Obama is of the light. If you don't believe look at this. At the January 17 2014 January speech Obama used some flags without the corporation addition on it. He started the speech saying "Our republic" He stopped the Federal Reserve from printing money since 2009. Look at your bills . Many people didn't believe me that the money printing machines were confiscated from the Fed in 2009. The people thought that the new 100 dollar bill was going to come with a 2013 date and it came with a 2009 date. Those 2009 bills were the last bills they had shrink wrapped at their warehouses. Obama is doing this to bankrupt the Federal Government on its own system so it collapses so he can announce the gold backed system. The cabal tried to get some gold loaned to them to resolve the debt ceiling problem and no country loaned money to them. This collapse is close and the stock market will crash when it collapses.

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    • Love it!

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  • Wow!  The "Obama logo" on Air Force One!  How egotistical!

  • Kind of resembles the "Obama logo".

  • Mr. Ed:  And he doesn't salute the flag either.

    Too bad more solders are dead by suicide than by combat.

  • Obama and Michelle dropped ther law bar titles before becoming a president.  By the constitution:  No lawyer can hold public office!

  • Obama has never assisted to the Bilderbergs meetings too! He is the first one that has not attended.

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