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June 7

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I am a black male 27 .. im single with 2 children. I have been on a spirtual journey since 2006 and i believe that the most high has choosen me to be a modern day profit. I have had messages frm da most high and i have seen his signs he intended for me. He has giving me proficy and i have seen those proficys come to pass. I am hated by all but also i fill that i am forcable worshipped by all too. I intend to conquer my demonds and previal as victor against my enemies ..

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I read any and all spirtual scriptures that intend to better me while giving praise to God.

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  • thanks

  • Thanks for the friendship Harold :-)

  • Hi Harold.  Costa Rica is a lovely place.  Best regards, Madeline

  • Hello Harold I am sorry the fault is mine, and now I can explain to you my strange behavior .

    Sending a message relate to a person in high class like Obama is a risk because you don't know how he react to message or to you.And I afraid you are a partner of he.So you can laugh now ,and I am doing the same now. If you want some information related with this story tell me.

  • That is  just a message to inform my friends about future.You can believe or reject as lie.

    What is your problem ? Why you want to know me better ? Have I said something bad about him ? What kind of help you want from me ? What is your feelings about me.

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harold tyrone whorton bomar posted a blog post
If the government has told you that they have the power to control everything .. why has nobody choosen to stand up against them .. they are committing homocide and even genocide .. killing kids and everybody thinks its ok.. it obvious that we need…
Oct 13, 2013
harold tyrone whorton bomar replied to Malcolm's discussion SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Major General and Vice Admiral (WHO INVENTORY NUCLEAR WEAPONS) fired the same day Senator Lindsey Graham warns of nuclear event taking place if Syria & Iran aren't invaded.
"Why discuss this .. why not expose them now .. why not help me to do it .. lol yu cant care about it or me .. only they control and its crazy .. i have along time before its over .. i hope you dont just stand by and watch .. to lose everything while…"
Oct 13, 2013
harold tyrone whorton bomar replied to 0vptjzb9vrc3v's discussion What are your views on homosexuality?
"I think that its a matter of societies shaping. Not to say that homosexuality wouldnt be if all people didnt care about it but i will say that most people in from my view dont really say how they fill about the "act" of homosexuality. I think if you…"
Oct 13, 2013
harold tyrone whorton bomar commented on cosmicwarrior's blog post imortal technic
"The universe was built on a system. In the system is a set of standards that must be achieved by all things in the system. Once certain units meet the standard it is conjoined with other units to repeat itself. It happens like this because of a…"
Jul 27, 2013

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"And now, to celebrate the living ascendees, who are destined to inherit the Earth and create a new Star nation, named Solaris...
Bravo for standing with Lord Yahweh, the Logos and the local Spiritual Hierarchy and being YOURSELF, in spite of all the…"
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"hear how to wake up (awakening moment)

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"from vagabond to king
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"always remember your roots
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