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HEAVEN #3607
You Are Vastness,
October 10, 2010

God said:

All is well with the world. Underlying the overlay of the shaky relativeworld lies a deep unshakable foundation. We can call it Being. You area heavyweight of Being, and the eruptive relative world does not andcannot touch the value of your Being. You have a foundation that isstronger than the strong, vaster than the vast, and that means you arevast too. You are far more than your strivings in the relative world,far more than your dreams, far more than your daily existence. Being ismuch more than existence. Existence is one-layered. Being is pureVastness.

There are no boundaries to Vastness. If there were, then Vastness would not be.

In your case, the boundaries you perceive are not. Your vision has blockedoff Vastness, most especially as it would apply to yourself. Startpicturing yourself in a vaster way, an unlimited way, a way filled withlimitless possibilities. Right where you are, without moving an inch,you can travel far. You can take leaps and bounds. It is not reallythat you can transform yourself. What you can do is bring your alreadySelf and bring it out into the open. As you begin to see yourself, youbegin to see your Vastness. Your Vastness breaks the bank of yourlong-held disregard of yourself.

You are of a noble lineage. Your lineage is who you are, not yoursituation, not your caterwauling, not what someone else thinks of you.

You are My descendent. You are Myself full-blown on Earth. You are greaterthan Earth. You are bigger than the big. You are immeasurable. Begin topaint a picture of yourself that is closer to the Truth. You are apearl on Earth. According to your impression, from a sow’s ear abeautiful purse was made. Open this purse of yourself and see what youare made of.

Your greatest ambitions have been too small because your greatest ambitionswere based on false perception. You are a victim of your own con. Youmilked yourself out of a huge fortune. This is not fate, beloveds. Youmay have been compelled to cheat yourself. That does not mean that youare compelled to continue in that mode. You are not compelled. You hadan unfortunate dream, a dream from which you now awaken. Perhaps youhave even been rudely awakened from that continuous dream you had. Itwas only a dream. Even if the dream is ongoing, it is nevertheless onlya dream in your sleep. Wake up, and the dream is gone. Remember Truth,not sleeping dream.

Of course, dream of your other dreams of magnificence. In this case, dreambig enough. Break through the boundaries of even your very best dreamsof knighthood or Godhood.

Do you recall those pictures that have images in them that are at firstglance hidden? You are one of those pictures. Within your picture arethousands and more of hidden ones. Look within, and find the hiddenpictures. Bring them out, and hide them no more. Hide them no moreespecially from yourself.

Expand your vision, and you expand the world. When you open up yourself, youopen up the world. The world has not known who it is. The world, likeyou, has not known its magnificence. You are the key who will open theworld to itself.

Do you know those pop-up picture books where you open a page and a wholeworld of new dimensions automatically appears. When your picture ofyourself expands, the world automatically will. The world will pop upwith castles and palaces and princes and princesses and Kings andQueens all because you walked into a bigger dream of yourself than theone you had been having. It’s time.

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