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When will the shift in the Mayan calendar system actually manifest?

Author: Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D. has dedicated his life to identifying the underlying evolutionary processes that govern human history and our individual lives.

The Mayan calendar system is a spiritual, or metaphysical, calendar system. Unlike all other calendars that have been devised on our planet it is not based on the physical reality in the form of astronomical cycles. This is why it is so special and so important to study, for those who want to understand more of human existence and how this evolves. So far no one has come up with any alternative time chart for evolution that has a similar power of prediction. As I have demonstrated in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization this calendar describes the shift points in the evolution of the human mind, or if you like, consciousness shifts. It is for this reason that – rightly understood – it is a superior guide not only to how life has evolved on our planet in the past, but also to how it may continue to do so in the future. It also follows from its non-physical nature that the inner shifts it describes do not always manifest in the external world on the actual metaphysical shift points, but only when these have become mentally grounded in the human beings. The human collective, and how we all in various ways are entrenched in and entangled with the power structures of society, creates inertia. This entanglement will sometimes delay the immediate manifestation of a new frame of mind in the external world.

Such a delay in manifestation is very much at hand at the current time despite the fact that the calendar shift of October 28, 2011 may be regarded as the most significant ever in the evolution of the human species. This delay especially applies to its civilization that has been developed by the rational left-brain mind during the past 5100 years of the so-called Long Count (or Sixth Wave). Yet, even if this shift was important it should now be clear that the metaphors of “the end of the world” or “the birth of a new world” for the end of this count were not correct. (See my article at It also deserves to be repeated that none of the predictions that were made regarding some physical event purportedly to happen on December 21, 2012, were based on ancient Mayan inscriptions, but were instead mind constructs of modern people. Again, the Mayan calendar is a metaphysical calendar, whose manifestations occur as a result of the maturation of new frames of mind. Thus, all things that happen in the physical world are secondary phenomena to shifts in consciousness according to the principle of “As inside- So outside”.

All that in fact originated from the ancient Maya regarding the shift was the Tortuguero monument 6. According to this inscription Bolon Yokte Kuh, the nine-storied entity, would then “appear in his full regalia.” Translated into modern language this means that in 2011 all nine levels, all the nine waves, “the full regalia” of creation came into play and were synchronized on October 28, 2011 – a first in the history of the cosmos. So even if the abovementioned metaphors of an end or a birth of a new world were incorrect the shift as such was on the metaphysical level unique in nature. The reason is that all nine waves then underwent shifts and did so in synchrony. In addition, contributing to its uniqueness, in 2011 all the corresponding frames of mind in this creation became available for humans to download, which had never previously been the case. Especially the activation of the Ninth Wave has created an entirely new possibility for how humans may relate to each other and to the world.polaritiesshift

At the shift of October 28, 2011 all the waves went into their night modes. The involvement in the shift of nine different waves, each carrying a different polarity of the mind, means however that the analysis of the consequences of this shift becomes quite complex as the effects of these waves sometimes even counteract each other. What we may think of as “good” on one level may be contradicted by something many would think of as “bad” resulting from another wave. Moreover, the Eastern and the Western Hemispheres of our planet will be affected in quite different ways and so may have different views of what is “good” or “bad” in the shift. To some extent the current stalemate and the wait for the shift to manifest is then likely a result of these effects cancelling each other out. You might say that the immediate result was that the different polarities went into a clinch from which they have still not been released.

This clinch is the reason it is now difficult to predict exactly when something will happen. The reason it was possible for me (based on the true shift point of October 28, 2011) to precisely predict the timing of the beginning of the economic downturn (Nov 19, 2007) and the beginning of the frequency increase during the Year of the Protester (March 9, 2011) was that these events were effects of shifts in singular waves, the Eighth and the Ninth, respectively. Moreover, these shifts were unimpeded by effects of other waves creating “clinches”. The contradictory polarities of the different waves at the major shift of October 28, 2011 however makes it near impossible to repeat such an exact pinpointing in time of the manifestation of future events. This should however not be interpreted to mean that the manifestation of the shift will be postponed forever.

To clarify their somewhat contradictory nature, it may here be appropriate to summarize some aspects of the shifts in the four highest waves (which are the ones of greatest relevance for the human mind and the development of civilization): In the Sixth Wave (the Long Count) the shift meant the beginning of a new night that will last until 2406 CE. Essentially this means that the left-brain rational mind will be decoupled in turn meaning that Western civilization will no longer dominate the world. Also in the Seventh Wave the shift meant the beginning of a night (that will last until 2031 CE), which presumably means a downturn of the world’s economy and possibly the rise of Nazi-populism in Europe. The Eighth Wave on the other hand has a much higher frequency so that it shifts between days and nights every 360 days. It continues to strengthen a shift in power to the East and notably to Russia and China. At the same time this wave strengthens the role of women in the world as well as the digital transformation of technology, which mostly emanates from the West. The Ninth Wave finally is the one that brings the possibility of unity consciousness and the spiritual awakening of humanity and possible external consequences of this. Many people sense the effects of this wave, but as yet have seen only a few effects of it in the external world. Since its frequency is so high, changing between days and nights every eighteen days, it will never be decoupled for any lengthy period of time and will always be accessible in the future.

