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Who could it be now? Who can it be now? Men at Work Mandella effected

Who could it be now?  What do you remember?

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Stick  Just another version of cognitive dissonance

~Excellent & thought provoking analysis, brother Luke. I'm loving it as well... definitely curious where this corridor of the Rabbit [email protected] will lead. Also excited to see where Lash will take it... 

I'm glad your not looking for a fight that isnt my intention either,and when I say morons its not personal attack its a generalisation of how people can create major imperfections in their ability to comprehend things in their reality & even though I do believe in multidimensionality this is not whats happening here... I can however explain to why this so called  'Mandela Effect' is happening and its not actually a phenemena its a human mind condition of perceptions..its termed as 'Selective Attention' condition..I'll post a discussion on it and link it below so you and others can then understand whats happening..

Exactly they just follow suit with what ever everyone else is doing [or singing in this case],not paying attention to the fact they were singing the wrong words..

amazing -green light on top-this mandella thing could be an awakening tool now

Yeah, green light in a different position than I remember it awell. I think the Mandela Effect IS an awakening tool, rather it makes people pay attention to the fact that something important is occuring and I go along with the Gnostic vision of the M.E. presented by John Lash. There are many explanations of it and I accept everyones theory or belief but those who don't get it or deny it are simply not ready to accept that it's happening, they ignore it, deny it and dismiss it even though it's in their face. Moreso, they display their own negativity and then twist it. Same old story, some folks can't handle the truth, there are enough examples of the Mandela Effect all over the Internet yet they still can't see the wood for the trees. The Mandela Effect stretches into many different catagories, not just song lyrics or what people hear in a song. I suppose the next accusation will be that we can't see properly or that our eye sight is bad even though we can all see perfectly clearly, that company logos have changed, like the Ford logo, the Volkswagon logo, a lot of product company logs have changed, movie scenes have changed, traffic lights have changed (literally) and that all the visual Mandela Effects are merely happening because we have bad vision? I beg to differ. I suggest they open their eyes and see, more importantly, they open their minds and realize.

Luke-I posted this on another post-these two guys are having fun making a discussing mfx-

Luke-s -a- f- e- t- y -was 'you can dance if you want to' now we can dance if we want to'

I remember "You can dance if you want to" and a lot of people remember it as "You can dance"... Mandela Effect is wild!!

California Dreaming.... (l love the song by the way)

Residual evidence......

Luke in response to your comment..Maybe Practise what you preach and stop yourself being ignorant & attacking someone with a difference of opinion to you of this phenomena,as its a known factual human mind condition,your acting like your being a puppet in society by doing it to..of course logo's change,products change and company's do that all the time,just as a band is allowed to change it's members,advertisers can do what they like with their products by changing wrappers & slogans etc,dosn't mean its a alternate reality..its all part of your reality & changes within it that maybe are just subtle and you didn't notice it happen.. it's not to do with bad vision either.. its to do with how your mind & consciousness works,whats important to you and what isnt..did you even click the link I provided on 'Selective Attention' ,if you did you'd understand.. but I doubt you I think you just ignored it,cos it came from questioning your mindset,as it appears you'd rather bicker than read & learn how actual human minds work & just agree with a false impression from others on mass of this reality or consciousness that others are spreading and naming as this 'Mandella Effect' ..

Jesus what rock did you crawl out from under? Are you finnished ranting now? I don't click links shared by people who are stuck in their self appointed holier than thou phaze, especially when they're full of hypocrisy and double standards, okay.. I have my own perspective on the Mandela Effect and thats enough for me, if you don't like it, then too bad. Go find something else to do instead of comming straight out of left field with your personal gripe. As regards the Mandela Effect, who gives a [email protected] what your perspective is, or what my perspective is, or what anyones perspective is? I don't care, I enjoy my own understanding of it and I feel happy to follow my own path, I'm not demanding anything of anyone, okay? Deal with it. Follow your own path ☥ Vlada ☥, be yourself and climb down from your self appointed holier than thou pedestal. If you're not here to fight, as you say, then don't look for one!!  Nuff said.



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