why is that oh that right they wanna sell your saveinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB_FQpxFj5E&feature=colike account for bailout click on this link and call for nationwide bank account for the people and  by the people we need to put in en of this greed 

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  • Thanks Kat, I found the experience very annoying and even a bit threatening.  I am so very happy at my small town credit union.  It is much better, no fees for checking, and they pay interest on checking and savings as well, which amazed me, and although I did not get their credit card, the interest rate on it was lower than Capital One,  where I have two credit cards....

    Cap. One was a pain in the ass too....I thought if I paid off the balance and sent them an email to customer service that said I wanted to close the credit cards out, that that would get them closed out..I never heard anything back so I just assumed they were closed. .A couple of months after I paid them off I got a notice saying my payments were late.  I called them because when I paid them off I should not owe them a cent, and because I had paid off the balances they charged me a whole years annual fee on each and two months late charges on each.....and never let me know about owning annual fees till two months later so they could rack up late payment charges.... the toads....I had just paid the annual fees in January this year so in effect, for paying off my balances they punished me two months late fees totalling 70 bucks and two 45 buck annual fees that should not have been due till Jan 2013.  I argued with them like hell on the phone, and said if anything they owed ME.  They ended up erasing the late fees and the annual fees if I would keep the credit cards active.....what coersion....but I do like having a couple of cards with money available just in case some emergency comes up that requires more cash than I usually have.  just made me mad that they try to punish you for paying off your cards...also I found out that when you pay off a balance on a credit card that it actually LOWERS your credit score...which in my mind makes no sense whatsoever...

     Well I feel better now venting about the evil 3 D banking industry and all their hinkiness, lol...You have a beautiful day today too... 

  • I think there may be a law that prevents a person from closing an account. If your a surety for the bank and you attempt to close out, it can be looked on as a default of your trusted position

    • a surety is someone who vouches for someone else, like when you bail someone out of jail you become the surety.

      so if a person supported a bank as a surety until they find out the bank was fraudulent and decides to removes their assurance by removing their financial support this is the banks fault, much like if you were the criminal and violated your bail terms the surety can sever the link with you and a warrant is issued for your arrest again.

      it really helps if you understand the terminology to understand the situation.

    • That is completely untrue and I challenge you to prove me wrong.

      • @Preparer.."think" and "may" are words of uncertainty..no need to prove anything ..it was called an educated guess..

        but i do believe if the bank does not breach its contract and investors attempt to remove the money, the bank MAY have some legal recourse

    • I hate to disagree but that is not true.  I already checked that out.....

  • so? truth requires no agreeance.

    • you're right One, there's no law against closing bank accounts but there is a ordinance for disturbing peace...........................

  • these people were arrested for creating a disturbance in the bank.  the people not allowed in were because they were creating a disturbance before even getting in the bank

    if these people had brain cells equivalent to their ages they would have just walked in and closed their accounts and not made a big fuss.

    there are no laws against closing your bank accounts, there ARE laws against disturbing the peace

  • oh u know what ... the bank stinks... i argued with mine the other day and they offered me money to shut me up... talk about bribery lol

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