Sunday Call 6/4/2023 (Yeshua, OWS, and Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell


Setting the record straight


Yeshua and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self


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YESHUA (Channeled by James McConnell)


I am Yeshua. I come to be with you at this time as a request to this one that I speak through to be able to share a message. A message that has been long in coming, which has been shared through others previously, but never through this one, and to all of you that are on this call, and all who resonate to these words.


I am here now, as I have given, to “set the record straight”. And it is a record that needs to be brought forward. The truth needs to come forward.


For so long, so many of you were brought up in an atmosphere of untruth, or misunderstanding, not knowing what really happened, and why it happened those 2000-plus years ago, when I did, indeed, incarnate on this planet, and came through my mother, Mother Mary, as you know her. But was it an immaculate Concepcion? No, it was not. The Immaculate conception was conceived after to show that I, as one, would be the only one.


The only one that could come in in this way, and the only one that was the son of God. And certainly I am not the only son of God. Where all of you, each and every one of you, are sons and daughters of the God Source. You are all connected as one. And when I came in, in that time, it was not snowing. It was not winter time. It was a time of Spring. Sprinatg growing forth, bringing new life, and the birth of the Christ Consciousness into this planet.


But was it the first time? No. There were other attempts at this. To bring this Christ Consciousness into the planet and into mankind. And I was born, just as any other human being was born.


But, as some of you know already, I was born not of sin, not of karma. I was free of that when I was born into the body of Yeshua. And as I progressed through my life, it was as a human being. It was not as a god. It was not as anything special beyond each and every one of you other than I was free of karma. I did not have the programming within me that I had to deal with as many of you have had. In my upbringing with my parents, with my family was not the strict dogmatic upbringing that many of you have had.


Many of you experienced an early understanding of programming come into you and dictating your lives as you continued to move through those very lives. I did not have that. I was brought up in an Essene community. A community that was born of love, and expressed love, and expressed a knowing of who we were within the God Source within each and every one of us. That is the beginning of learning of who I was.


And as my childhood moved on, I was a child, just like any other child. First a toddler, then a young child, then a teen-ager, just as anyone else would have. But I expressed differently because of not having that programming within me.


I expressed as I grew older a knowing, an inner knowledge who of I was. And that led me to doing a great deal of research within the holy works that were available at that time, the Scriptures. And I delved into those scriptures and learned much from them. But I remember, as I read those scriptures over and over, I had an inner knowing of what they were really about. Not as you would read them, but as you would know them. And that is how I came to my understanding and my knowledge, that I could then begin to impart to others at an early age. And I did that with my friends, childhood friends early on, whenever I could. I would be the teacher.


And as I grew older, I became the teacher of even those that were of the adults, those that believed they knew. But I knew that they did not know, they did not know truly who they were. For they were programmed. And I, being free of programming, did not have to deal with the dogma, with the nomenclature of the time. And I could reach out and spread the knowing that I had within me.


But know that, again, my life was very similar to anyone else’s life as a child, and then as a teenager. Once I became a teen-ager approximately the 13-year-old age, I took that knowing and moved forward, again talking to those that thought they knew, but they did not know. They did not know what I knew deep within myself that I could then share. And many saw me as a prodigy. And others saw me as someone they wanted to avoid. For I had that great knowledge moving forward.


But as I continued to grow older through my teen-age years, it was time to move on. It was “time to go about my Father’s business”, as I said. Father, being my Higher God-Self, as many of you know as Sananda.


And I went forth to Egypt, to India, to Tibet, to many, many places that were accepting of me and were in many ways waiting for me, expecting me to show. And I was opened up to many more avenues of expression of knowledge that was given forth to me. I learned, I studied, I grew, I practiced. I was given various initiations throughout those sojourns. Initiations that would take me further and further into the inner knowings of my being to the point where I learned how to manipulate my body, to manipulate the environment around me which at the time was simply a knowing, a knowing of science. That is all it was, was leaning a science, a science that in many cases was a metaphysical science, but a science never-the-less. And as I learned and practiced, and became initiated in the ancient wisdom, I was able to then come back, come back to my family, to my friends, to those who knew me.


