I find it hard to believe that most of people around me hates me for no reason.
I mean when I'm with my friends it feels like I don't belong with them, does some of you
experienced this kind of air? I don't really get what's the point of living, and .....

I asked to myself.

Is this all we have in life? Going to sleep, waking up in the morning, eating, playing,surfing the net, going to school,etc. I know there's something more that meets the eye. And this things keeps me frustrated.
I don't know what way I'm leading myself in. Even if I always think it positively. I'm glad to be in this social group for me to know my inner being and I need Guidance..


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  • Thank you so much for the inspiring words James Ryan...:)
    God bless you!
    • Hi Shelly,

      Yes, I can really see that, you're right. People nowadays have that negative traits you just mentioned which I don't really find good for my health. lol..I'm still meditating and praying for spiritual growth, to sharpen my mind and spirit, but this negative people kinda blocks my stairway to Awaken my spirit fully.
      Thanks for giving me some guidance, I should look for my purpose, and yes continue my earthly duties and NEVERMIND this judgemental people.
      Appreciate it much Shelly!
  • Dear fellow traveler:

    hate is not the word - they may not now understand you as they once thought they did because you are on another
    level of this game called life. The fact that you are within this group of people in the AC who support you and are
    eager to give you guidance indicates your growth, you resonate at a different level than those friends and that is OK.
    You are not doing anything wrong nor are they.

    Do those things that give you joy: going for a bike ride, reading, looking at a rose, anything you like to do that puts a
    smile on your face and on your heart. This will lighten the heaviness of the 'hate' and it will disappear. You will find
    new people along your path who will see your brillance and be happy to call you friend.

    Yes, there is much more to existence than meets the eye. Most people are still asleep, but not you because you are asking questions and that is a good beginning. "frustrated" is a mind game but as you grow and discover the gem within
    you, that diamond hiding deep within, when you begin to see your inner beauty that frustration is replaced by a silent knowing that you are where you are to be and that the Universe and you are ONE in love. Then, it does not matter what
    others think of you because you will know yourself. Then all of us will have to stand back and put on our sunglasses
    because your inner brillance and love will blind us.

    Let your life path unfold for you, a little at a time, not too much at any time so that you can not handle it. That is how
    the universe works. If you understand this, you will not be frustrated and people will notice a difference in you.

    May the force be with you.
    [THEY]™ Made This
    • Thank you orbseeker, I'm really trying to make myself happy and forget about those things that make me sad and weak. Thank you so much for the concern..:)
  • Hi GreenEyes,

    Very glad to hear from you, And I am glad that someone led me and guide me on this site to help me find my inner peace and love! Thank you so much for the advice you all are giving to me, (heart expanding feelings) lol...Yes, you are very right , I shouldn't be thinking of what people say to me as long as I am being ME, and not hiding myself on pretensions....
    Love, peace and light to you! Have a blessed d ay! <3 keep in touch!
  • Sometimes, if not most times I find it easy to get along with the "unawakened" by seemingly coming down to their level. But at the same time, love them for who they are and the path they are on. Most people you can't show your true self to, only because they are not on the same level. Which is okay. They don't know how they make you feel, sadly. But the fact that you can see through that aspect alone gives you a kind of responsibility to take what thy say and do with a grain of salt. That doesn't mean you need to surround yourself wiu negative people, it just means that you are aware that they don't know what they're doing. When I actually try to open up just a miniscule amount to most people, I get that weird vibe from them. And I know what my boundaries are with certain people. I know it's hard living day to day life not being around people like you, who understand you. But it's also a good learning experience to endure, and to examine who you really are in this world. A good quote I cant remember from where, "In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are, is not". Remember that! And know that in the true scheme of things, you are loved more than comprehension :)
    • Hi Jacqueline, all of what you just said are true, I love the way you people connect with my inner self here. Yes, we should accept people of who they are. Knowing that they don't know what they're doing most of the times and the things that they do to hurt people's feelings. I will surrender all this problems unto the lord and continue to fight on with my goals and purpose in life. I like that quote, very inspirational. Thank you and I'm glad for your company Jacqueline.

      May the force, light and love be with you!
      Godspeed! :)
  • i know what you mean. may god bless you.
    • Thank you Sabertoothcat, God bess you as well! :)
  • Hey Light Cuevas :)

    I was just reading a science article on the net,and someone in there mentioned the difference between and hypothesis and a theory. A hypothesis is an idea of how things might be yet it is unsupported by evidence that proves it,and a theory is a hypothesis that has been researched and has evidence that does support it as being valid.

    Reading your post there,I was thinking in terms of a scientist.

    You say there that find it hard to believe that people hate you for no reason. There might be a good reason for that....it might not be true :) You say there,that "You Feel" as if they hate you. So.....you have these ideas running around in your head,and these "feelings'. Its like a mad scientist running around doing crazy things based on an idea and he's got it all wrong!

    Have you asked your friends and family if they hate you? Why dont you talk to them and ask them?

    You have opened up and communicated with us here on the board and found that we dont hate you. Try communicating openly with those close to you and discover the truth of it. Just ask them flat out-Do you hate me? And they will say WTF are you talking about? And you say I feel weird,sometimes I feel like you hate me. And they will ask why.....and you will all be a little closer to understanding each other afterwards.

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