who knows

Hello everbody,

To introduce myself I am Evelien and I am 47 years old living in the netherlands.

I came here , because I am searching the Internet.

About half year ago I met someone on the internet who woke me up and said that I had to sperate myself from myself to find the thruth.

He did a mindgame where I was confrontated with myself and actions, and I had to go treu all my pain to forgive and to see, was not a easy thing to do, and for a weaks the tears rolled over my face.

Than he told me I was choossen by God and he was send, and that was mindblowing for me, because I believed in a higher power , but had nothing with religion and became confussed and thinking why me, and could I trust this man in what he says... and till this day I do not have his real name or know where he comes from... I do trust him first out off a kind of wanting to know more but we connected everyday and I started to trust him because I had experiences when I talked to him, I had a moment of so much joy and saw me flying treu the trees and all the plants where big and had more colors, I had to work with a lot of people on a gold traingel and I saw one golden ring and it had a lot off smal goldenrings that where connected and round the bigger ring there where so beautifull and  so I read a lot of books to understand him and to know why and what is happening,

I have to prepare for a task that is there for me and I do not know what it is yet, it will be revieled to me when the proces has begon, and than I know all, he said.

On the internet so many are screaming and telling and most of it is fear intended and the spirituel and connection that there are are not telling me if they have had the same experience or know what I am talking about.

I noticed also by the man who talks with me, he is warning me also for thing to come  and that we all have a choice and yes confurming the help that is arround us and the counsel of the pleiade , I have seen a meeting and been there as one off another experience

Sometimes it is like  thinking that I am going crasy and that my fantasie is going wild

So I look for people with the same experience or know what I am talking about

I love to have some respons on this, because I talk with people arround me but they look at me with nothing there eyes and so stuck in there ways it is hard for me to live in two different worlds and I feel a need to share and expand because the man I am talking to does not give me direction and there is silence more than talks when question I have can not be answert by him , I have to find my own truth

maybe a strange story, but thanxs for reading and for any support

Love and blessings Evelien

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  • Moonshine, you are a most beautiful lady and it is a blessing for us to be able to share friendships and enlightenment with you!8114192887?profile=original

  • 8114192680?profile=originalSeven Ladies - Pleiades

  • Thanxs silas. it is more help than you know, always good to know that there are people who understand what I am talking about

    Blessings my brother and may it give peace to you that you can always talk to me, maybe not much help but hope it feels as good as your message

  • Welcome! Your experiences are quite the steps, I'm glad to see that we get more people on here! Together We face the impact! Question is... 'What sort of impact?'.

    Oh, you're not alone when you're thinking you're the only one going crazy but at least this extraordinary site proves we're not and feel as welcomed!
  • I can regcgonize myself in these words and it is indeed the faith that pulls us treu, and so nice and full off love your words that it is a comfert to know , some days I am thinking I am going crazy

  • Wow what a pleasure to meet you!  I'm not sure about the man so I won't speak about him but I have a group here called Triangles and we deal with Triangles of Light to bring down Light for Gaia.  It sounds to me as if you are an earth healer... and naturally in tune with the world around you.  How lovely?  The golden rings you saw was the flower of life, beautiful and a good sign for you.  Sometimes we need to wake up gradually because our minds would blow up if we suddenly discovered who we really are and what we do when we "sleep"... Do you see vortexes?  Can you talk to trees or nature beings and animals? 

    People will always challenge you and who you are, here are some good people who can help but please don't be put off by some people here who are spiritually empty and may make you feel badly about your experiences. We're not all like that :)  Lol, you've got to have a sense of humour.

    You are a spiritual soul having a physical human experience :)  Bless you.

    • thank you for the kind and open words that is off comfert and gives me little peace and explainations and yes I can see vortexes and the golden ring the flower I do know but it wasn't like that it was one circel and on that circel where small circels o lot of them like you have a bracelet with rings on it. , do not take with trees but nature gives another power can walk bye a grassfield and become overwelmed by the beauty I see, so earth healer sounds good to me and the man told me I had to stay here when all is happening to built up what has been broken down and I see myself flying and fill the earh with trees and green.but this is in meditations , again thanxs for all your words of love and  be blessed in your way

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