But going back just a little bit: I was not born, again, in the Winter time. I was born in the Spring. I was not born in a manger with animals all around me, I was born in an inn. All of that was misconstrued and made up to make everyone think that I was special, that I was sent as the only one from God to come forth and bring the knowledge forward. But, again, I was not.


I lived a life, just as all of you have lived a life, except that it was bereft of the programming, bereft of the karma that I did not have to deal with. But there were many times throughout my life that I was tempted. Those of the forces of darkness that you know of today, many times attempted to sway me in various ways to tempt me. But I always knew that they could not do so. I always knew that I could hold them off, as I did. For, again, I did not have that programming. I did not have to worry about that or deal with that, as so many of you have had to do in your third dimensional expression in the Illusion. I was not a part of the illusion.


And when I returned from those sojourns, I was met with great fanfare by my family and friends. In a sense, the prodigal son has returned. And return, I did. But for those who were not ready for what I was bringing to them, they shied away from me. They did not understand my message as I began to deliver that message to more and more people. And what you have heard of the twelve disciples is not accurate. Yes, there were twelve. But there were many, many more than that, that followed me.


And there were many that I expressed the knowings that I had learned, the deeper understandings, the deeper mysteries to them. And some understood, and some, many, did not. But yet they still followed me, because I performed what you have heard of as miracles. But they were not miracles. They were science. It was all about science. All about knowing how to manipulate my body in the environment, and to bring about my intentions and desires to those that witnessed those so-called miracles believed they were miracles, believed that only I could do this.


But as many of you know, I said to those who were closest to me, “All of these things I do, so can you do also”, because we are of the Father, we are all connected to our Higher God-Selves and the God Source within us. We are all one. And some understood it, and some did not. But yet I continued to deliver that message, that message of unconditional love to all, and to show at a later point that the Christ has risen within me, within the I Am that I Am. For I understood the I Am consciousness. I knew I was the I Am Consciousness. And eventually I became the Christ Consciousness. Not early on, but I moved into that understanding and that knowing, again of who I was.


Just as all of you are coming to the understanding of who you are. But you all need to move beyond the programming that you have to deal with. All of you have that, the various attachments. I did not have those attachments as you have. I did not have to let go of them. I was already able to let go and be God within me. And all of you have that capability. And all of you are moving in that direction.


And that’s what this is all about, my message today to all of you. Not who I was, or who I am, but who you all are. Who we all are together as one. One in unity. One in love. One in the God source within us. Heaven and Earth are within each and every one of us. The kingdom is within us. As I continued to move forward and bring those teachings that I had learned to those around me, many followed, many understood, but many did not as well. So to those that did not understand, I did speak in those parables and those stories to help them to understand.


But many of those parables and stories were misconstrued in the great works that were written after, misconstrued, and then some even taken out and changed to suit their needs. To suit the needs of the forces of darkness, or what you call today, ‘the cabal.’


Yes, the cabal existed thousands and thousands of years ago, and still exists today. But the changeover is coming. And they cannot stop it, even though they did attempt to stop it, even the times before I came.


And when I came, they attempted to stop it again in what you have known as the Crucifixion, the Crucifixion that wasn’t at all what you have heard or come to understanding. Did I suffer? No. I had learned to leave my body to locate myself in another area completely, leaving my body behind, leaving the aches, and the pains, and the suffering behind. And even on the cross I disassociated from my body and did not feel what was shown as great pain and suffering.


And did I die on the cross? No, I did not. But I allowed myself to seem as if I had perished. And they could then, those of my friends, my family, could take my body, as they did, and do what they knew to do to preserve, to preserve the spirit. This was the meaning for the burial.


And did I rise? Yes, I did. Not from a time of death, but I did rise in an ascension. I ascended, yes. Just as all of you are able to ascend with your physical body. Just as I did. But I spiritualized my body. Just as you are going to spiritualize your bodies. I was the way, just as you are the way. I was the truth, just as you are all the truth. And I was the life and the light, just as you are all the life and the light. I embodied the Christ consciousness, just as you are all able to embody the Christ Consciousness.


