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I joined to learn,to grow and become aware spiritually to know and to help others on their journey Also have ordered the new tarot set called The Sirian Starseed Tarot locally to help facilitate this growth process after reading good reviews and what it can do the images are really stimulating and will cause expanded consciousness.This is what attracted me to the group.Also among Native American people is star knowledge and they say one needs to raise one's vibration for what is coming also I have both lived and followed their teachings and this only adds another layer to all of this.Thanks.

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I joined at first because most of my google quests for turth lead to ashtarcommand and it seemed like a good place for the inner pleiadian in first it was all about me and what i could learn. Now it about unity, love and letting other say whats

in there heart with out judgement. :)  years ago i learn to read tarot but I couldn't handle knowing my own future so i stopped.

ah, The Sirian Starseed Tarot  sounds fun, there are so many products out there now all aiming to facilitate some sort of growth internally....

i love native teachings too, the teachings are all around this world in many cultures,

a few of the cultures on earth right NOW holds the ascending keys,

its not just found in one place.... ;) <3



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