As mentioned, some of these effects may come to contradict each other in terms of what may occur as the shift starts to manifest. Any attempt to predict in detail what is going to happen in the external world will thus be very difficult, if not impossible. Yet, as far as I know there is nothing to indicate that the different polarities of the waves do not describe the mental evolution correctly and so we have every reason to take the shift seriously. What seems clear is for instance that Western dominance of the world is now meant to come to an end, presumably triggered by a dollar collapse. My own guess is that this will happen in the fall of 2014 and most likely in the beginning of this fall. The consequences of this will be long-lasting, taking with it much of what over the centuries has come with the rational mind, which has now been deactivated. Yet, as discussed above there is no particular date indicated in the Mayan calendar for exactly when this is going to happen.

In the midst of the difficulties that the shifts in the Sixth and Seventh Waves will create in many parts of the world, the Eighth and especially the Ninth Waves will, however, be available to download in an activated form more or less all the time. Neither of the latter two waves will be deactivated for more than a year. In a certain sense you may say that these higher waves are taking over from the world that we have known, which was created essentially by the Sixth and Seventh Waves. This persistence of the Eighth and Ninth Waves is what ultimately will lead to the victory of the forces that they are creating and form the basis for the unity consciousness that eventually will dominate world society. To understand these matters I think it is necessary to know what the Global Mind is and it is to clarify this that I have started to write The Paradigm Shift Trilogy.

What is important to know in the midst of all the turbulent change that is now about to manifest is, as I point out in The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, that each one of us has a choice about what frames of mind, originating in any of several different waves of evolution, that we download. It seems clear to me then that the Ninth Wave, creating the possibility for unity with the divine, is the wave of the future, even if for a number of reasons its effects will be the slowest to manifest and the lower waves may still come to set their mark on our most immediate future. Later, to the extent that it will be possible to shake off, or circumvent, the power structures that have been based on the lower waves the Ninth Wave is what may create a path towards a Divine, or Golden, Age.

But such a direction will not be taken automatically, and depends on the choices we make. These choices will determine not only our individual fates, but also the collective fate of humanity. They will determine whether further down the line, in twenty or thirty years, it will be possible to recreate a world where people will live in and experience unity with each other, the animals and nature. This is the possibility that the Ninth Wave brings. Yet, it needs to be emphasized the downloading of unity consciousness is not the same thing as merely embracing the idea mentally. On the contrary, it is a shift in consciousness that has to be created and experienced as a divine reality beyond the mind. To get there, a clear intention for the individual to shift will be necessary. Or, in other words, the unity state of consciousness of the Ninth Wave needs to be sought in order to become accessible.


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Your book? So You're Craig Hamilton-Parker?

I think the shift has already happened, and 2012 may be the "first shot fired" with the start of the closing of the Age of Pisces (while most of our world leaders frantically try to keep the deceptive aspect of the Pisces Age going strong, especially related to oil (for sole use with energy and pharmaceutical sources), financial scams (i.e. central banking), and the use of organized religion for land grabbing ("my God can beat up your God. Now hand over the land")).  This same aspect happened similarly with ancient Rome; Christians were thrown into the arena of combat to try to keep the deceptive aspect of the Age of Aries going strong, right before the Age of Pisces began.

Take note at how suddenly "Joe Q. Public" has become untrusting with government on an international basis since 2012.  It's now a matter of time before the Age of Pisces collapses, plain and simple. I just hope these nut-jobs in the overpriced suits don't consider those special brass keys as the last resort to force others with keeping their Pisces Age deception going. 

It is manifesting now and has been doing so for some years as well as as continuing to do so for many more decades. Things take a long time to manifest here in this dimension due to its density.

2012 was the end of thousands of years of predestined framework for the Illuminati Roy-El Control Grid. With this removed at the "end times cycle" Humanity will come into all truth and ascend, but the dark ones would like to kill 95% of humans, as per Agenda 21, the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place = depopulation considered holy. The war of darkness and light, or Saturn Vs Lucifer.

Nibiru is actually one of the 50 names of Marduk, and correspond to the 50 states of America,

which State is Nibiru would be a good question.

And here's an appropriate response to the New World Order's carved-in-stone call for 95% world population reduction at "American Stonehenge" in Georgia U.S.A.:

The Georgia guidestones don't mention anything about a reduction of population. What they state is that AFTER a world wide catastrophy, we should focus on having a population of max 500 million people on earth since that's the number that can be sustained with an ecological living with our current and official food producing technology.

If we become any more than that, some will starve while some will eat and that is a type of world we're supposed to be leaving behind. :)

Here's their exact words:


To me, those words sounds quite logical, even though I too can scent the cloaked Communism between the lines. :)



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