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Four and a half years ago I just so happen to start working the same day as a certian beautiful women at a nameless major seafood restaurant. We quickly became best of friends, as I do with most women, and then much more than that. She for several weeks told me about "The Secret" which was gaining some popularity, and at the same time it seemed like atleast three to four tables a week were coming in and tellling me about this book aswell. The day I decieded to listen to the messages from these people and this wonderful women, was the last day anyone ever told me to purchase the book. Once again, coincedence, there's no such thing (to quote my favorite of lyricist/singers). This was only the opening of the rabbit hole, from then on it's been a long strange decent into a world of wonder madness oddities and general confusion. Only to be held firm to a thirst for more, and an undeniable understanding that I have both always known these truths, and in someway experienced them to the fullest extent. I would say I've always been slow going to catch on to anything, not because I'm a late bloomer, but because simply put I'm to damn preoccuppied with what I want to do to worry about what people are telling me. I now know in my more awakened state that maybe it's a smart idea to listen to the messages coming in threes ;). Anyways . . . . . to get back to the story. As time progressed I became fascinated with both the I-ching and the tarot, then it progressed to meditation. With the understanding that needing an outside source to divinate the future was not as benefitial to cultivate an inner knowing of what what the eternal moment of now was saying.

                  As meditation progressed for several months came the first a several intenese experiences beyond the current 3d explanations. First was an event that I can only call being touched by an angel. As I sat in a deep state of meditation upon my bed an image of a lovely happy blissful women came floating down into my mind. She came to my side with an ocean of flowing pink glittering hair, she smiled the greatest smile I've ever seen or thought ;) she then kissed me on my cheek hugged me and then sat inside me, yes I said sat inside me. That was the first time I expierenced true universal oneness, in this lifetime upon this wonderful earthly plane. Sense then things have not been the same, my dreams have become stranger and stranger, with which I would love to share in more detail. I've had dreams from experience the true nature of god, to watching other peoples dreams within my own, to talking to beings that were probably not of this state of reality. All of which I'm guessing will not sound strange in anyway to the poeple of this website.

                    Anyways to continue the story of me, I'll be the first to be honest and admit that I have struggled with drug addiction, mainly marijuana, and mainly for the reason of the escape from this thing we call the illusion of life. I have now happily changed and can say that I have removed marijuana and drugs from the story of my life. The last few years have been spent studying the true nature of the dark cabal that has gripped this planet in a false sense of control. Everything from the work of project camelot, and Dr. Steven Greer with the disclosure project. To my recent finding of the channeled messages of The Glactic Federation of Light messages through youtube and the Komurusan channel. All in all the once small rabbit hole as become a gapping canyon of truth knowledge and all things outside of the current framework of modern understanding of reality. So I Matthew or The Foos as most call me, am here to look for like minded souls, star seeds, and other awakened humans to understand better what role we play, and how we might use our talents to help the world change to the full awakening that is happen. Much love and peace friends, I am with you in the journey of releasing the illusion that has bothered us all for such a long long time.


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  • nice story matthew, you are a pure heart tell me, how are you feeling today?
    • I am feeling great today, its dawned on me the tension I feel both within body and mind is from resisting the very essence of myself. So in an effort to better myself and move forward in growth and expansion I've begun making moves to be more myself. Plus there is new music to be heard and that is always a good thing for my soul. How are you friend, I was told by holly matthews to look you up on this here ashtar command. So far I have to same I'm very impressed with the integrity of this social network, its nice to have a place where everyone is on the same page of truth knowledge and growth of both a personal and societal level. We may call it different things, or experience it in different ways but were all allowing of each other, which is mighty cool thing. So tiamacious how are you today.
      • I'm great!! I was sending you lots of love!
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