This is the message from "walk -in" Ron Amitron. The belief that we are here to learn lessons is a fabrication of the “gods” whom we worship and who hold us in perpetuity on this planet of darkness. The Source (spirit) energy that is in us all is no god and does not need to be worshipped or appeased.

The fact is we will never learn enough lessons because the purpose of holding us here is not for our own “good”. We are held here at the will of those “gods” who control this dark third dimensional realm. They are the ones lacking a spirit (or a soul).

We are held because we have valuable spiritual energy. This energy is mined and harvested through our emotions.

Our so-called life lessons (usually unpleasant) evoke strong emotions even decades after. Remembering these events yield even more energy for the off planet gods that feed off our spiritual energy.

This is why dear people these off planet gods want to be worshipped and prayed to. They live off our prayers and worship energy

Source energy is INSIDE not outside. It does not need to be worshipped or prayed to. The reason for so-called life lessons is to put us on an emotional roller coaster between love/hate, good/evil, anger, jealousy, like/dislike etc- all the experiences that come from living in Time and in Duality (instead of in peace).

Face it guys the lessons will never end. They were never meant to teach. They were meant for energy harvesting. They will go on for ever into until our spirit is worn to nothing or we choose willingly to cleanse our spirits.

This system of karma and perpetual reincarnation on a single planet is not of the LIGHT. It is created and maintained by the Dark and accepted by the vast majority of "lightworkers".

Our only hope is to clean out our bodies of the emotional baggage that gets created every time we are illegally forced to incarnate on this planet. Cleaning the emotional baggage will allow our spirits to fully occupy our bodies. It will also take us off the roller coaster ride.

Few persons understand these concepts. Some like Jesus and others from the light came from outside of this reincarnation cycle and also understood the message. His message has been diluted because almost every piece of lucid information that comes through is corrupted.

Among all the spiritual advisors on the internet I have found only two persons who understand the mess we’re in and how blissfully ignorant we are of it. Ron Amitron (a walk-in) speaks of this quite clearly.

As one who “walked in” from outside of the reincarnation system Ron sees very clearly what is going on.

You may listen to his radio archives and experience emotional clearings by visiting his website www.creationlightship.com (Look for Sample healings on the left side. Use the “Be Here Now” to put yourself back into peace energy ).

You may also listen to him on BBS Radio 1 Mon, 7PM ET and Wed; On BBSRadio 2 Fri & Sat 10PM, ET www.bbsradio.com

The other person who understands the mess is Amitakh Stanford www.flyingbuffaloes7.net.

These two persons are the only two I know who teach that karma/reincarnation is a creation of the dark perpetuated by them. Every other “spiritual” teacher teaches us to accept the rule of the dark - karma, lessons - as being for our own good.


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  • INSTANT KARMA! By John Lennon. Click below:


  • I think it's a combo of ego desires not being fulfilled and  wrong personal actions that harm others.  To create the hearts' desire of wanting only knowledge of God through one of the established paths is probably the hardest thing we can achieve, unless we have lost our fascination with this nutty world-I know I have. 

  • Why  concern about reincarnation if we are supposed to be Ascending

  • The learning comes in the form of wisdom.

    the learning is solving the paradoxes of life.

    the learning comes from pushing the boundaries of your consciousnerss.

  • It's not a matter of learning enough lessons.

    You have to learn the one lesson really well.

    till the lesson is fully assimilated into your being.

    just because someone hasn't looked in the right place for their solution, doesn't mean a solution doesn't exist.

    Karma will keep serving you up the impossible situation in increasingly more challenging ways until you surrender to the  ineviatble and  take a leap of faith into the impossible.yourself

    which is where the solution lay.

    The solution is to do that which is counter intutive.

    To make a conscious choice to act differently than what you normally would

    You can't blame Karma if .if you fail to learn from the situation.

    To free yourself from Karma you must develop a different way of thinking.

    A way of thinking that stands in the possibility of the infinite potentials the universe has to offer.

    because somewhere in infinity,the lesson must be learned.

    Surrender is the one lesson that people seldom learn.

    They prefer to keep fighting.

    Because that all they know.

  • Escaping the reincarnation cycle requires understanding the nonsense of the material world we live in and "just saying no" to such nonsense that gravitates one to be a part of this material world. The problem is that without such nonsense most of us will suffer mental illness or nervous breakdown. Money addiction is definitly a part of the reincarnation cycle, but so are so many other similar vices and pleasures. I have come to believe that once one denies the nonsense areas described and realizes and understands that there is a not a reality in our present reality and that other higher realities exist outside our current reality (ALL AT THE SAME TIME), one may be able to escape this reality and proceed to higher realities or dimensions. That's just my opinion. Best, Malcolm

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