When is the last time you slept without weird dreams invading your psyche?

I have been following the patterns of human psychology for some time now. No, wait, not just humans. Animal psychology as well. One thing we all have in common, are weird states of conscious distortions played out in our subconscious when our body sleeps.

Enter stress. No seriously, the physical component to an emotional state of core fear. Of a kind that paralyzes you one minute, and utterly infuriates or motivates you the next with a random state of fluctuation in between such extremes.

At the end of the day, does your energy feel lazy, slothful, weak or just simply off? Do you feel like sometimes it is hard to face another day without thinking about a foreign sense of loss? Do you sometimes feel empty inside when you felt like you have achieved something monumental? Is there a lack of presence in your life that forces you to respond to look outside of your core self for companionship or even bonding of any kind?

Do you believe that your efforts are not good enough to achieve the dream you wish to manifest into being? As if  you are a product of the environment you go to because you have no sense of direction to otherwise feel you would independently be apart of. In an overall desire to achieve a means to an end not through sacrifice, but soul advice? In a sense of knowing unless you knew the way to get there, you need help because you cannot do so alone?

Are you consciously trapped because you know the state of love inside of you is what you forgot how to recall as a sense of depth and purpose? Are you worried that your views on life are conditional to a fault and that you'd rather die than given in to some conformity that society pressures you to accept? Is your acceptance something in your control, or a collection of the things you have never questioned?

Do you feel trapped like you have been struggling to fight all your life for a goal that is just out of reach? Are you someone who believes in something that feels like it never got the chance to develop here?

Are you a lost soul looking for forgotten knowledge to try to return things to a state of absolute peace? Is balance apart of the calling you wish to belong into because the alternative will spell out untold disaster, chaos and hardship? And are you a proponent of free will within the state of awareness only a creatrix can ultimately bring?

Guess what, if this is you, you're not alone. All of these symptoms make up the sleepness nights we've been experiencing lately. Trust me, this is just the start of yet more symptoms that define the curse this planet has been placed under. Since the spiritual veil was erected by the corrupt people working to destroy material consciousness.

I'm here to inform you, that we are this world's salvation,. Therefore it is imperative that we must unite to become familiar with this purpose to destroy the black energetic goop that is literally leaking internal dimensions of an emotional pimple most beings on this planet suffer with. Which is the physical manifestation of stress that is given a type of pseudo sentience through thought energy and a lack of soul presence. It is also 100% responsible for our amnesia, and it is the power that corrupts absolutely.

By bonding with one another to achieve peace in rest, we will bring love back to the people of Earth. We will destroy those who use these emotional pimples for personal gain at our expense. We will enforce a state of being where the veil of mage energy is lifted so it may return to all souls present to use it as an integral part of creation. And we shall always be here for one another as equals in a loving bond that shall stay true to form, as it is one that our own point of awareness lives for.

The way we do so, is clear. Awaken your third eye. Close your eyes, and meditate on what you see. You will know you have experienced your ascension, when you feel energy swirling around you like a rainbow. This is the effect what it truly feels, looks and is always like to be at one with your creation in the love of yourself as its creator.

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