The Second Coming is not about me coming back, it is about all of you moving forward in truth, and light, and love. As you have heard many, many times, ‘trust in yourselves, trust in who you are.’ Trust that the God Source and the Kingdom of Heaven is within each and every one of you, and that you are connected to your Higher-God-Self, to your Father, just as I was connected to my Higher-God-Self, Sananda.


We all have a mission together moving forward. I began the mission. What I started, you are finishing.


One last thing: yes, indeed, as many of you have heard, I did move on from that time. I did go many places, leaving my body in various ways, leaving it behind and going to places such as South America and in Mexico, and many, many other places throughout the world in bringing teachings forward in another form and another fashion. And I joined My Beloved, and we were enjoined together, in what you know of as marriage. And we had children. And that blood line continues on.


And some of you are even a part of that blood line, but you are not yet aware of. But my blood line continues. And those of the forces of darkness, or the cabal, have done everything they can to eliminate that blood line once and for all. But they have failed again, and again, and again. For there are many, many more now than there were of my blood line.


We are the blood line of kings and queens. Not the kings and queens that you know of, though, today as royalty, but the kings and queens within the Kingdom of God.


That is my message for this time. Again, not so much about my life other than I had a human life, just as all of you do. But all of you, each and every one of you are the sons and daughters of the God Source, the Great Creator Being, connecting as one together with everyone.


That was my mission: to spread that knowing to all of those that would listen. Just as it is your mission today to spread that knowing, that truth, that love to all of those that will listen. Do not be concerned to those who will not listen. Only know that you are reaching out to many, many more each and every moment moving forward. And it doesn’t even have to be by word of mouth, but simply by your being who you are, and the light within you that spreads and spreads across the entire planet. The light of all of you that are the Lightworkers and Light-Warriors. You are the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness.


I am ready now to answer your questions if you have them, along with my Beloved Sister, Shoshanna, if she is willing to assist in this.


I have not done this before through this one, James, so this is new. We are ready.


Do you have questions, my dear friends?


Guest: I have a question.


Another Guest: Go ahead, Thomas.


Yeshua: Dear Thomas! Always Dear Thomas! My brother. My Doubting Thomas!


Guest: (Laughs)


Yeshua: The connection that you have with me! Please, speak forward.


Guest: I get the feeling that I’m wasting my life waiting for the White Hats to work on our behalf. I think I should be working with them, identifying and exposing the cabal. But we are all told to be patient and wait for the grand plans that are told. I actually want to do something positive instead of just sending positive vibes.


Yeshua: And I would say to you Dear One, do it. Do not hold back. Do what you feel you are being called to do in any situation. But understand the more that you have doubts about who you are, the more difficult your mission will be for you. For understand that I did not have those doubts. For if I had had those doubts, I would not have been able to perform those so-called miracles of science. It was only because I believed that I was able to then achieve. It is the knowing within you that will propel you forward in your mission.


And if your mission is to reach out, then do so. Do not wait for those of the White Hats or the Alliance, or the Forces of Light to do it for you. Do it with them. And you can simply do it as I have given already, and many also have given. Just be the light that you are, and know that each and every moment that you go about your life, that you are that light moving forward to all that are ready to accept it. That light can be truth moving forward, it can be vibration rising, it can be consciousness spreading, and certainly it can be love spreading across the planet. You are that love. You are that light. You are that truth. Shoshanna?


SHOSHANNA: (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We will share. We will share here, Dear Brother, may we share our perspective?


Guest: As always, you may.


Shoshanna: Dear Brother, we will advise you in a practical method (phone disturbance) through this journey. (We wish that those that are on this call to mute their phone; it is difficult to hold the vibration with noise, thank you.) Dear Brother, we will give you a practical application. It is simple. Write down ten things you wish to do, and then pick one. Do not pick nine, do not five, pick one. And pursue that with all your heart and all your soul, and you will watch the journey unfold before you. But what you must do is choose. Pick one thing and pursue it. Namaste.


Yeshua: would there now be any other questions?


Guest: I have a question.


Yeshua: Yes?


