Where are the perps who had all these people going on about ascension to the 5th d and how the earth would be in complete darkness followed by the earths transition into 5thd?


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  • Personally, I do  not like Clowns.  Most of them are so weird...they freak me out!   As far as the 5D worlds...bring it on, I am so ready to leave the drama of this 3D world behind.

    • I agree. I NEVER LIKED CLOWNS.Or people who have some kind of religious experience (once) and now believe they have a right to be the next Billy Graham or David Icke. Quentin Tarrantino (who now makes politically correct (i.e. lousy) movies) did a good one on this with Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction: "You will be a bum."

  • I just want to say that I am a reader of SaLuSa's channels and whether or not these messages were true or false, they helped me gain the motivation to stop drinking alcohol and smoking crap. Without that drive, I would still be ignorantly killing myself with these substances. That is well enough for me. :)
    • That's good, congrats on you're healing and growth
    • that's a good thing-your clearer mentally and probably energetically to act as a energy channel around you-hopefully you'll stay with the positive

  • Hi,

    They have worked for dark ones agenda. I would think most of them were cheated simply. Quite same for this website as well by removing members and subjects which are not allowed to talk/view.

    Please read "remember who you are" by david icke, 2012. There is a lot of information everyone should know. youtube of lion sleeps no more could get you started or check my blog for good youtube links.

    I can also share my thoughts if someone is interested.

    Love and light


    • Thank you Richard...

  • Yeah, completely agree with you Levi.  Every time I hear the ascension chamber thing mentioned I just chuckle and chuckle even harder when the fairytalers actually defend it. 

  • missing - longing

  • All colors complete a picture

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