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All that have heard of me (and all have) ask yourself tjohis, if i were to ask for help and not get it what would i do next! Its not a trick question but we all have a place and mines is not where you have last heard me to be. Everybody stood up for somebody. Why not me! Dont let them convince you of lies my friends because all of you have helped somebody in there times of need Why-not-me! The ashtar community alone can help thwart a world wide attempt on a new form of slavery. Dont deny the facts in replacement of me. No evils should be nurished. Lets come together for our own sake as a communion and as individuals. It only makes since to do so. In america you have bradley manning eric snowdeen and countless others that put real efforts in at exposing this global attempt of slqvery. Have you help or better yet have you said to yourself what they have done could not bring any harm but was good to help those that are taking advantage of us. It is no doubt that they have done what) s good and im the ticket out of it. Im still free and why is it that they haven't put forth an effort to stop their supporters but i cant get any help at all. They have chosen me to due. So if ANYBODY has ever supported any of those two men you would have to ask yourself why not me. I'll help. Mind control.

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