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Why it's best to abolish and demolish the so called places of worship on Planet Earth

Because they are mostly full of corruption, become big businesses and politics instead of for Healing Mind, Body and Soul like the Atlantian Crystal Temples.
Instead of Love, Compassion and Kindness these places of worship are full of Greed, Power and Control
Go to any of the temples and they have a big donation box in front of the altar like telling you to put money in first. The donation box should actually not even be in the temple room but outside in a corner room.
We have thousands of religions, each one believing that their God or god-story is the only true and unique version.
Have you heard of child abuse in places of worship??? Very very sad world we live in.
I believe Michael Ellner said it well in his quote:
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” -


Regard all humanity as one....We are not this body... We are beings of love and light ...heard them all but mostly not put into practice.
I recently visited the new Swami Narayian Temple opened in London. Had a alter made of gold but what good when some of their staff were rude and abusive to people...not worth all the gold in the world.
This particular religion has divisions like so many as different class of people go to different Swami Narayan Temples.
Actually most places of worship lack kindness, compassion and equality.
They charge £12 plus just to go into St Paul's Church in London.
These places of worship have become business empires and places where they make people who join do free service while the heads live in luxury.
They ask for donations yet they travel first class, ride in flashy cars, have properties and big bank accounts.
Some preach SIMPLE LIVING HIGH THINKING .. But lead a luxury lifestyle ...CALL THIS RELIGION???

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Most worship joints are really traps ...waiting for you ... their commities are mafia style

They should change them into living quarters for the homeless.

Good idea 1 darkstar.
In the case of churches thousands are lying vacent or with very few people going due to low vibes of corrupt people running these places

As long as humans look outside themselves and chose to "worship" deities and feel subservient to "gods" then this situation will always remain the same.  Humans need to look within themselves and realize that there is divinity within all of us and that humans are interconnected parts to the whole of the "creation" and each possess "godliness".  If humans choose to deify something or someone, whether it be aliens or myths or legends of Gods or species or ascended masters or anything that is supposed to be far better than humans and in control of us then there will always be humans claiming to have "gods" that dictate human life and always people to exploit peoples' need to feel that something or source CONTROLS their lives.  Each religion exploits one way or another using fear as leverage to control humans.  Fear of hell, fear of never being happy if you do this or that, fear of being ostrasized by the religion, fear of being turned away by friends because of your beliefs, fear and wars from religions saying that they are the only valid religion, fear of never being worthy of happiness, fear fear fear, original sin....all about sad......humans for the most part have missed the mark.  If only people realized that we each are creative gods in our own right...until people realize this, then there will always be corruption and people being used and abused....New age schools of thought and a lot of the beliefs are just as guilty as any recognized "religions".  We are all vulnerable as long as we keep on believing that we are controlled by a higher invisible force and we are puppets on a string....Let us embrace our own godliness within...and stop looking outside for answers.....

Selling "blue sky and sunshine" is the oldest scam in the world, along with prostitution.  Al Gore just proved this insanity with this "need to help the Earth" via people contributing money with a carbon tax to "prevent this disappearance" from happening, even though his prediction of a disappearing South Pole ice cap by 2013 was met with a 40% increase in the amount of ice in the South Pole over this period of prediction by Al Gore.

Malcolm:  Man/Bear/Pig (Southpark)

Hahaha...loved the Man/Bear/Pig episode...have watched it a ton of times...I love sarcastic just like me, haha

The main objective behind many religious systems, is to turn off the divinity within "human beings" Another method of control. Making them believe they're just that... "human beings" If you label yourself as a "box" you will surely become a box. It was developed with the Kundalini in mind, which is known as Soul.

Listen to your heart, and you will be able to realize what's best for you. Believe in your own divine nature. Stay within Light if you truly want to change the Earth. Remember, they feed on negativity, which is why they create chaos. Realize your own divine nature.

I agree with you Suiris....that is what I was saying too.  Although I have to say, you said it better, lol.  I get too wordy and people get lost in the middle....

Each of these religions have laid out their own rules and regulations and I find some of them are really man made and really out of order.
Some religions have been hundreds of years around but just watch 99% of the congregation members/visitors do not wash their hands before eating or serving food YET YOU CAN TRAIN A MONKEY TO WASH HIS HAND BEFORE EATING AND SERVING FOOD IN ONE DAY BUT YOU CANNOT TRAIN 99% PEOPLE GOING TO TEMPLES FOR COUNTLESS YEARS.
There is a big problem here as they also eating germs and bacteria which are on their unclean hands ..the ignorant fools.
You must bow down to deities or bow down to a holy book yet the Gods never asked people to bow down to them as they stated that we are the servants of the servants of the god.
You go to a temple and you must take your shoes off and you go home with dirty socks or feet so really you were better of before you went in... does not make sense

...........vegans are irrational ~!~.................hehehehe

Many vegans have a dysbalance between their emotional self and their intellectual self.

This, because they emotionally involve themselves too much with much more than just their own bodily needs. When emotional activity go external like they seem to have done here, weird s*** starts to happen. ;)



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