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World's Greatest Hoax Revealed! You Cannot Spread The C "Virus" From Person To Person! - W/VIDEO...Let's Have More Views!

World's Greatest Hoax Revealed! You Cannot Spread The C "Virus" From Person To Person! - A Must Video!

Greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the world And it seems the people are tolerating it. We haven’t had real news in 30 years.

I’ve been thinking about this 6 foot rule, and how each human’s electromagnetic field spans about 3 feet around them, so it’s forcing people generally to stay out of each other’s energy field. I wonder what the effect of this will be after a while, and also whether this is part of “their” intention.

Please understand this, If Royal Raymond Rife was able to eradicate cancers with frequencies, the government more than likely is using his research to use frequencies to accelerate cancers.

You can’t take care of your terrain when they’re poisoning the Food, Water, and Air. This is why the Gov’t makes sure you’re poisoned with mercury-filled vaccines from the moment you’re born; and tooth fillings and everything else, so that you are able to get sick and stay sick.

We are spiritual beings you’re right, but we are imprisoned in the meat suit, as according to the emerald tablets to Thoth or annuaki by Zackari Sitchen, or book of Enoch, and if you really want you’re eyes open , the book of Adam and Eve!. Love your content!

By these false and fabricated crises, the wise become wiser and wiser, and the ignorant persist in their ignorance. Unfortunately, the first group are in the absolute minority.

Trump just gave all governors in Calif, NY, Washington full power over us as he calls the national guard. Hospital boats out on our ports. Newsom is salivating, he cant wait to kill us…thanks Trump!

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Well let's have more comments on this issue before we come to a conclusion

You must learn a few things... First eat healthy food not junk. Use precaution and protect yourself till things settle down.

Beef up your immune system most important.Sleep extra Solid vitamins use every day. Lots of water and as healthy activities as possible.

Doubt information that promotes FEAR PORN

More comments needed to come to a they are claiming that you cannot spread the C Virus from person to person ...meaning it's not contagious...meaning it's safe to socialize...but the governments are putting restrictions

We know that the elite want to reduce the population, want to bring in new world order....want to put fear so as to control all ...and this is the reason ... governments that are not for the wellbeing of people are corrupt governments and nearly all are 



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