You want to be sure you're breathing clean air. But the typical face mask only provides protection through layers of filters. This is fine, but if you want to cleanse the air you inhale and exhale from microorganisms, you'll want to check out the UVMask. This mask uses the power of UV-C light and high-quality filters to purify 99.9% of the air you breathe in and out. Protect yourself and others with this cutting-edge mask.

This UV-C air-purifying mask sanitizes the air you inhale and exhale
UVMask UV-C air-purifying mask in use

If you live in a busy city or work in construction or a hospital, you need a face mask that can rise to the challenge. The UVMask UV-C air-purifying mask can. This unique wearable air purifier blocks both allergens and pollutants. Plus, it cleans the air that travels through it with UV-C LEDs.

We’ve seen a plethora of face mask designs in 2020—for pretty obvious reasons. But the UVMask is different from the other models we’ve seen so far this year. By now, you’ve probably heard about UV-C light’s sterilizing power that helps us quickly sanitize high-touch surfaces. But what about harnessing that power to clean the air? Sounds a little like science fiction, no?

It’s possible. The makers of UVMask integrated UV-C LEDs into its sterile vortex technology to filter and purify 99.9% of the air that passes through the mask. But this wearable air purifier doesn’t just sanitize, it also cleans the air through a high-efficiency filter that blocks dust, air pollutants, pollen, bushfire smoke, and tobacco. And this face mask does all that ten times faster than you can breathe.

This wearable air purifier sterilizes

The company’s Kickstarter campaign points out that UV-C light has been used for sterilization for decades in the medical and industrial fields. But the light has never been practical for consumer air sterilization until now. UM’s patent-pending Sterile-Vortextechnology concentrates the UV-C light on the air you breathe and filters 99.9% of it in real time. Because glass parts can reduce UV-C light transmission, UVMask’s Sterile-Vortex employs sapphire crystal optics and high-precision chip manufacturing in each UV-C light.

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask on a Woman in a Lab

The filters help you breathe pure air

But this UV-C air purifying mask doesn’t just zap harmful bacteria from the air. It also prevents particles like pollen, dust, pollutants, and smoke from entering your lungs. This UV-C air-purifying mask achieves this with CE-FFP2 air filters, which block more than 95% of PM0.3 particles. That includes VOCs and other microscopic particles up to 100 times smaller than a grain of flour. The UVMask filters can protect you for 40–50 hours before the efficiency starts to lower.

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask on a Woman Wearing a Scarf

The face covering offers dual-way air purification

One of the main reasons we wear masks nowadays is to protect others from pathogens we may carry. No one wants to be responsible for the spread of disease. The UVMask helps you out there, too, since it purifies both the air you inhale and exhale. That’s right, it cleans the air as you exhale it. This is especially helpful for asymptomatic individuals. With this air purifying face mask, you’ll be doing your part to keep yourself and those around you healthy.

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask on a Man

This protective gear lets you breathe easily

At first glance, the UVMask looks like a pretty enclosed face covering. With its few visible holes, it’s hard to imagine how a person could breathe from it. The mechanically enhanced vortex, however, allows your breathing to be natural and comfortable while keeping a minimalist aesthetic. The typical cloth face mask, on the other hand, blocks your nose and mouth with tight cotton fibers, restricting your airflow. Breathability is an important factor in determining how effective a face mask is. Because, let’s be honest, if you feel like you’re suffocating, you’re more likely to pull your face covering off at the wrong moment.

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask on a Black Background

It’s comfortable to wear

In addition to letting you breathe naturally, this face mask also boasts soft, medical-grade silicone that hugs your face comfortably. This also creates a 100% airtight seal and ensures any air you breathe enters the dual-way filters. Even better, the mask’s straps are adjustable and can be worn two ways: over your ears and behind your head.

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask

UVMask UV-C Air Purification Mask on a Black Background

It can handle being dropped

You won’t have to worry about dropping your UVMask. That’s because the hardcover front shell is drop- and scratch-resistant. So even if you’re a little accident prone, you can still be sure the Sterile-Vortex will work properly. You can also use this UV-C air-purifying mask in the rain since it’s certified to IP54. And in terms of batteries, two 1,200 mAh Li-Po batteries give you enough power for up to six hours of continuous use. With the fast-charging USB-C port, it’ll be ready again in less than 90 minutes.

If you’re looking for a mask that does it all (and aren’t we all?), this UV-C purifying mask is it. It purifies the air you breathe in and out in real-time. That’s a pretty impressive gadget. It also protects you from VOCs, allergens, dust, and more. As a city dweller, I know what face mask I’m adding to my EDC wish list.

The UVMask air-purifying face mask costs $99, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter.