is, I have been sustaining life here for longer than
even your scientists want to imagine, and it’s only been in the
last 100 years, just the last 100 years that the death throes have
been inflicted. That’s only 100 years that you have to stop.

Guest: Would the voices from the humans reach the Ascended Masters
and other Forces of Light…would that…

Gaiamma: They are waiting for you! They have to wait for you!
They’ve been telling you all along that you’re here to save ‘me’.
You’re not here to save ‘me’, you’re here to save me and all my
children…and you are my children while you are here. So, you’re
here to save yourselves. You’re here to save the plants, ALL
lifeforms, but you’re also here to save the solar system. Because,
if I die, your sun will not be able to sustain the rest of this
solar system…and it WILL cause a black hole. That’s what they
[Ascended Masters and Space Brotherhood] have been scared to tell
you because they don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. I’m grasping
at straws. I’m grasping with fingernails that have been chewed to
the quick, attempting to do anything and everything I can to send
you signs, to show you paths to take, to give you what you asked
for. OK, I go a little bit overboard every once in awhile. You
asked for water, I gave you a raging river; you ask for rocks and I

give you mountains.

OK, I overindulge for those who help me...It has not been me that
allowed too much to happen, I don’t care if you feel that your
voice can’t be loud enough or important enough, but it WILL be if
you all have ONE VOICE together. How many times have you been told
to come together? How many times have you been told? Come together
and say what?

Group: Gay-AH’-mah. [three times to heal anything and everything]
[...   ...]

Gaiamma: I know that some will read this and think it’s
horrid that I come in and talk to you right after [all  hurricanes,
earthquakes and nuclear problems] has/have happened, but that’s OK.

Sometimes Truth is a very bitter pill to swallow. And when some
things are happening, it is being done for preservation. And,
please, I beg of you, if you’re going to say prayers for a
hurricane or a tornado or an earthquake or a tidal wave, pray for
those that have to suffer the inconvenience of it.

You do not have the right to change the course, the intensity, or
the direction. PLEASE, PLEASE bear in mind…it’s not nice to mess
with Mother Nature. <grin> Next time she might make sure that
you’re in the next area. [...   ...]

Gaiamma: The weather and nature is guided by ‘me’. And trust me:
I am far more intelligent than humans. Now, you may call
that ‘ego’, but please say that it’s a planetary-sized ego. <grin>
[...   ...]

Gaiamma: Oh, wait until you try to explain to them how you knew.
<grin> “Oh, excuse me, I was talking to Earth, and she told me all
about it”. The sixth one will be up and working within the
next…before the snow falls.

Gaiamma: OK…now, let’s be very, very non-ambiguous here, shall we?
you remember my little saying ? [It’s not nice to
mess with Mother Nature] Trust me, the reason they keep building
them is they’re trying to find a place where I can’t strike back
first. Because storms, earthquakes, tsunami’s…they’re MINE, and NO
one tells THIS one how to play the game.

When something [weather, etc] like that hits, it’s because
there’s something worse that was there and it needed to be cleaned.

That’s all you need to know. Whether you trust it or not is
completely up to you, but you MUST understand…WHEN
THE LAST WHALE DIES, so does the solar system. [... ...]

Gaiamma: Some parting words...

Walk barefoot and I will tickle your feet. <grin>
Fear will magnetize. Walk barefoot and you will be safe as long as
you are in joy.

Guests: Thank you.

[End of transmission.]

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  • Thank you for posting this J`Tariah En Ra El !

    • Thank you all for replying! Mother Earth LOVES you. I hope you all can do what you can to bring more light to Mother Earth now through your awakened states. Love and Light! 

  • :'(

    I did not press the like button. I don't like mother earth having to suffer or even die at all!

    I love you Mother Earth! I wished I could more effectively help you!!

    I'm donating money for animals. This is the least I can do to help you.

    I'm giving my political vote for an environmently friendly party.

    Please use your own voice, Mother Earth, and pledge for the Galactic Federation to decloak their ships NOW! This would make all the lies crumple down all together! It would jump start the public re-discovery of free energy technology which then could easily replace nuklear fission planet wide! Pledge for instant decloakings, Dear <3 Gaiamma!! <3

    • Thank you all for replying! Mother Earth LOVES you. I hope you all can do what you can to bring more light to Mother Earth now through your awakened states. Love and Light! 

  • It may be an old post, but it is still true. A quick check on Google will show.

    "The statistics say it all. The blue whales of the Antarctic are at less than 1 percent of their original abundance, despite 40 years of complete protection. Some populations of whales are recovering but some are not.

    Only one population, the East Pacific grey whale, is thought to have recovered to its original abundance, but the closely related West Pacific grey whale population is the most endangered in the world. It hovers on the edge of extinction with just over 100 remaining."


    Human beings are currently causing the greatest
    mass extinction of species since the extinction of
    the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. If present trends
    continue one half of all species of life on earth will
    be extinct in less than 100 years, as a result of
    habitat destruction, pollution, invasive species,
    and climate change. 

    This is not a time to be set in our ways, continue in our old ways, or allow wrongs to continue. It is a time to change and if we do not. Then it is we who do not deserve Gay-AH’-mah. However, Gay-AH’-mah deserved better than what she got in us. We have been told many times that we do not understand our power here and our importance here. It is time to acknowledge our importance and our gratitude by being better stewards of the beings that sustain us and give us life.

    • "It is a time to change and if we do not. Then it is we who do not deserve Gay-AH’-mah."

       - Sadly this is true indeed.

    • You can thank the Japanese for that. And yes, the whales, dolphins and mermaids will prevail with the will of GOD.

  • I send healing energy to you and this planet - and the Universe and everything beyond!  We shall prevail.  We should always have compassion for this planet, each other, and ourselves.


  • Hi tariah, gaia is no dieing being.. she is an immortal powerful goddess. I have been working with many councils, ascended masters and star beings to help empower her and saw a rainbow appear around me. This is also a old post from 2004

    • Please look up the word ascending and ascended.

This reply was deleted.

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