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Something that always gets on my nerves (or makes me laugh really hard) is when I find religious people arguing over their religion and saying 'my God is better than your God'. 

Ultimately, I find this hilarious and frustrating because none of them seem to realize they are all worshiping the same group of people. A bunch of religious figures in one religion are the same spirits that are featured in the stories of other religions. 

I'm sure I don't have to supply examples because you can probably already make the connections yourself. I can give a good example though; Mother Mary is the same Queen as the Babylonian religion (it's been so long since i studied that religion that i don't remember her name). Athena, Morgan Le Fey, Eye of Wadjet, Parvati - they are all the same person. The list is honestly endless. 

Don't even get me started on the current Catholic vs Muslim game where it's even worse cause they are arguing over the exact same books. I realize it goes further into political things but honestly.

I also don't like religion as a general rule because I like to follow my own experiences and not the experiences of others. All those old religions have been modified since their original formation so much that they have lost most of their precious gifts anyway. 

This post is kind of short because I'm tired while I am writing this as I've been at school all day and it's almost midnight wooooo made this post a discussion so that everyone can write and reply to whoever they want and keep the comment section nice and organized.

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This gods are all the same Ones. It's kind of the point behind our "separation" experience, though. We started this thing off.

Religion is more about spiritual ignorance, self-conflict, division and manipulation over the watcher inside, in most cases. Right, wrong, rules and control. Experience is discovery, keeping you away from yourself, is the best way to disempower Source. Self-restrictive behaviours create conflict more often than not. The same with everything system-related.

For example, worship. So much creative potential is being sucked dry, on a single prayer and thought. Source, feeding off from itself. What are we using all that light for? Are we building up a new Disk?

M'ka just smiles at me. He's totally cool with it, as always.

Yes i have always realized the worshiping thing was a bit suss. Like, I knew from a young age that if you worship or acknowledge another being as being more powerful or better than you, then you are giving them parts of your energy. If you actively worship them then you are giving them your energy and they will use it to have even more influence. Anything that draws attention will draw energy, that is just how it is. 

When we look at most religions the one thing that stands out is it's used as a form of control of the masses and a part of waking up to our spirituality is realizing this fact. I'm not saying religion is wrong because it has started a lot of people on their path as it did me and I'm grateful for that fact. It's not until we do some research and realize that we are all one no matter what religion we are that we become aware how silly it is to argue over who's God is the one and only true God. I cannot help but think the spiritual world is highly entertained by us.

Yes i bet they would be entertained :P Religion started off well but ended in disaster.

AsAbove... SoBelow

AsWithin... SoWithout

Well said Caitlyn... Books are written by people and people have different agendas...Some are honest and follow the truth...Others seek to fulfill their own selfish purposes...Religions are all the same under different names...The purpose is exactly the same...To keep people submissive and oblivious to their own inner power by brainwashing them with constant lies and premeditated confusion tactics...I believe this is done mainly by those that were in power, rather than the individual... 

When you come more spiritually advanced you don't need religion so much but when you're a beginner religion may be handy.

What would be better is someone who has achieved a more awakened state of mind. Religion can only help you so far before you are ensnared if you are not careful. Before you look at religion, you must know truth so that you can study if and pick out what is truthful and decode the many hidden teachings. 

I had a numerology report that said in my case religion may be helpful. I know religion have rules and restrictions and so on and spirituality are more free. We all need love but when comes to freedom I prefer rules I can follow like a dogma. What I'm saying is that I'm not so much for being totally free although I want happiness and love.

Religion as a mental phenomenon, needs to be exterminated if humans as evolving beings are ever to reach a higher mental state of awareness. ;)

I don't believe in God. I believe in Me. :)

That is a good frame of mind.

With on exception of course, there are beings with great level of influence yet there is no singular being with full authority like most seem to think. The closest being I can think of with 'full authority' also relies on the judgement of their kind and they work together in a group as one part. 

By authority i mean the amount of influence they have over the energy around them. Some spirits are naturally created with more of this, and some have less. However everyone is created satisfied with themselves so this is not an issue of hierarchy. in fact you'll often find that the ones with more power have less free will, as it is their direct duty to follow the demands of balance more closely than a less influenced spirit.  

It is possible that I may actually be one of those beings. :)

I've never heard the description of "the rulebook of influential existence" summorized so nicely though.

You're wise, way beyond your years. :)



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