Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, sisters and brothers. Where is Christ Mother/Father GOD? We are each and every one of us, Two Hearts living in synergy as ONE expression of Mother/Father GOD(E=MC2) with the GOD Self shining within and throughout in our emotional growth as we live in our Space/Time awareness. Father Time shines within us; one and all through our Higher Selves and into an astral expression of our Higher Hearts. The Living Mother is our expression of self awareness that holds the Space we are in our I AM presence. The Energy, or the (E)Motional expression that is the Love and Light of Mother/Father GOD we all are lives within us as the Mass we hold, moving as at the speed of light.

This (C)Speed of Light is who we are as carbon, crystaline or whatever dimensional density we hold in our Angelic DNA make up set apart only by the dimensional or worldly mastery we exist in, no matter if we are running, dancing or playing physically through life, flying through the Heavens in meditation or at rest in astral expression, we carry constant motion relative to the light and love that we are. It is our Energy.

The Love by Mother/Father GOD is gifted through water as the miracle blessing of birth. The Living Mother can also be renewed as a blessing through baptism. This is also a miracle of which helps us retain our highest light, or our individual blueprints that brings together all that we are. This Light of Father/Mother GOD lives within us and is balanced and processed through our Ethereal or Emotional Bodies. This is how we grow as ONE GOD; ALL THAT WE ARE as Humanity.

We are all, as individuals the Sacred Geometry that is Humanity. Within our Two Hearts that we are, we carry a magnetic expression of Conscious Thought and Sub-Conscious Mentality. Or in other words, we are all, each and every one of us, a Physical Heart and Christ Heart.

These Two Hearts align in synergy as our self-Awareness and/or Divinity. It is becoming more and more important to align with our Higher Christ Hearts in order to open up and cross that Veil of Secrecy. The Christ Heart rests approximately at the Thymus Gland and fills us with Light and Love into an empowerment of Mother/Father GOD within the Solar Heart Center.

Beyond the Magnetic Expression that we are as individuals, we are also created as Twin Pairs, or Twin Angelic Stars. We hold a responsibility to carry the highest light that we are as a blueprint to fill us all in our Ascending Mastery. This blueprint of Light lives within us as our own Faith of Father Time as we grown into this Self Mastery and move through whatever Space we occupy in honor of the Mother. This responsibility to honor our Mother Gaia is to 1st hold those Angelic Blueprints that manifest the Love we are gifted in Truth.

Understanding Absolute Truth as ONE GOD, it is our role as Humanity to align magnetically within ourselves, both in peace with our birthed incarnation as well as with the Angelic History which is carried through and within our Higher Self/Higher Heart. There is much work to be done in order to move into our Ascended Mastery. Not only do we have a responsibility to do this work within ourselves, this opens up our path of reuniting as Twin Stars or Higher Selves once again and that very expression that is our Higher Heart living within our incarnation. So is it true that within our incarnations here and now, WE ARE ALL THAT WE ARE in mastery here to make that journey into self-realignment into our highest light, or GOD Self; our blueprint.

The GOD Self tests us as the Ego Self and it lives within us, both as an Angelic, or Higher Self expression of who we are as well as within the incarnate Physical Self. We all grow in Time/Space within our (E)Motions, or Energy In Motion. There is a great deal of work to be done in order to realign with the Twin Self once again. He or She is part of you and you will find Him/Her through diligence of clearing the Ethereal or Emotional Self of which needs constant nurturing. There is a balance that must be maintained within us all and we need to be very careful not to be over protective as the Father or the Masculine Self and to always remember to allow those (E)Motions to process in the nurturing or Feminine Self. We carry as individuals both a Feminine and Masculine Emotional expression living within our bodies which is expressed as the Three Fold Flame; the Living Mother, the Living Father and the Golden Expression of which is Love in Truth.

