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WHOSE SKIN ARE YOU IN ...For Those Wearing Animal Skin ...POWERFUL MESSAGE

The poem was written and performed by myself, Phoebe Frampton.

The footage is from: myself, PETA, Animal Protection Norway, Vegan Dude
Music: BenSound (royalty free)

Find out HOW & WHY to go vegan here:


Phoebe's instagram: @veganmagick
Jimmy's instagram: @jimmygalan

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Here she is making a clear point and if does not stop you from wearing animal skin then you are an uncivilised, cruel and heartless being who is surely not a human being but more of an evil alien on this planet 

Here is another point that I would like to make : 

There are a lot of people going to places of worship like Sikh and Hindu temples wearing animal products  ..shows how bloody cut throats idiots they are and if this is the Mode that they are going to places of worship then God will surely not hear their prayers.

Those killing animals, those eating animals, those selling animal products and those wearing animal products are all murderers and if you want to get the murderer tag out of you then you need to change and become a human being.

Time will come soon when the hunters will be haunted and I hope you have changed before this time comes

How would you like to see someone in your skin...not very nice is it ?



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