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'Why intelligent life in the universe is likely to be hostile' by Mike Adams

Mike Adams' eclectic articles are branching out into ETs!... ;oD... 

His following satirical article was transcribed verbatim from:


natural health

Why intelligent life in the universe is likely to be hostile

Monday, April 26, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of


(NaturalNews) Famed physicist Stephen Hawking recently made headlines by explaining that even though extraterrestrial intelligence very likely exists in the universe, we probably don't want to meet aliens any time soon. "If aliens ever visit us," Hawking said, "I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans."

I agree completely. In fact, I've been considering writing an article on this subject for quite some time, but thought it would be construed as "too pessimistic" by many readers. But now that Hawking has opened the door on this topic, here's my take on it.

The most successful societies are the conquerors


Sad as it may seem, peaceful societies never accomplish much in the way of spreading their culture, expanding their reach or populating new lands (or planets). All the really peaceful cultures on planet Earth -- Tibetan Buddhists, Amazonian tribes, Native American Indians, Indigenous Australians -- were unilaterally wiped out by far more aggressive and violent cultures.

The Earth today is dominated by those religions and cultures that were expansionary and aggressive in their ways. Aggressive populations always tend to destroy peaceful populations, taking over their lands and resources, eventually ruling their people.

In looking at the universe, it's not difficult to realize that peaceful, docile planetary populations are extremely unlikely to ever visit other planets. They're not looking to expand and they're quite content with where they are. So happy aliens, so to speak, are almost certainly not the kind of aliens we are likely to see zipping around the universe and arriving at our doorstep.

Angry, war-like aliens, on the other hand, are always looking to expand and conquer. They are the ones who will "succeed" in the universe because they will constantly expand their reach, take over other planets, and exploit more resources to drive their war machines.

These are the aliens we are far more likely to meet. That's Stephen Hawking's point, too.

What happens when alien conquerors discover Earth?


If you believe there are intelligent extraterrestrials zipping around the universe at faster-than-light travel, then you quickly realize it won't take long before they discover Earth -- a luscious planet filled with water, one of the most precious resources in the known universe. Earth also contains various precious metals, too, that would likely be extremely important for alien technologies.

Just as the U.S. invades other countries to acquire supplies of oil, extraterrestrial aliens may decide to invade planet Earth to take our water, metals or even our DNA. This is not an outlandish thought: It's actually the most likely context of any meeting with aliens.

We should assume, in other words, that if aliens actually come to visit Earth, they will almost certainly be looking to exploit our planetary resources for their own continued imperialistic expansion because only the expansionary aliens are likely to find us in the first place.

And in such an encounter, it is extremely likely that alien weapons technology would vastly out-perform our own defensive technologies, essentially leaving our planet defenseless. A few Patriot missiles, in other words, won't stop alien anti-matter blasters or whatever they happen to be firing our way. (Or they could probably just unleash an engineered pandemic to wipe us out without destroying the natural habitat on the planet.)

It's also extremely likely that these expansionary, imperialistic aliens won't value human life. Do modern American soldiers value the lives of Iraqi civilians? Did the crew of Christopher Columbus value the lives of Native American Indians? Not at all: The legacy of Columbus that's not taught in history lessons is that the man was a slaughterer of Native American Indians who engaged in the most heinous crimes against the "savages." That America actually continues to celebrate the Columbus Day holiday is yet another powerful demonstration of how our culture worships violence, destruction and expansionary imperialism.

Earthlings will likely be considered "savages" by any sufficiently-advanced alien race. We should expect to be treated by them no more compassionately than the way in which we have treated indigenous populations that inhabit our own planet.

What about an enlightened alien race?


It would seem more optimistic, of course, to suppose that some extraterrestrial intelligence might be "enlightened." They would come to us in peace, the thinking goes, and they would share their technology with us to cure cancer, end all disease, or whatever.

This is some fairly naive thinking, actually. If you look around our own planet, you see that the peaceful "enlightened" societies like the Tibetan Buddhists are routinely overrun (murdered, imprisoned, etc.) by far more aggressive and militaristic societies like the Communist Chinese. If you look at the history of planet earth (or even just the more recent history of North America), enlightened populations haven't fared very well. Most have been all but eradicated from the face of our planet, in fact, or placed on desolate reservations that were only chosen because they were perceived to have no value in terms of natural resources.

Peace, in other words, doesn't get you anywhere in the physical universe (although it probably scores you karma points in other ways). Given any collection of neighborhoods, towns, cities, nations or worlds, those who are most militaristic, violent and expansionist are the most likely to end up dominating (and populating) the available living spaces.

