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  • hey moonshine blessings

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April 14

About Yourself

I have always been a spritueel being but this last year there has been a bigger awakening and things on my path like things I have seen \and experience , the golden circels and the golden triangel and the experience off the joy , I am taking it all in and work with it step by step and are meditating and this is another step closer, I am 47 years ols and a creative person making music and paintings, live has been a struggle when you have experiences and no one who you can talk to

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I came in contact with someone who toldme I was chosen to be woken up and that there is a task for me and at first he yold me I had to seperate myself froom myself and there was a mindgame that gave me a mirror and I had to go treu a lot off pain I had in myself and than came also yhe reading I had suddenly a great interest in books and what I at first could not understand was easy to take in and read a lot of books and listend to a lot of speakers and all the things arround 2012

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Nov 2, 2020
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"Hallo Klaas welkom"
Dec 10, 2012
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Aug 10, 2012
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"Thanxs Kelly , and everone who has helped me to understand"
Jul 4, 2012

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"The greatest love/kindness/safety/respect/care ultimately comes from truth. Again, Lightworkers have a responsibility to point out harmful influences, including what amounts to out and out prejudice and lies."
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"The planet's vibration is already raised. It's the collective vibration that is catching up, to come into sync with the Ascended Earth.
Disengaging isn't necessarily the way to go, I agree Loki (though for some it might be, depends on soul plans…"
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"The planet's vibration isn't going to be raised without our collective, concentrated effort to eradicate negative energies and influences. In my experience, most attempts to get others to disengage from politics are disingenuous - most people have…"
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"Hi Nick, thanks for your words: "Only response we can give is living in the now and showing others the same. That could be helping somebody, making somebody laugh or acts of kindness. These little ripples can create the largest currents".

So true,…"
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