"cabin" it's a soft word, associated with a calm protector environment as a "cabin in the woods" but who  knows who decided to name a gun "carbin" associating that environment to that weapon. So the key is to disassociate the concept attached to it.


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  • well lets say (for example) I was imagining what transformers musical instruments would be like. . if they made their own to play in our world. . hmmmmm. . the instrument would probably function like they do. . bringing new ways of perceiving beauty into our human paradigm of consciousness. . I think that was more along what I was meaning. . .but thats ok :) <3

    if they moved that is. . like they transform :) etc etc ;)

  • if only the transformers could move. . like they transform. .

    . . hmmm. . . .  interesting, eh :) ;)

    then somthing may change, in their energy. . and the worlds energy too

  •   Yes brother, War has always been drilled into us at an early age as being "ok". War, is in the Old Testament. It took such things for our own country to be formed independent from the British who wanted the world. 

     I was raised in the Church for my parents were strong believers. At that time, there was only black and white TV. My father was an ex- Marine. I did not even know that Vietnam was going on in the world. However I do recall watching shows as a kid (because my father enjoyed them) such as Rat Patrol, Combat, Twelve O' Clock High etc. and many of the Classic War Movies came out during that time. 

     In my childhood, we didn't have much for toys. Toy guns, plastic army soldiers etc could be found in most homes. Sadly, you are correct in your comment my brother. We can only look forward to the day that we all live in peace!


  • could we translate/transmute that into a more lively form of pure >>motion<< energy?

  • I saw the dragon and the phoenix in a vision a couple of weeks ago.

  • I saw the dragon and the phoenix in a vision a couple of weeks ago.

  • To me, the military is a sign of Love, Courage, Empathy, HONOR, & Respect.  Just because there are those who abuse their ranks, doesn't mean that the rest do.  Each and every man or woman goes into the military with these characters in them and they take a sacred oath as do the many of us medical professions to Honor God and our country (humanity) from the evil-doers in the world.  There can be evil doers in every walk of life.  For those who Trust and have Faith in God, all things are possible.  This thought continuously goes through my mind...."LET GO, LET GOD".  This is my driving force now with each and every breath that I take.  Once you let go and let God, your life will become ABUNDANT in more ways than you could ever imagine.  I am not saying that Abundance means wealth, but it is love, honor and courage that helps you to walk and talk daily with God.  Carry on your own Dialogue with God!  I do and my life is transforming for the better.  Yours will too.


    Be At Peace!  TEACH ONLY LOVE

    M Rhiannon Yellow Star

    • Does that seem like LOVE to you? for me it seems like brainwashing people to acomplish this:

      Killing inocent people.

      • Yes, that's very true, as modern warfare is not simply a case of national survival or pride, as with WW2, but rather neo-imperialism and the desire to steal resource and geopolitical shananagins...

        Following WW1, many ordinary people needed little prompting to serve preparations for a looming second world war and also an energy (Shamballa Impact) was at work during the perod 1914-45, which animated a will to destruction and sacrifice among many people, worldwide....Thus the type of indoctrination recruits require now, was needed less...People were culturally primed for war and sacrifice and subject to self-regulation of "disloyal" thoughtforms, by and large...

        Modern people have a raised consciousness, in comparison to the previous eras of general warfare...And the military have to work very hard to recruit people for service....Of course, there were also periods of conscription too...

        Why are people attached to "military things??" I would say, pride, ignorance, misplaced loyalty, naivity and self interest too....such as a career opportunity that military training offers them...

        Note that it is not just a male thing, as this German vid confirms...watch the ladies throwing flowers to the troops with a genuine spirit of loyalty and passion for their military....Vid embedded below:


  • So is this an etymology question?

    From Wikipedia:

    Some sources derive the name of the weapon from the name of its first users—bernarda troopers called "carabiniers", from the French carabine, from the Old French carabin (soldier armed with a musket), perhaps from escarrabin, gravedigger, perhaps from scarabee, scarab beetle.[3]


    Etymology Dictionary:

    1580s, from Fr. carabine, used of light horsemen and also of the weapon they carried, perhaps from M.L. Calabrinus "Calabrian" (i.e., "rifle made in Calabria"). One far-fetched theory connects it to O.Fr. escarrabin "corpse-bearer during the plague," lit. (probably) "carrion beetle," said to have been an epithet for archers from Flanders.

This reply was deleted.

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