Since the Fall of Man, we all descended as a test of growth as we are all children of GOD rising up from childhood. This is what the term "Fall in Love" comes from. We found love as children and spiraled for a great deal of magnetic cycles here in alignment with our Mother Gaia. We are now spiraling through a major cycle or shift into ascension to grow into adulthood, in wholeness or a full spectrum awareness that is the divine expression that we are. We fell as man, because we did not yet have the blueprints gifted to us by Father GOD. This is so that we could rise once more as ONE GOD; ALL THAT WE ARE to grow as Humanity. We need to realize that in a living expression of LOVE we must bring back trust and the Light of Father and to "Rise in Love" in ABSOLUTE TRUTH as Humanity. This trust of Charity is a gift that we must strive to share as within ones self and so then upon our Twin. Knowing her/him in a magnetic alignment of Conscious Thought and Subconscious Mentality will reflect upon Mother Gaia as the greatest gift we could ever return to her. This is our responsibility to her and the reason for our "Light Work" to fill our Hearts in Grace, gifting within us all, our new blueprints of ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

"In Grace, may we all shift together and carry Mother Gaia as she has always carried us all, avoiding any danger or unnecessary loss of life." ~ Jacob

Doing this work, realigning with the Twin Star or incarnate Twin Flame requires 1st opening the Veil of Secrecy. As we gain trust with our Higher Selves and earn a place on the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity of which is beyond the Bridge of (Sub)Consciousness. One is a Magnetic bridge of Thought and Mentality and one is a bridge that crosses us beyond the Abyss and aligns us with Mother/Father GOD.

As we cross the abyss on the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity, we face ourselves in judgement of our incarnation and align with Higher Self or Oversoul into understanding who we are in ABSOLUTE TRUTH, viewing ourselves in self judgement as the GOD Self.

Father/Mother GOD lives within us all as the Merkabah spinning at whatever frequency or density that we hold within our divine expression of the very Time/Space we occupy, set aside only by whichever dimensional worlds apart we reside. Mother Gaia aims high and guides us in our Ascending Mastery. This is represented in pyramids throughout our entire creation. Her Energy is channelled upwards. Equally so, Father Time aligns with the Space she fills as he has an equal pyramid that channels downward as Light into the Space that she fills of which both pyramids meet as one representing the Merkabah. Carrying within us, a living expression of Mother/Father GOD, we can all share One Voice in One Truth, expressed within our Hearts and contain the very Gravity enough to hold us all together from spiraling too far in each and every eternal cycle thereafter.

It is imperative to remember that we are part of that very space that Mother Gaia fills. Our Magnetics are Her Magnetics. Our thoughts, both Consciously and Subconsciously have a magnetic effect in alignment with her. This is our Sacred Geometry.

“Divine Mother, Divine Father... please help us all realign as your children magnetically and vibrationally with our twin pairs so that Mother GaIa can shift in Grace. Let our polarities, not set us apart, but to hold us together magnetically for a shift birthing truth in love into the higher dimensional ascended mastery of humanity once again." ~ Jacob

Where is Christ Mother/Father GOD? As we rise once more into higher dimensional awareness, we carry that Christ Self within our Higher Hearts. It is a gift of charity, hope, grace and divinity that we all have, living incarnate as Humanity.

Blessings of Love & Gratitude ♥ Jacob

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E=MC2 Explained We Are A Living Expression of Two Hearts
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One Sight, One Heart, One Mind, One Love, One Voice, Once GOD, One Truth
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  • Great to see you following your path brother without others distorting. Your teachings are needed my friend
  • The ascended consciousness is already here, as we've brought earth into the "photonic belt" Entering a wave of Light. This means our higher consciousness and re-union with Source.

    Recently I've found myself speaking in a different manner towards troubled human beings.

    Simple yet meaningful, effortless, like touching their souls. Also while meditating, my consciousness shifts into states of heavenly joy, from which I'm able to perceive beautiful light within every being. Every single one. Like a compassionate smile after seeing such beautiful children. Like being in love with human beings.

    Also, my old consciousness tries to take hold of me, by showing proofs of olds traumatic experiences, it tries to make me afraid, and aggressive. And it's having less impact every day.

    It's funny when people tells me I speak like an ascended master.

    Also, I'm becoming aware of my guides and the amount of information that's being sent back and fort on my personal experience, as it's with yours too. Like an angelic team I wasn't aware of. Before, I always thought I was alone in this.

    Of course there was a moment we entered the veil, in which earth was so far away from the "photonic belt" that our wave of high consciousness wasn't able to touch this particular creation. It felt pretty dark and lonely.

    As to the gods that inhabited this creation, they're currently shifting into our consciousness, since they've nothing to feed from, but light. The frequencies from which they used to feed, are no longer available, therefore some of them are working into our design now. Other more resilient might hold onto their old behaviours, but not for much longer in this state of starvation.

