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Hello friends,


Well, it goes on for now, as the US administration seems hell-bent on provoking a civil war in Ukraine, akin to their failed project in Syria, which has thankfully proven to be a victory for Assad and Syrian civillisation.


Now the US and it's twisted value system of geo-politics, have attempted to utilise a fake anti-Jewish leaflet, claimed by them to be genuine, yet totally proven as fake, nevertheless....


Kindly see this RT exposure of the details, which again confirms what we have all suspected...That the US and EU are morally bankrupt and truly desperate for some real traction, in their propaganda war on behalf of the Kiev junta, they support...


My message to John Kerry is, grow a backbone, you foolish dimwit....Admit failure to the world and admit that you have no legitimacy, in your idiotic claims...


Today's message is direct and to the point....No need for window dressing, as the world wants truth, not Euro-fictions and US subterfuges....


Again I ask ACC, if Obama were a lightworker...why does he not speak up, as I and many others have, when confronted with lies and injustice...??


Kisses and hugs, Drekx Omega




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John Kerry is the prototype of Mr. Monestrome, and funny character in a novel i wrote.   Before he was married of course, he goes to Amberton Inn [the romance bed and breakfast], to look for a companion, not a wife.  it did not work out for Mr. Monestrome. point, as i know you know, dumdum.  RESEARCH Mr. Kerry.  don't be so sure of yourself; get to the truth; surely it is there to clearly see.  honesty is what i had always thought of the man.

Honesty...?? You seem to have your head screwed on backwards... LOL How much research is required to arrive at the conclusion that Kerry is a dimwitted fool...?? And I don't care if he does his job willingly, as part of a "cunning" world domination plan, the guy is stupid and graceless...

Mr. Ed:  Yes, he does look very creepy lately.  Like a dead person.

Mr. Ed:  Oh, horror of horrors!

Hehe....!! Now that's where I saw his face....the Hammer horror movie from the era in which his cold war politix is still stuck...


Mr. Ed:  The Dead Zone.

I suspect that the heavy eye lids are a dead giveaway, suggesting that Kerry has been taking makeup lessons from Boris Karloff...

Well, we have Monsanto Frankenfood, in Obama's policies, so why not go the full course...?? ;-)

Mr. Ed:  LOL.

its obvious the cabal are gonna keep trying to start wars until they are finally gone i hope this is over soon the cabal are annoying and need to go away

I can barely believe these people are still trying to control the world ... one day, soon hopefully, the entire population of the world will see these goons for what they are .... how on Earth can people still vote them into power? .. albeit, false positions of power.... its because they are brain washed to do so...

its mad, clearly these Government puppets are psychopaths ....

Drekx, thats a good question ... why does Obama not speak up? ...  I remember reading about Obama being a lightworker and that he is guarded and protected from the Cabal ... protected by higher beings .... if that is the case, then he has the green light to speak up without being harmed or killed ...

Obviously, he is part of the Cabal ... because these people are selected into power, not elected.... selected by the DC.

John Kerry ... I dont give a s..t about him either ... another zombie under the influence of the Archons and the Archon agenda ...

Personally, they can all rot in hell as far as I am concerned ... Im sick and tired and bored with it all .. war propaganda ... its hard to believe this insanity still goes on before our eyes in 2014 .... was the WW2 holocaust not enough for people to wake up?..  it appears to be a very slow global spiritual awakening ... really, really slow.

Of course, I understand ... in my opinion, its being controled from behind the scenes by bloody Aliens ... even the Rothchilds and their colleuges are nothing more than a public front .... so what we are up against is a parasitic virus thats deeply ingrained into the minds of humanity, bar those who are awakened ....  a group of non organic beings that do not originate from the Galactic core and who hate Love and thrive on our fears that are pulling the strings.... mind parasites .... how else can we explain this insanity?

These are the little F"""ers who are behind it all ....

Hi brother Luke....Great to see your input here, along with other friends and members.....

Yes, it really is about time that Obamanoids woke up and smelt the coffee...The process is slow and frustrating, with the Earth Allies taking one step forward and two steps back, in their dealings with the Cabal....

You are correct that there are a group behind the dark cabal you call "Archons." Esotericists use the term "Black Lodge" to describe them and they are resident upon the lower astral plane...

Always pleased to see your posts on my discussions, friend......Cheers, Drekx

Drekx, its nice to see you too ... I just typed a fairly long reply but it didnt upload properly ... my computer is jamming at times ... .I will return later to your post here my brother ....



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