trust your connection to the light in love, its the highest in the cosmos for us real E.T's, why else do you think we are here, we all know pure love fries the alians, the sixties was about fluctuating in and out of the 5th dimensions from the 4th, and some are still in 5d, then here goes the big one .................................................terestrrial television.... make up, singing about how to f+ck things up with cell phones hacking negativity in your brain, electric key meters that only click on when you feel negative, shops with tech thats designed to send basic spend craving so you buy stuff more confidently than normal i.e food.when was the last time anyone actualy read the ingredients in the products they consumed from food to hair gel right up to washing powder, even better plastic bottles are designed to poison you ANYTHING PLASTIC IS POISONUS from crisp packets to coca cola bottles the



act like transmitters for the manipulation tech to manipulate your personalities, even the clothes you wear, how many of you wear plastic or nylon, how many of you have looked at the side effects with honesty your water supply is whats manely screwing you, buy a decent water filter even plastic will be better because of how poisonus it is from alominium scraps right up to genetically engineered organisums that taste foul hidden behind an excuse to put something more discusting in it eg chlorine hoping no one will notice, at least stop hiding behind a dayly painted mask and start speaking the truth and watch what happens, where ground crew not kids bickering sorry for being bold but as a whole......




Please wake up and use the channnalling your recieving as well as writing about them.

il speed things up for you, reread some of your posts and mainly the multidimensional ones will realise that its allowing the love from within or go without up to you

  i know 100% that from ashtar command agree with above,

the time is now the for ascension right up to enlightenment. their already is 5d structures on this planet love and light

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  • perfect stargirl

    love and light to all may you feel love in your hearts

    spread your knowledge of love

  • Wow. Very powerfull and you are so right about everything you wrote.

    Can you explain one thing though, i googled eg BR 53 triangles but i couldn`t find anything, so what is curios.

This reply was deleted.

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