Hello friends,


Well, it goes on for now, as the US administration seems hell-bent on provoking a civil war in Ukraine, akin to their failed project in Syria, which has thankfully proven to be a victory for Assad and Syrian civillisation.


Now the US and it's twisted value system of geo-politics, have attempted to utilise a fake anti-Jewish leaflet, claimed by them to be genuine, yet totally proven as fake, nevertheless....


Kindly see this RT exposure of the details, which again confirms what we have all suspected...That the US and EU are morally bankrupt and truly desperate for some real traction, in their propaganda war on behalf of the Kiev junta, they support...


My message to John Kerry is, grow a backbone, you foolish dimwit....Admit failure to the world and admit that you have no legitimacy, in your idiotic claims...


Today's message is direct and to the point....No need for window dressing, as the world wants truth, not Euro-fictions and US subterfuges....


Again I ask ACC, if Obama were a lightworker...why does he not speak up, as I and many others have, when confronted with lies and injustice...??


Kisses and hugs, Drekx Omega




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  • 'Washington organized events happening in Ukraine' - ex-OSCE VP


  • US State Department spokeswoman grilled on press freedom and the US's double standards in this area of policy...The more Amerika tries to suppress or distort truth, the more it will come back to bite them, when they least expect it to...Magna est veritas et praevelabit....

  • Fake facts in US media affecting White House policies........


  • Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, interviewed on RT....He provides the true details of Russian foreign policy, anent Ukraine, which is being heavily distorted in Washington, by the Obama administration...

    View this vid...words from Lavrov himself, unfiltered and uncut by western corporate censors.....



  • When John Kerry takes the time to condemn RT by name, you know that his policies are being effectively exposed by the network, which is not under US corporate control....He's running scared and feels the need to score points....especially so because so many westerners are leaving his sinking ship foreign policy and see his lies more clearly....


  • Mr. Ed:  LOL.

  • nice one Drekx....................

  • Frankenstein1931-02.jpg

    I suspect that the heavy eye lids are a dead giveaway, suggesting that Kerry has been taking makeup lessons from Boris Karloff...

    Well, we have Monsanto Frankenfood, in Obama's policies, so why not go the full course...?? ;-)

  • Mr. Ed:  The Dead Zone.

  • Mr. Ed:  Oh, horror of horrors!

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