Natural selection on the scale of the entire universe, in other words, favors those who destroy others. Because of this unfortunate reality, we should only really expect to meet intelligent extraterrestrials who are looking to destroy us. This isn't a radical idea... it's actually the most logical conclusion.

I'm not advocating all this, by the way. It's just a sad reality of our physical universe. I wish the more enlightened civilizations were more successful, but I don't see any evidence of that.

Besides, Earthlings aren't really enlightened yet either. We are still basically an infantile race of arrogant men with silly ideas about medicine, nature, sustainability and technology. As we haven't yet learned to value the life of plants and animals on our planet, why should we expect some alien race to value our lives?

Has the invasion already begun? (Humor section)


Here's a radical idea: What if the aliens have already arrived and are working among us to destroy the human population right now in preparation for alien colonization?

This horrifying idea is portrayed quite dramatically in the recent television series "V" which is actually a remake of a series of the same name from the 1980's in which alien reptilian visitors were taking over Earth by posing as earthlings. See Wikipedia.

In the V series, aliens that look like humans take over key positions in politics, health care and law enforcement, then they methodically enslave the human race.

The reason I mention this is because some writers and public speakers such as David Icke have, for years, claimed that a reptilian race of aliens already lives among us, and that people in key positions of power are actually reptilians. Obama is a reptile, the thinking goes, and so was Bush.

It's hard to know what to make of such assertions. It would seem that if such lizard people actually existed, somebody would have snapped a photo of one by now, or a video would have appeared on YouTube. Or a lizard skull would have been apparent on a CT scan somewhere along the line.

Unless, of course, you think that the reptilian alien conspiracy goes so deep that key information censors on the internet (Google) are actually reptilian aliens themselves.

Come to think of it, the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, do look a little bit like iguanas (, but that's probably just coincidence.

Or is it?



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Unfortunately his rationalization is perfect "IF" based on current human ways of doing things. Any group, civilization or species making it's way here though, would have to be a lot more advanced to have MADE it that far. Our own governments, Business Corps etc are what have held this planet back, keeping wars going, hiding advances that would feed, clothe and house every being on this planet. Were we not in THAT position, we could be the ones out exploring and meeting others.
The best thing that can happen is that they'll get a nasty toothache and loose all their teeth (if they have any). The worst thing that can happen is that they'll get addicted, and turn hyperactive from sugar overload, and then invade the earth to hoard all the sweets. We'll get our revenge when they develop the very nasty human diseases, e.g. diabetes and halitosis (if they haven't already).
Yet another person who's bought into Hollywood tv and movie 'alien' propaganda. If he watched Mars Attacks or Independence Day, he'd surely go berserk after watching the NASA-STS Tether incident on youtube.

I do not agree, I think the compassionate tribes, are the ones that eventually outrace the so called successful societies. There's is the wisdom that stands the test of time, and eventually comes out as the spirit(ual) winner.

All that the successful societies manage to do is live an outwardly successful life in that particular lifetime... ok I am Hindu... so I am big on reincarnation. Again what appears outwardly to our eye, may not be the actual reality. It is said that karma does not escape anyone or anything. Just as humans and animals have karma, so do places, and the collective consciousnesses (read religions/tribes). For many years India was the golden country that the westerners were always in search of, todays India, especially urban India, is nothing but a gutter (if you have eyes to see past the artificial affluence). But that is an outward scenario. Lhasa and the Tibetans suffered at the hands of the Chinese, because that place and its people had Karma to work out.... and so it is with every country, place, and its inhabitants.

You see what you want to see, if you were able to see true reality, you'd never keep yourself in the place of judgement. I read an interesting take recently in one of the new age channelings... about how the souls of white racist american slave owners had chosen to be born in recent times as black americans living in abject poverty. It's the souls play of karmic give and take, a simple case of cause and effect. It is the soul who wants to live the other side and give back what it so forcibly took in another lifetime. Totally fascinating if you ask me.

Reincarnation just puts a full stop on all this judging. Who are we to say who is intelligent and who is not? If I was not a fool, how would you determine your own intelligence? IMO, intelligence is not the same as wisdom. Hence intelligence is more often than not associated with Power and, wisdom with compassion.


with intent,
much love, light and laughter,
"Humankind is More Alien to themself, than any race of this galaxy" I wouldnt get that much response If i stated this in the News.

There is no reason for Universal civilisations which live in Love to "Spread" their culture. There is No status in Love, Love needs nothing because it contains All.

Thats it...

Good on ya, Ben-Arion!... I particularly love these wise words from you:

"There is No status in Love, Love needs nothing because it contains All."

And so be it.
Well said Ben-Arion!



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