    Some of this old frames of consciousness were looking for an experiment of isolated consciousness, far away from Prime creator. That wasn't fair for human beings (incarnated prime creator) Therefore some forces decided to intervene.

    At this point the communication is quite clear between my brothers and sister, they're here the same way layers and layers of frequency are laid down upon an astral projection. We make new consciousness rain upon this "solid" frequency, seeding a realm of divine consciousness within the "physical" manifestation.

    New consciousness is born, and now some of us are being asked to seed this new consciousness, to share our light, by living our light. Which is what I've been doing for quite some time, to some deegre, without even noticing. Heavy people become light in our presence, with joyous hearts. As I've been told that people around is becoming aware, and so they share this consciousness with others, consecutively.

    Currently my times of positive manifestation, as peaceful states of joy and dreams in form of lighter frequency, taking shape into this more physical one, are becoming more tangible. Sustaining myself in Light, nurturing myself with my own love.

    It's beautiful to take a breath of unconditional love from the very air.

    • I really appreciate this response. Your Mental awareness is aligning with your Causal body. Try to look beyond the veil of secrecy as there is an abyss there too that yet we must carry our spirit over the rainbow of Divinity. We do this as individuals in self reflection of our lives in choices made in sin, regarding them as lessons or mistakes not yet mastered yet, but it is absolute truth that sets us free and knowing yourself as an "Ascending Master" is a beautiful thing, isn't it?! :)

      I wrote the following Aug 2012. I thought I'd share it here since you are keenly aware of those astral, causal and mental layers that bind us in this old prison system, but it is absolute truth I must say that allows us to tranverse beyond that 1st veil into understnding the Angelic Ego before we are ready to cross that rainbow beyond the abyss and to then truly know the GOD Self in judgment. May that be a beautiful experience for us all. This is not something to fear, but rather spectacle through time in witch we review the space we fill that light of god within. There is no more beautiful experience to transgress. 

      Here is what I wrote a few years back as a video description. The video is quite beautiful as well of a rising sun while speaking about this very topic:  


      HOW TO MEET YOUR STAR FAMILY TECHNIQUE: I created this simple technique several months ago and have been using it just about every night since. I speak from experience of this technique absolutely working! Beyond the instructions in the video, I would like to fill in some specific information about how this technique works. 

      The key is to intentionally raise your vibrations in loving embrace of oneself as well as setting your deliberate intent to rise above the Astral, Causal and Mental Layers of the 4th dimension. With the ever increasing cosmic energies and the changes being implemented to our DNA every day, so long as you retain the intent to ascend, you will be well on your way to expanding into your multidimensional awareness. 

      In absolute loving acceptance of all that you are and all that is, you will indeed rise above the old astral prison system and begin interacting with your Star Family. Tell them you are coming! Be specific about your deliberate intent, always ask for assistance and know that while shifting into the higher dimensions, if only temporarily during your sleep cycle, you will be among loved ones as that is your guarantee of falling asleep in loving embrace of your Heart Center! Please also read about FAITH below as it is only your own doubts and fears that will hold you back. 

      ABOUT FAITH -The Key To Ascension:
      As infinitely powerful Creator Beings, it is our responsibility to ourselves, to Gaia and to all of humanity alike to monitor and master our thoughts and emotions. True bravery is transmuting our Fears to Faith. When we are in Fear, this stems from all that is unknown or misunderstood to us. It is when we surrender our Fears to Faith that all these unknowns, concerns, doubts and all that we do not understand simply falls away. Faith is retaining this knowing within that all our desires will be fulfilled through the power of Nature and/or the Laws of the Universe. Faith cannot be learned, or taught. It can only be experienced, or chosen through your connection to your Divine Will, your Deliberate Intent and your connection to God.

      Faith is not something that can be given to you or ever will be provided to you as proof. It IS however and always will be rewarded and so far beyond your wildest imagination. Do not ask creator for proof my friends and instead, BE that proof. This is Faith. Just as with Happiness, Faith is as simple as a choice, but much more than simply choosing to be Happy. Happiness is the absolute loving acceptance of ALL THAT IS in the "Now Moment" A step beyond Happiness, Faith is surrendering to the knowing that your Happiness will indeed continue beyond the "Now Moment" allowing us to truly become ALL THAT WE ARE; from God to our atoms and everything in between! 

      You are a gift to humanity! Thank you for sharing! ~ Jacob

This reply was deleted.

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