Guest: Lord Sananda, two questions, actually. Could you tell me who Mary Sophia is. And also, if you feel you are a twin soul, what is the plan for those people?


Yeshua: Are you asking for yourself here?


Guest: Yes.


Yeshua: As to you being a twin soul?


Guest: Yes.


Yeshua: Certainly then, you know the answer to that already: you are a twin soul. All of you are twin souls. There is no one that is not a twin soul, other than those that are of the cloning persuasion here. That is something completely different, where those ones do not have even the soul connection there. But for all of you, yes, you each and every one of you have a twin. Whether you feel that connection or not is going to change over a period of time. If you do not have that connection, you will at some point, as all of you have had that connection in the past. You have just simply forgotten it. Shoshanna?


Shoshanna: She asked another question of you. Do you wish to pursue that?


Yeshua: We do not, in that respect no, not at this time.


Shoshanna: We will share here. May we share, Dear Sister?


Guest: Yes, please.


Shoshanna: There are many characterizations of that which you know as Mary, and many characterizations have been construed to fulfill understanding of the community of Light, and those that wish to pursue and understand the divine. We will just say that, you see. There is no particular individualization of this one you call Mary Sophia. It is a a conglomeration, a consensus, a blending, a melting of the divine to help you understand this characterization, you see. You must find in your heart what is true. You must not pursue the truth outside of yourself. Namaste.


Guest: Thank you.


Yeshua: Does anyone else have a question here?


Guest: Yes.


Yeshua: Yes?


Guest: First of all, I will say that my heart wells with love for you. It’s so much pride in all that you had accomplished. I know that you do not have a need for pride, but I have a need for you to know the pride and the joy I take in all that you brought to us, so beautifully profound, more than any being could ever reach for. And that is my word to you, Beloved.


In addition, I am curious to know, I often think more about how we are of this or that heritage from our Higher Self, and all of that, what the soul heritage is. I am curious to know how the blood line heritage plays out, like what does that bring to us, if we actually have that physical blood line, as opposed to coming from a heritage of a soul-type heritage?


Yeshua: We think you have misunderstand here in terms of that there is a bloodline, but it is not different than a soul line, it is all one. You all have souls. It is simply a different bloodline that you, or many of you on this call, are connected with. We cannot, of course, say who that is, but you know within yourself. And if you do not know now, you will know shortly here. So just know that you are not in a sense special, but that you do have a continuing mission to go about here, to continue to go about your Father’s mission, meaning go about your Higher-God-Self’s mission here. Okay?


And as to what you said earlier there, about worship, we do not want anyoneI do not want anyone to worship me. That is not what my mission was about. It was not to be worshipped. It was not to be idolized. I, again, am no different than all of you. I simply have had different experiences than you have had.


Guest: Yeah, I did not say worship, I don’t know where you heard that, I did not say worship, and I do not have that experience of you. So I don’t know if that got heard differently, but no that is not my experience.


Yeshua: I am speaking now, not to only you, but to all, all, out there that would, again, resonate to these words. I am not to be anything more special than each and every one of you. I consider you my brothers and my sisters, and no more than that, and no less than that. We are all connected as one in the Kingdom of God, and there is no separation here. Except for the separation that you bring yourselves. That is all. So when you have moved through your ascension process, just as I did, when I was then greeted by those that had gone before me, and not worshipped, not idolized, but thanked. Thanked for the expression that I was able to bring forth. Just as when you move on in your ascension, we, all of us that have moved on before you, will be there to welcome each and every one of you, and the expression that you have brought forth, the truth that you have brought forth. The light and love that you have brought forth. That is what this is all about; not about me, but about all of you. Shoshanna, do you have anything you wish to share?


Shoshanna: We wish to share here. May we share with you, our Dearest Sister?


Guest: Yes, please.


Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we find the reference of bloodlines an interesting thing. It is complicated, you see, but it is not the bloodline that carries forward the divine of the Christ, the divine essence of the Buddha, the divine essence of the Krishna, the divine essence of the Mary. It is not the bloodline, you see. The bloodline is a reference to the body. And the body is a vessel of experience that is part of the illusion, part of the manifestation of the physical, so the true reference is the etheric DNA that is carried forward by the physical body as an expression of the divine.


