Hi folks. John here to present another interesting thought for you. I had the inkling to write about this and ask you guys this question, because I think it's interesting: who do you feel you were in a past life?


I'm sure all of us have a sense of who we were, at least generally. I'm sure all of us have some strange interest in a certain time period, or a certain group of people, or certain events that have happened in history. For those that have been here for a long time at least, some of us might be pure star seeds, birthed here only in this life to be of service. But, I have a feeling most people here have human roots that stretch back many lifetimes. So, who do you feel you were? What time, or place, or people do you feel drawn to?


Like for me, I feel certain that I had a life during WW2, as a soldier. I've always had a huge fascination with that time period, and with the events that happened. I always felt at some level that I was there. I'm not sure who exactly, though I have a strong feeling that I was an SS Nazi! I'm not joking. Either that, or a Russian soldier.


It's interesting because my brother since he was little has been plagued with headaches, for no real reason. He also had recurring dreams of being a soldier in WW2, hiding under a bridge, and then being found and shot in the head. Apparently from what he said, he went to this psychic lady, and without even telling her about the dreams, she told him that he was a soldier in his past life who had been shot in the head, that's why he had his headaches. So, it's interesting, and I know I was a soldier with him in that time period.


I also since I was little had a great love for black people. All my best friends growing up were black. I just identified more with them than other people. I remember reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X and feeling like the past struggles of blacks for equality was also my struggle. I am now certain that I was, at one point, a black slave. I don't know when, but I'm sure I was. It's also interesting, the contrast, of being a black slave oppressed by white people, to then being a Nazi white supremacist, interesting balance there.


I also feel a strange connection to Arabs. I'm certain I was an Arab in some previous life, and devout Muslim. I also feel at one point I was a hermit, or a monk. I also feel like I had a life back in Ancient Greece, probably as a statesman. I can go on but I think that's enough for now.


So who do you feel you were? What strange connections or feelings do you have, for certain places, or time periods, or peoples, or events? Or do you feel like you have had no past lives here on this Earth, and have come directly from other civilizations as a star seed? Share with us, more of who you are. I'm interested to hear your story!

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  • lol Well thanks Kiara for taking the time to share some of yourself. I do get that vibe from you, that you aren't..you know...just a regular human like me lol You are much more sweet and innocent...unblemished by past lives as a human, if you will. So I get why you feel like this is one of your first lives here. It's tough here, but, you get used to it after a while lol


    And you feel you were a Princess? Aw that's cute lol Princess Kiara! Maybe you were even a dolphin princess. And I'll be honest with you, I do feel an angelic vibe coming from you. And I mean, not just because you mentioned it, but even before, just reading your other posts, I got that sense, like a divine vibe, an angelic vibe. Well welcome to Earth, angel! It's tough here, but again...you get used to it lol And if you like royalty, this is the place to be, I believe firmly we human beings are royalty of creation.


    Again, thanks Kiara for sharing :) <3



  • Wow Anja, that's all very amazing, and it's amazing how you seem to have a pretty clear overall picture of the lives you've lived. I couldn't tell you any details about my past lives, I just don't remember. I only have a very basic sense of who I was, but not anything that happened really. How do you get these memories of yours, from your third eye, you say. So they come to you in a vision? I would like to learn, so if you could give me some tips, I would appreciate it! Nonetheless, your stories are very fascinating, thanks for sharing them!
  • Yea, to be honest, Lea...you kind of have a gypsy feel lol Please don't take that in a negative sense. And if you feel an affinity with Mother Nature and the rainforest..maybe you were in a South American native tribe at one point, maybe even an Inca. And you feel you were a Venusian too, at one point...from the planet Venus! Wow lol That would be something. I still find it amazing how many of us souls are really star seeds, from other planets, way out in space. It's all grande to me, well life is grande isn't it! Thanks for sharing :)
  • Hi friends, I've been real busy lately, and don't have the time nor the will to really respond to you all personally right now, but I promise I will get to you eventually lol But I do want to say, it's interesting to read all your stories and ideas about who you were in past lives, and I thank you all for sharing your stories with me, and the rest of us here!
  • I am so glad you asked this question, because I have been trying to figure out just who I might've been more and more lately.  Every time I focus my intention on my past I always see pyramids, which doesn't help much because there are pyramids all over the damn place.  But I feel I have a special connection to Egypt.  I have been interested in it since I was tiny.  But I don't think I have been anything spectatcular, lol.  I think I may have been a healer of some sort at one time.  And perhaps a sexual therapist? a sex slave? something to do with sex? lol.  (I'm hoping for the therapist).  Lastly, I think I *must've* been an educator of some sort.  And a really tall white dude with a giant beard...which is totally the opposite of what I am now.  I have dreams and meditative visions of all of these positions. 
  • So true!  My guide has whispered & shouted to me at times:  "Don't repeat the past in the future!"
  • I Am just Plain Goofy now. 

    I Am That I Am...........Starman

  • Oh!, I forgot to mention, I also had an incarnation as Daffy Duck.  Some say I still Am That I Am That I Am. I couldn't possibly disagree...........Starman
    • The Lord's, you've defined it right: it IS a pointless stone rolling, and yet it is our fate that each of us personally chose. Once we left our real Home in spiritual world in association with God personally, we fell down into endless cycle of birth and death, taking one body after another, forgetting about our real Home, forgetting about how to go back Home, forgetting about anything. Since we identify with any material body that we take, we forget everything when this body drops dead. Yet the mental and emotional memories keep on living in a form of subtle body. But when we leave one body and take another, we become unconscious, we can hardly remember something, which we sometimes feel as 'resonance', but in general our material existence is totaly inauspicious, extremely hard and painful.

      So everybody should use every second of this lifetime to find the way back to Home, back to Godhead, and not to some other planet or star system where you can only continue this karmic drama where everythng is already seen, heard, and felt. We're chewing the chewed and nobody seems to be fed-up with it. We have all changed billions of different bodies and forms of existence by now and as per myself, I am tired, very tired of that. Good luck to all of you who are not yet tired of all this.

    • Oh, and I've been Goofy too.  Come to think of it..............., having been Goofy in a prior life explains a lot about this lifetime and Who I Am today;  just plain Goofy.

      I Am That I Am...........Starman


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