The big question..

What is everyone going to do when they discover that nothing happens on December 21st 2012, or even several years later??

I personally do not buy any of the Nibiru, Hollow Earth or Polar Shift pseudo-scientific claims and never have.. This is actually the kind of rubbish hype and behaviour which has really disappointed me lead me to the conclusion that I am probably better off leaving all the new age spiritual sites I joined. 

It is a shame really because many aspects make perfect sense but then things just get blown out of proportion with conspiracies, hype and false claims which ends up becoing more confusing than befor. :(

Another thing to take note of is the fact I have never been met by any ET or ship of any sort, ever.
If something out there wishes for my assistance or help with something, they can show me some respect and reveal themselves, not beat around the bush and expect one to simply 'Have trust'.

Sorry guys, I do not mean to sound ubrupt or rude, this is just how I feel and it need to be brought out in to the open. xxx

I also

genuinly care about people and I don't like seeing others get hurt or decieved. 
Love and hugs. <3

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  • whether this is real or not, its still making us better people. kinder, more loving and understanding. and we are fighting the injustices and atrocities of our world that should not exhist. if nothing happens this year, then nothing will change for me. I will still strive to be the best person I can be.

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      • Absolutely nothing! lol XD

  • As I said before, you better hope this is all real. Because if its not we will have the NWO with the worst tyranny on the face of this earth. Sorry but you only have two choices on where you would like the future of our planet to go. There is no middle ground here, only one way or another. Well there is one other way, you can opt out and live in an illusionary TV land like the rest of the unawakend sheeple. So wich future would you like to see our planet go. There is only two choices........choose wisley.
  • If something happens, great...........if nothing happens, great. :-)
  • it actually has been happening all this time. .

    2012 date is marking point on a curve of change that signifies more new energys coming in then the old, which is just circulating around here on earth. . theirs more to it then this. . but this is the basic gist. . and now I'll write. . "I think". .  hehe ;)

  • I got this tweet on may 26th 2012 I just want to share it's from spacedotcom: Did we miss a planet in our solar system? new evidence says it is 4 times bigger than the Earth.   This is not some conspircy web site or anything of the sort. enjoy! love and light 

    • And in reading the article it shows that no planet has been found only a theory that there is one out there.

      You post this link as proof yet it is only proof that the scientific community is thinking about these things.  They havent proved there is a planet out htere yet.

      • even though its a theory they are still thinking what makes it any different from thinking and theories of space beings? I wasn't trying to prove anything I just wanted to share something

        • Nothing at all , thoeries are just that, theories, imaginations.  Scientists are attempting to prove their theories.  New Agers are not putting forth the same effort as their "proofs" are not evident to all.  I think this theory is great, and very likely.  Hoever I am not ignorant enough to put my belief in theories.

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