You will find that the etheric DNA that carries the experiences of yourself and all being that incarnate and manifest in the third-dimensional realm is the true essence of who you are, is the record of who you are, you see. All of you that feel in your heart the intense emotion that you feel when you hear that this one, Yeshua, is speaking to you, is because you have a connection through your experiences through your DNA, you have had lifetimes with This One. You have held his hand. You have participated in his sermons. You have cast your eyes upon him. And those experiences are within your etheric DNA, which is confused often by what you call a bloodline. But it is within your experiences that you carry forward into this physical incarnation that you are remembering through your etheric DNA.


We are sorry this is complex, but that is the truth. Namaste.


Yeshua: And I appreciate the added explanation here. Would there be any other questions?


Guest: I have a question. I know I have been known to believe that Joseph was Saint Germain, and who was Mary?


Yeshua: I do not understand the question, “Who is Mary.” You know you Mary is.


Guest: Was Mary your mother?


Yeshua: Mary is the feminine connection to the God Source in terms of the manifestation of that God Source. So Mary is a conglomeration. Mary was a being, yes? As my mother. But it was a connection to the God Source to the feminine connection, just as we are all a connection to both the masculine and the feminine connection to the God Source. So to differentiate between who one is and who one was is not what this is all about. I know that you have a curiosity of who one was before, and who they may have incarnated as, or reincarnated as, etc. But it is all about knowing the connection between each and every one of us as being one. So to answer that question would not bring about any special knowing for you that would bring you any alleviation of your curiosity. I know that I am being quite, what you would call, ‘beating around the bush’ here, but it is purposeful, because Mary is not anyone special more than any one of you are, just as I am not anyone special more than any one of you. So you see, this cannot be directly answered as to who she was, other than an aspect of the Great Mother of all of us, you see?


Guest: Thank you. I love you.


Yeshua: I know there was one more question, and then indeed I do need to release this channel. This has been a long session.


Guest: Yes, I have a question.


Yeshua: Yes?


Guest: At this point in our ascension, how do we, and myself, embrace and become more of the Christ Consciousness so we can fulfill our mission at the highest level, and how to we accelerate the deprogramming so that we can become the love and the light that we are truly meant to be?


Yeshua: As I look at this, Dear Brother, I see that the answer to your question already has been given many, many times within yourself. And I speak not only to you now who is asking this question, but to all. You all have a mission. You all have something that you are working toward. You all have a blueprint that you are following. And in order to follow that blueprint, you just simply need to do it. Do not hold back. Do not shy away, certainly not from fear. Just be who you are. And as you continue to be who you are moment by moment, everything will become more and more crystal clear to you are you move forward. It is in the movement that you gain awareness. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?


Guest: Thank you.


Shoshanna: Dear Brother, may we share?


Guest: Yes, of course.


Shoshanna: Dear Brother, your words are filled with humility. You are humble, Dear Brother, in many ways. The fulfillment of the Ascension of each is in due time, you see. It requires patience. It requires that each moment that you are presented with an option, that you choose the most divine option you are capable of choosing, you see.


You are presented, all of you, in each moment, choices. And within those choices, there is the choice of proceeding as the divine being that you are, or proceeding as a human, as a programmed individual. Those are the choices in each moment. We find, Dear Brother, that you wish to proceed as the divine being that you are. So we must ask you to eliminate the overthinking of each movement that you make, and just proceed with a divine love in your heart and you will achieve the vibration of ascension. Namaste.


Guest: Thank you very much.


Yeshua: I must release this channel now. And I only wish to say that I appreciate the time that I could be here with you and bring this message forward. But again, it is not a message about myself, although it may have given you some insight as to who I was, and what I came to do. But the real answer is who you, each and every one, are, and what you have dome here to do. That you, indeed, have come here to spread the light, and the love, and thje truth.


I am the way, the truth, and the life, or the light. Just as each and every one of you are that I Am Consciousness spreading across the planet.


I leave now, and Shoshanna can close out if she wishes. Thank you for the time.


Shoshanna: We do not have additional information here. Namaste.



Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

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