Hi folks. John here to present another interesting thought for you. I had the inkling to write about this and ask you guys this question, because I think it's interesting: who do you feel you were in a past life?


I'm sure all of us have a sense of who we were, at least generally. I'm sure all of us have some strange interest in a certain time period, or a certain group of people, or certain events that have happened in history. For those that have been here for a long time at least, some of us might be pure star seeds, birthed here only in this life to be of service. But, I have a feeling most people here have human roots that stretch back many lifetimes. So, who do you feel you were? What time, or place, or people do you feel drawn to?


Like for me, I feel certain that I had a life during WW2, as a soldier. I've always had a huge fascination with that time period, and with the events that happened. I always felt at some level that I was there. I'm not sure who exactly, though I have a strong feeling that I was an SS Nazi! I'm not joking. Either that, or a Russian soldier.


It's interesting because my brother since he was little has been plagued with headaches, for no real reason. He also had recurring dreams of being a soldier in WW2, hiding under a bridge, and then being found and shot in the head. Apparently from what he said, he went to this psychic lady, and without even telling her about the dreams, she told him that he was a soldier in his past life who had been shot in the head, that's why he had his headaches. So, it's interesting, and I know I was a soldier with him in that time period.


I also since I was little had a great love for black people. All my best friends growing up were black. I just identified more with them than other people. I remember reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X and feeling like the past struggles of blacks for equality was also my struggle. I am now certain that I was, at one point, a black slave. I don't know when, but I'm sure I was. It's also interesting, the contrast, of being a black slave oppressed by white people, to then being a Nazi white supremacist, interesting balance there.


I also feel a strange connection to Arabs. I'm certain I was an Arab in some previous life, and devout Muslim. I also feel at one point I was a hermit, or a monk. I also feel like I had a life back in Ancient Greece, probably as a statesman. I can go on but I think that's enough for now.


So who do you feel you were? What strange connections or feelings do you have, for certain places, or time periods, or peoples, or events? Or do you feel like you have had no past lives here on this Earth, and have come directly from other civilizations as a star seed? Share with us, more of who you are. I'm interested to hear your story!

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      • Ha! Me too.  I always tell people that I have the HUGEST inability to be serious for extended periods of time (i.e. more than 10 minutes).  And this doesn't quite fly in academia, but oh well, I roll with it.  Cheers to goofy folks!
  • Thank you for sharing John!  I remember nothing.  Then just over a year ago I had a dream...I was told I was the re-incarnation of the queen to the king of Nibiru.   This obviously gave me great reason to investigate the subject... the past was brought into my presence for a reason.   Our recorded planetary history... whose story version do you want to hear?  And after listening to all story versions...I felt the truth out.  <3

    In this eternal moment...I am love.  I love you John Jancar!




  • I have had a few dreams and both in different time peices. In one dream I was a british female archeologist in the year 1911 taking a picture with the local yogis in india. I have had dreams of the 1800's and I am a servent, and the owner of the land was a cheat. I also believe, I lived 2,000 years ago and have a connection to biblical times. Strong connection to biblical times and always have.....Native American past life, and slave as well.......


    I do believe I have been a monk because of my strong pull toward the martial arts, and a yogi as well. I also think, I have been animals, aquatic in nature. It is interesting I keep visualizing people putting me back in water and I swim to my people or be in a tank with water......


    I also have this weird karmic thing happening with some people that makes me wonder what the heck happened between us during a past life.....where we witches and made a pact of some sort, was this person my mother and she killed me, was or is this a present day witch hunt being carried out....hope this karma clears soon messing with my life...;(


    what I want to remember is off planet lives.....

  • Hi, Humans.

    I was Jesus Christ.

    Please, don't kill me again.


    • Also I was Hitler too.

      I tried to take revenge against Jews.

      I hope my father Yahweh (or the Butcher) can forget what I did to them. :(


      P.S.  If he forgives me, I will forgive him for having forsaken me 2011 years ago. :/

  • I was Donald Duck; then I died & Time Warped back to the present in my current embodiment, but that was just before I had one life time as King Tut (I had to employ Reverse Double Time Warp technology to achieve this), wherein I Time Traveled to 2,198,900,899,857978,971 AD  just to mess around for awhile, & get a smoothie.

    But seriously, Whooooo cares???? 

    Such questions of Who we were are such folly & typically ways for the ego to embellish itself & just another distraction from finding out Who you are Now. Thats the question you want to be asking.

    Far better to ask & ponder the eternal question..............Who Am I?............... (Now) 

    When you answer that question, all else falls away, and there are no more questions (for the moment).


    Peace & Blessings to All...........Starman




    • Well I think peoples stories are important, and I treat everyone I meet as if they are important, because they are! And I'm important too. I'm not one of those "I won't talk about myself, because I don't want to pretend like I'm so important" types, I know I'm important, and I carry myself that way. The thing is, everyone is important. So why play small, why pretend like you aren't? I believe in humility, but not to a point where you downplay your own importance.


      That being said, how can you know who you are now, if you don't know where you came from. And if you don't know where you came from, and who you are now, then how can you know where you're going? That's why I believe an in depth study of history is important, to get a real appreciation for the human story, and all the things which have led us to where we are now, on the brink of a huge leap forward in evolution!


      And I bring that down to the micro level too, and individually, all our histories are important, so we can understand now where we are, as souls and as physical humans. A study of race is important, of language, or religion, of every facet of physical life. And, a study into ourselves to know who we are, as souls, and also, where we have been, as souls. So, sorry Starman, I think you're confused, but I do thank you for sharing!

  • Gidday John,

    My daughter, when she was about three, told me that she was my grandmother and that I would do as she said, not the other way around :-o

    My youngest son and his best mate when they were around the same age came out into the kitchen with little toy boxing gloves on (they were his friends father's from when he was a child) and proceeded to have a 'pretend' boxing match.  This was like watching some old time boxing, they didn't connect any punches but pretended too, and also pretended to get hit and fall down and take a count and everything, sound effects included, they were only three at the most, they had never seen a boxing fight before, yet the way the 'acted it out',  was incredible, my friends and I without a doubt thought that they had done this before in a past life!

    As for me I cannot remember any past lives specifically, I would love to find out though :-)

    Cheers Karen

  • It's interesting reading everyone's stories.  Fascinating :)

    I have memories of being transported on a convict ship to Australia.  I was a prostitute/thief, was probably tried at the Old Bailey and imprisoned in Newgate Prison.  For some reason, being on the Thames comes to mind.  I have feelings of being utterly filthy & only on the long voyage out, becoming physically clean, cleaner than I ever was in London.   I became pregnant on ship by one of the crew, but this did not turn into a lasting relationship, just for the duration of the voyage.  I feel a connection with Sydney/Parramatta area.  To this day, I'm fearful of London. 

    • Wow, that's something else, RedGirl. And you still fear London to this day. It's amazing how issues and phobias from past lives carry on to our current life. That's why I don't agree with people who say, well all babies are born perfect, with a clean slate, and we kind of just learn from our environment, that's not entirely true. We all are born with certain things, certain issues, a certain personality, a certain mission and destination..based on the lives we've lived, and of course our soul agreements, life plans, our soul essence, and all that stuff. That's what I believe at least. I do believe though this lifetime is the lifetime to clear away all the old stuff, and really rebirth ourselves into higher evolved beings, and take that next step in our evolution. So all old fears have to be swept away, so try and conquer that fear of London that you have, and make peace with all that has happened to you in your past. Thanks Redgirl :)
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